Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 894 - 894: Back

"He likes it? Well, I guess people have developed a taste for it here. But should I really eat it?" Long Chen wondered as he looked at the dish in his hand. "Whatever, it's not poison at least."

Without thinking anything else, he started eating. He wished to finish it faster than the taste could catch up to his heart.

"Hmm? You already finished it? You must have liked it a lot," Hu Mengling laughed as he saw Long Chen finishing the dish so fast.

"Should I order more?" He asked.

"It's fine. I'm done. This is all a can take," Long Chen refused kindly.

"If you say so," Hu Mengling replied as he resumed eating. He really seemed like he was enjoying it as he took a proper sip.'

Long Chen returned the plate first. The boy followed soon after.

"I don't have the currency of your Empire. I'll give you an artifact worth more than the money," Long Chen told the man as he paid with a cheap artifact. Artifacts were an alternate form of currency, so they worked everywhere.

"Sigh, you're such an ill-prepared prince. You don't even have the money?" Hu Mengling asked, frowning.

"I haven't come here for vacation. And I didn't wish to carry the currency of all kingdoms. It's much easier to pay in artifacts," Long Chen answered as he shook his head.

" That's a point as well, but it's such a wastage. It's fine. Who am I to say then," Hu Mengling let out.

"Let's go. It would take us some time to reach the Palace as well," he continued as he started walking towards the North 

Long Chen followed after him.

"So, did you come alone to gain experience?" Hu Mengling asked Long Chen.

"Not really. I came with my wife," Long Chen replied. The guards had already seen them. There was a possibility that they would report to the Royalty. There was no need to lie now.

"Oh? Why aren't you bringing her with you? Leaving her alone while you enjoy a party. It's not good, huh," Hu Mengling chuckled as he grinned.

"It's not like that. Actually, she wasn't feeling well. I wanted both of us to go and introduce ourselves. Albeit, she wasn't feeling right, so I came along. On the way, I saw so many carriages and grew curious. After that, I met you. You know the rest," Long Chen answered.

"So that's what it is. Too bad," the boy muttered, shaking his head.

"Anyway, since I paid for the little party we had, don't you owe me one more?" Long Chen asked softly 

"Hahaha, you're clever. Even using that. Fine. I will allow you one more question," the boy asked softly.

"Which Prince are you?" Long Chen asked as he observed the boy.

The boy's legs froze as he heard Long Chen. He soon burst into laughter as if he was finding it funny. He turned back to gaze at Long Chen with an amused look on his face.

"Me? And a Prince? Why do you say so? Didn't you previously say that I'm from a noble family? Hu isn't the last name of the Royal Family. Why did you even come to this assumption?" The boy answered as he resumed walking.

"From your calm down exterior, it is evident. No one from a noble family could be so relaxed when going to the birthday of a Prince. You don't even care about reaching there at the start. Nobles would always care about their face. Your family wouldn't have let you be late. They would not take you entirely, or they would take you on time," Long Chen answered.

"As a noble, you can't be as relaxed. How also said previously that only Royals and Nobles know about this event. Since you're not a Noble, you can either be a Royal Guard or a Prince. The Royal guard also wouldn't be as relaxed. That only leaves the Prince. I do have a few more reasons to believe that, but it seemed like the simplest way," Long Chen answered.

"Hah, since you say that with such confidence, how can I let it be false. It's good to meet you. I am the Third Prince of Esteria Empire," the boy answered. 

"As expected. So what is your name?" Long Chen asked. "As you said, Hu isn't the last name of the Royal Family. You obviously gave me a fake name."

The boy smirked as he nodded his head. "I guess I should have expected. You don't even know the names of the Princes. I am Meng Huling."

"It's your brother's birthday?" Long Chen inquired.

"Yeah. It's my second brother's birthday." Meng Huling answered.

They continued talking as they walked at a normal pace. They soon reached the entrance of the Royal Palace. The entrance was almost empty as most of the guests were already inside. The carriages of the nobles were standing on the side along with the Royal carriages.

"Your Highness, welcome back," the guards greeted Meng Huling as soon as he reached the boy.

"Did the celebration begin?" Meng Huling asked the guards.

"Not yet. His Majesty and the Prince are yet to arrive in the great hall. They should be getting there soon," the guards answered.

"Oh? It looks like I am right on time, unfortunately. Whatever," the boy muttered as he shook his head.

"Let's go inside," he said to Long Chen.

"Your Majesty, he..." The Guards asked as they observed Long Chen.

"He is Prince of Fengshu Kingdom. I met him along the way. He should be allowed to enter. I don't see a problem. Do you?" Meng Huling asked as he gazed at the guards with a smirk on his face. 

The guards could feel them sweating as they saw the smile of the Third Prince.

"N-no problem at all. Please go inside," they said as they stepped aside.

Meng Huling entered the palace with Long Chen.


Right outside the Royal City of Esteria Empire, a group of flying beasts was coming straight towards the Royal Palace. It was carrying five people on it.

All these five people were the Envoys of the Esteria Empire that had met Long Chen. They were just now coming back after failing to capture Long Chen.

They were coming back to inform the Emperor about what had happened with the Saint Killer Heir and how he had a different face.

"We are finally back at the Royal City. It seems so long since we last came here."

"Yeah. If it weren't for us stopping in every Kingdom to inform them and the Snowstorms, we would be here much faster."