Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1240 - 1240: Meeting The Lord

"It's fine. You don't have to accompany me anyway. I'm fine going alone," Long Chen told Mimi, who seemed sad that she couldn't follow him. 

"Also, thanks for the hotel suggestion. I'll take a room there. See you tomorrow," he added before he left. 

Mimi watched Long Chen leave. It was only after he disappeared from her view that she turned back and went inside the Palace. 


"Are we not going to steal the item tonight?"  Snake Monarch flew beside Long Chen, wondering about their plan. 

" What makes you think that? Of course, we'll steal it tonight," Long Chen responded. 

"Won't that be a problem? If you steal tonight, how will Mimi get the items we need to us tomorrow? She'll be busy in trying to find the person who stole from them just like the rest of the Royal Family. Isn't it right?

"Nope. Nothing like that will happen. Whatever you said depends on the possibility that the Royal Family finds out about the theft. That's not going to happen," Long Chen replied.

"You mean no one will know about it? How is that possible? You don't know where the treasury is, so of course, you'll have to ask some guards, and then you'll have to kill them. Someone would certainly know that there was an intruder when guards go missing?" Snake Monarch asked, frowning. 

"I don't need to ask the guards about the location of Treasury. I already know where it is," Long Chen explained. "At Least I have a rough idea."

"How? I was with you all the time. All we know is that it's in the right part of the Palace. We don't even know which floor," Snake Monarch pointed out. 

"Correction. It should be that you don't know which floor. I know exactly which floor it's on. I didn't mention the treasury to Mimi for no reason at all. I wanted to force her to think about the treasury. When she thought about it, I was able to see her thoughts at the time," Long Chen explained. 

"You only know what she said. But I even know what she didn't say. That's why you didn't know where it was," he further said, walking in the crowded street of the Royal City. 

"Even if you know about the location, is it really possible to break inside the treasury without anyone discovering that someone had entered the treasury?" Snake Monarch asked again. 

" There are ways to do everything. Unfortunately, you won't be with me to see. After I come back, I'll tell you how I did it," Long Chen replied.

"Hmm? This powerful aura again?" He suddenly muttered as he turned around. He was able to feel a familiar powerful aura coming towards them that he felt before. 

Turning around, he noticed the Lord of Time. "Ah, it's that guy."

Long Chen was able to see a long haired man flying towards him, dressed in a white robe. The man was standing on the Sword. 

"This Lord Glen guy? Is he coming to meet Lord Snake Monarch? Maybe he needs my help," Snake Monarch jokingly said. 

"Maybe. Because I feel like he is certainly coming towards us, at least, I can also feel like he's looking at us," Long Chen said, frowning. 

"Did he notice your strength?" Snake Monarch inquired. 

"There should be no way for him to. My bloodline keeps my aura hidden. Even he shouldn't be able to see my strength or aura. And I haven't brought the Sword of Saint King out either. So why? Could it be that I'm mistaken? Maybe he is coming for someone else?" 

Long Chen turned around and continued walking towards the hotel, not giving much attention to the guy. He did keep his Divine Sense spread out though, just so he could keep an eye on this guy. He didn't want to be attacked from the back. 

Lord Glen stopped in front of Long Chen, finally confirming that he was here for him.

Long Chen glanced at the guy, waiting for him to speak. 

"I want you to come with me," Lord Glen told Long Chen in a straightforward manner.

"And why should we?" Snake Monarch replied before Long Chen could. 

"I think it's in both of your best interest to listen to me," Lord Glen said as he waved his hand casually, bringing one more Spirit Sword out.

" Step on the sword and come with me," he told Long Chen.

"May I ask what it's about?" Long Chen inquired, first.

"It's about the person you and I both know, I think," Lord Glen said grimly. 

"And who might that person be?" Long Chen inquired again. 

He felt like this guy was talking about the Saint King, but there was also a chance that he was talking about the Western Emperor or his daughter, so he wanted to be sure. 

"The man who should've long been dead," Lord Glen replied. 

Hearing this, Long Chen was mostly sure this guy was talking about the Saint King. He stepped on the second sword that he had brought, prepared to follow him. 

The Snake Monarch also accompanied Long Chen as both the swords started flying towards the north. 

The Swords flew high in the sky, going to an unknown place. 

Long Chen was curious about what this guy wanted to talk about. As for the Snake Monarch, he was pretty suspicious. 

"You think it's a good decision to follow a stranger?"   Snake Monarch asked Long Chen, not caring if this guy was going to hear them. 

" I see no danger in following this guy," Long Chen answered. He had faith in his escapes. 

In any case, even if this guy wanted to fight him for some reason, that wasn't bad either. He could use his Sword of Time and get some boost in cultivation before it was told to escape. 

After an hour long flight, the swords started going down. 

Looking down, Long Chen realized that they were outside the city and in the middle of what seemed like nowhere.

There was only a small hut in the distance that could be seen from the top. 

The Swords stopped in front of the hut. 

Lord Glen stepped down from the sword. Long Chen also stepped down.

"Come inside," Lord Glen said as he kept the second Spirit Sword back.

Pushing the door open, he stepped inside the hut. 

"Don't drink if he gives you anything. I don't think he wants to fight you openly. At best, he'll poison you," Snake Monarch reminded Long Chen. "Stay alert."

"I know. Don't worry about such things," Long Chen let out, stepping inside the hut.