Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 902 - 902: Immortal

Long Chen and the other had seen the five Envoys and their faces, but the five Envoys hadn't seen the face of Long Chen even after all this.

They stopped before the Emperor and took a knee.

The Emperor was just about to start eating when they had arrived.

Emperor Meng stopped eating and shifted his gaze at Fu Min. 

"You're back, but you didn't bring him. Did you not find the person you were looking for?" The Emperor asked. 

"Looks like he has indeed left the Continent," he muttered. 

"Your Majesty, this... We did see him," Fu Min answered after some hesitation.

"You saw him? Where is he then? Did you kill him?" The Emperor asked softly.

"Ah, no, your majesty. We failed to capture him. He escaped," Fu Min answered. 

"This is more complicated than what we thought. That man had ways to Teleport, and he was using a different face. We also saw someone who was probably from an Immortal World," Fu Min answered, trying to explain his side since he was sure he would be killed without having the chance to explain if the Emperor grew impatient in anger.

"Someone from the Immortal World?" The Emperor muttered, frowning.

He gestured for the Eunuch to remove the table from the front.

The Eunuch stepped forward and slid the table to the side.

"Follow me. Tell me everything that happened in peace," the Emperor said as he stood up after the table was moved sideways.

"Minister Wang, follow me as well," he said strongly.

He walked towards the throne that was behind him. 

The maids opened the giant metallic door behind him so he wouldn't need to. He stepped inside and left the hall.

Fu Min and his team followed after the Emperor.

An old man also stood up. He was Minister Wang. He also followed after them. After the three had left, the door was closed.

After they all left, the chatter of people started. 

Even though Fu Min had spoken slowly, everyone in the hall had managed to hear. They all had a high Cultivation, after all. 

They all understood the starting conversation since they knew that the Saint Killer Heir had appeared. Teams were sent all around the continent to find and capture him. 

They realized that Fu Min was talking about him when he mentioned that they failed to catch him.

That in itself was a shocking piece of information. How could five envoys fail to catch a person? Were they so useless that they couldn't even catch one person, or was the Saint Killer Heir so strong?

Their focus was on the failure of the Envoys, but they were soon overwhelmed as they heard more information.  Now the only thought that occupied their head was the thought of the person who had come from the immortal Realm. 

"Did you hear? They were talking about someone from Immortal Realm? Aren't they like gods for us?"

"The gods appeared in our mortal world?" 

"Why would they come? Did a treasure appear on our land?"

"Maybe they came to look around. Many people from our own world had elevated to the immortal realm after gaining enough strength. Maybe they came because they were missing their homeworld?"

They all had an assumption of their own.

A similar conversation was taking place at the table of the Princes. 

"Cheh, these idiots can't even catch the Saint Killer Heir. They are obviously using an excuse and making up a story about someone from the Immortal Realm appearing," Third Prince Meng Huling commented as he chuckled.

"For once, I agree with you. It's such a stupid excuse, to be honest. They knew they were going to be punished for being so useless that they let the Saint Killer heir escape. They really think Father won't be able to catch their lies," Second Prince Qian muttered as he smiled.

The Princess and the Crown Prince also nodded their heads.

The Crown Prince continued, "Let's leave that for father to decide if they're telling the truth or not. You should keep your focus on the trails that will be after two days. You must succeed and get the top rank."

"I can't say about Second Brother, but I would definitely do my best," the Third Prince said.

"That's what I should be saying. Just make sure not to disgrace our name by staying out of the top ten. As for winning, I'll handle that," the Second Prince said as he rolled his eyes.

"Good. Keep that determination to yourself. Now don't waste time. Today is a day of celebration and relaxation. Eat to your heart's content. Tomorrow will be a day of training. I'll train you two personally," the Crown Prince said with an amused smile on his face.

Cough! Cough!

"First brother, this... Can you not train us? We don't want to die in training," the Third Prince said jokingly. 

The princess covered her mouth as she laughed. She could very well visualize how the training would go. Everyone knew how strict the Crown Prince was in his training. There was no way he would go easy on others, especially when it was for such a momentous occasion. She couldn't help but pity her second and third brother. 

While the Royal Family was engaging in a friendly back and forth, Long Chen was standing still with his head down.

He had also heard the words that Fu Min said. He understood what it implied.

Those five people were there when he fought Xu Liang? If that were true, they would certainly recognize him. 

"'These people... Were they there when I fought him? I don't remember seeing them. Maybe it was when my consciousness was inside the real bloodline temple? Someone else was controlling my body in the battle. I only woke up when I was in a different City. It's entirely possible they saw me,' he thought as he clenched his fist.

'They will certainly recognize me if that's the case. I'm lucky they didn't see me, or I would be surrounded in a place with the strongest beings of this world. I can't let myself be caught. They must not see my face here.'

He stood up. 

"Hmm? What happened?" Meng Huling asked Long Chen as he saw him standing up without eating.

"I would like to apologize, Your Highness. I feel my health deteriorating. My stomach is also upset suddenly. I can't stay," Long Chen answered the Third Prince with a lie.

"Oh, wait. I'll ask a servant to arrange for a carriage. It'll leave you at your place," Meng Huling answered softly.