Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1037 - Chalte 1037: Eyes

General Wuki once again used the ability of changing his surroundings, taking the help of the amplifier stone, which lost some of its shine once again as it was used. 

The ground again changed as the water started going down, changing into the Lava instead. 

The three platforms were still there, two of which were used by the two candidates to stand while one was empty. 

"Lava?" Du Liang muttered as he looked around. 

He found it fascinating. They used this field? If a person fell in the lava, it meant he was going to be dead. Was this a death battle?

Meng Huling looked around, smiling. He seemed happy with the theme. 

"Cheh, that lucky Bastard! Why is this world so unfair? When it was my turn, I got a field of water in a place where I couldn't use my close combat skills. Not only that, but I also got a person who used the law of water." 

"And when it's this guy's turn, he not only gets the advantage because he's a long-range fighter but also the field that is suitable for his law? This Bastard!"

Seeing the field, Meng Qian couldn't help but curse under his breath. He wanted to cry, but he couldn't. He could only curse himself under his breath for having such a bad luck. 

He was the first participant from his world and the highest rank from there. Everyone was so proud of him. But he had become a joke of a person here. If the people back home knew what happened here, they would be laughing at him. 


"I would like to apologize to you in advance," Meng Huling told Du Liang calmly. 

"And why would you like to do that?" Du Liang asked with an amused smile on his face.

"Because this field is an advantage for me because of my Law. Unfortunately, I won't go easy on you. Your friend there used the field to her advantage; I'll do the same. Don't feel sad at defeat," Meng Huling said. 

Hearing his words, Du Liang burst into laughter. 

"Hahaha, you're funny. I like you. I thought I couldn't laugh anymore after laughing to the fullest at your brother's performance, but you proved me wrong."

It was after a long time that he stopped laughing. 

"But still, I would tell you. Don't you dare go easy on me? You say your Law has an advantage here? Use that, so you're not defeated. Make it fun for me. I want to enjoy the battle," Du Liang said, grinning. 

"You're arrogant. It's not good for you. I was seriously advising you. Surrender now. This is a field of death for you. You'll die if you're arrogant," Meng Huling said, sighing.

"Interesting. The last field had an advantage for Qian Yu; this one had an advantage for Meng Huling, it seems," Long Chen muttered, hearing their conversation. Even though he was sitting in the distance, he could hear that. 

"I wonder which law he possesses. Flame? Or something else?" he wondered.  

"The rules are the same as last time. The only difference is that this time it's more dangerous for the both of you. So when you think you can't win, surrender. If you fall in the lava, you will die. None would be able to save you. So know your limitations."

"Alright. Let's start the battle for. Three... two... One... Begin!"

As soon as the battle began, Meng Huling didn't waste a moment, unlike his brother, who has wasted so much time in words. 

He straight up got to attack as he raised both his arms.

"Hmm? He can do that? Even flame laws don't allow it. Just what law does he have?" Long Chen wondered as he saw a similar thing to Qian Yu.

Just like Qian Yu's last attack had created a wave with which she attacked with, his attack did the same. The only difference was that the wave which rose last time was of water and the one which rose this time to the sky was lava.

"Interesting. Now I wonder where your confidence came from. Your attack is indeed interesting. And definition stronger than Qian Yu's attack, which took out your brother. Unfortunately, you're not Qian Yu, and I'm certainly not your brother," Du Liang let out as he sighed, seemingly disappointed. 

"I thought you'd show me something good and fun to make it hard for me. But you JJ had that. Disappointing. Very disappointing. I guess the battle is over," he added as he raised his hand.

Both his eyes changed color as soon as he finished speaking. 


As soon as Du Liang's eyes changed color, Meng Huling dropped to the platform, unconscious. He was unmoving. The wave of lava that had risen also dropped down. 

"The battle is over," Du Liang muttered as he shook his head. 

General Wuki came down to check up on Meng Huling, who was lying unmoving. 

"He is unconscious. The battle is over. The winner of round two is Du Liang!" General Wuki declared after checking.

"Hah, that idiot! He lost even faster than me! And his defeat is even worse. I lost when it was disadvantageous for me. He lost even when the field gave him an advantage, that too, without any attack on him. How embarrassing," Meng Qian laughed at his brother's defeat. 

Even though it meant their world lost, at least he wasn't the biggest villain of defeat now. It would have been more embarrassing for him if his brother had won. 

"This ability... Interesting," Long Chen was finding it hard to understand what ability Du Liang used, but it was scary indeed. 

If Long Chen was in a fight and someone used this ability on him, this was going to be bad. When he was unconscious, he could be captured or killed. He didn't like this ability. 

"Xun, do you know what that ability was?" he asked. 

Understanding the ability was important for him. He couldn't feel safe without knowing about it. 

"That's no ability. It's just the advantage of having that eye. I told you about his special eyes, right? He used that to make him lose consciousness," Xun answered. 

"Is there a way to safeguard against that ability?" Long Chen inquired. 

"It's easy. Just don't look in his eyes for more than a second. That idiot looked in his shining eyes for a long time and lost consciousness. This ability takes two seconds to work. So don't do that, and you're safe. Not only that, whenever you see someone's eyes shine, never stare directly. That's the best way to stay safe," Xun explained to him. 

"So that's the trick. Is there no other way to escape? Where we can look without losing consciousness?"