Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 580 - 580: Origin And The Sun

"Are you doing it to enter that space as a reward?" Xun asked Long Chen.

"True. I'm planning to get there as well. The mysterious space that even the Ghost Temple lusts after. There must be something there," Long Chen muttered as he closed his eyes.

"You know how troublesome it would be if you die, right? Your identity will be exposed, and they won't revive you. Everything would be over," Xun said.

"I know, and that's why I'm planning not to die at all. It's an opportunity that I can't miss as I have a feeling that something really big is about to happen in the near future. Something related to this exploration. It's as if the blood in my body is getting restless. Something major will happen, and I don't want to miss it. Also, this will give me the opportunity to get close to the Temple Priests as well," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

"Why do you think something big is about to happen here? Why don't I feel something as well?" Xun muttered as she frowned.

"I don't know. But if it's enough to make my blood this much restless, then it must be something related to the bloodline or its origin. Maybe I'll get some artifacts of this bloodline's Ancestor? That would be pretty cool," Long Chen let out.

" Something related to the Bloodline Master?" Xun let out as her frown deepened.

"Could something really be here?  I hope it's a good thing," Xun muttered as she shook her head.

" I don't know if it's a good thing or not. I just feel sad and happy at the same time, somehow, whenever I try to feel my bloodline. It's as if it's something that it really wants to be near, yet it doesn't want to be near at the same time. I'll only know what it is when I get there," Long Chen responded.

Xun didn't say anything as she disappeared. 

She entered the bloodline temple of Long Chen and went into a certain room that had a black mirror in it.

'Something related to the bloodline... Tell me, if it is a good thing or a bad thing," She said as she looked at the mirror.

A few words appeared on the mirror that seemed as if they were written from the blood.

"The Old Accomplice of the Origin as the Sun, the enemy of the Sun as the moon. The life of the good, the death of the bad. The eternal slumber is broken, Regret shall follow. Death is impossible, but Death the only solution," Xun read the words written on the mirror as she frowned.

"What are these words? It sounds like you're talking about a friend and an enemy at the same time. Be clear. Is it a good thing or a bad?" She asked the mirror that was inside the bloodline temple.

The Mirror didn't show anything else. 

"Sigh, You're not going to say. Even the bloodline can't say about the Origin. I was hoping to stop him if it was a bad thing, but I don't even know what it is. I hope it's not bad for him," Xun sighed as she realized that she was not going to get her answers.

She left the room and closed the door.

As she left, the mirror showed more words.

The words read, " Did the Origin betray the Sun or the Sun betrayed the Origin? Is Death good or bad? Shall regret exist? The Sun's punishment broken by the child of the Origin? Eternal Justice or the End?"


Long Chen stepped out of the bathtub and left the bathroom after getting dressed.

He met up with Mu Yun, but just as he was about to talk about leaving, the door of the courtyard opened.

"Mu Yun, are you coming or not? The Temple Sacrifice is going to start in an hour. Is he not up yet?" 

Ruan Yu barged into the courtyard. She was dressed in a beautiful blue dress that covered her body entirely. 

She stopped as she saw Mu Yun and Long Chen standing before her. 

"We were just about to leave. He's up and ready," Mu Yun told Ruan Yi.

"Good. Let's leave then," Ruan Yi told Mu Yun.

All of them left the courtyard and got on Mu Yun's flying beast, which took them to the nearest Teleportation Portal.

' This should be the portal of the 19th floor. So that's where the hall of death is,' Long Chen thought as he recognized the teleportation portal.

He stepped on the Teleportation Portal with Mu Yun and Ruan Yi and got teleported on the 20th floor.

'What the... ?'

Long Chen was surprised as he appeared on the 20th floor as he saw the big palace-like place before him that covered over ninety percent of the area of this floor. A lot of people were standing near the entrance of that palace. There were thousands of disciples there, but he knew that most of them weren't going to participate in the trials. Most of the people here were spectators since each Elder that taught the disciples was only allowed to select two people. 

He also saw Mi Lao there. She was the girl that had killed Mu Lin. She was not selected, so she was only here as a spectator. She was standing near her elder sister Mi Yin. There was also a young man and a female elder that was standing near them.

Long Chen also saw a lot of Elders standing nearby with people that were probably from their classes.

As Mu Yun, Ruan Yi, and Long Chen reached near the gate of the Palace.

"This place is the Hall of Death. This will be the place where the Temple Sacrifice will be taking place," Mu Yun explained to Long Chen.

Ru Shen saw the Elders and walked up to them. He greeted Mu Yun and Ruan Yi.

"Greetings, Elder," Ru Shen said.

"Ru Shen, you're here. Good. When you take part in the Temple Sacrifice, give it your best," Ruan Yi told Ru Shen as she nodded her head.

Long Chen knew Ru Shen. Ru Shen was the person that had passed the selection with Long Chen.

They didn't talk much. Ru Shen didn't greet Long Chen either.

"Elder Yi, are you really having Elder Yun's son participate? Don't you think it can be dangerous for him?" Another Female Elder walked up to them and started conversion with Ruan Yi and Mu Yun.

" Why would she care? She's more concerned about her work. I'm more surprised that Elder Yun allowed this," Another Elder came forward with her disciples. 

She was the Elder that taught Mi Yin. She was also the one that Ruan Yi insulted when she sent Mi Yin to invite her to talk about something important. She was still salty about that. 

She was called Elder Fu Min.

" Elder Min, You should mind your own business and focus on your own class. There is no need for you to interfere in our matters," Ruan Yi said in an annoyed tone.

"I would like to see if you can maintain that same tone if something happened to the kid because of your stupidity," Fu Min snorted.

Long Chen noticed someone looking at him. He raised his gaze and saw Mi Yin, who was staring at him.

Just as Long Chen glanced at Mi Yin, Mi Yao noticed him.

"Hmph, that bastard is again checking big sister out. Even after forgetting his memories, he's still the pervert that keeps harassing elder sister," She muttered.

Right at that moment, Everyone heard a voice.

"All the Elders are hereby instructed to send the selected candidates inside the Hall of Death. The Temple Sacrifice is about to begin," that voice said before it went silent.

' It's finally time,' Long Chen thought as he looked towards the door of the palace.