Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1105 - 1105: Switch

Long Chen entered the Royal City of Du, changing his looks. 

He believed he still wasn't in perfect shape to fight against anyone. His health was still weak, which was why he was avoiding any conflict and even the guards as he advanced towards the Royal City. 

He believed he needed to have a few Teleportations inside the Royal Palace before getting to the room which had the Teleportation portal. Fortunately, all he needed was these Teleportations since he had already walked from that Teleportation formation to the exit last time when he had arrived there. All the conditions of teleporting were satisfied. 

If he could, he would have directly Teleported to the formation room instead of having multiple Teleportation, but 200 meter short range Teleportation limits were the problem. 

The Royal Palace was much much longer, and a few corridors themselves were hundreds of meters long. 

The last time he had also seen the places where the guards were standing. He could only hope that the guards would still be in the same places since that would make things easier for him. 

As he was walking through the city, he noticed a person in the distance, standing at the entrance of a shop. 

"That guy..."

"Isn't he the same that was in the Royal palace, taking rounds when I had left from the Teleportation room?"

A surprised look appeared on his face as he saw the man who was dressed in the uniform of a guard. He remembered seeing that man last time he was in the city. 

The man was one of the high ranking Royal Guards that had the permission to walk back and forth anywhere in the Royal Palace to check its safety. 

"I believe I know what you're thinking. You should think again! You're in no condition for a conflict," Xun chimed in before Long Chen even did anything. 

"What do you think I'm going to do?" Long Chen asked, amused. 

"You want to take him out and take his position," Xun said. "Aren't I right?"

"Hahaha, you know me too well," Long Chen said, smiling. 

"That's right. I can't be sure that the guards will be in the same place as last time. What if I Teleport in a corridor, and that place happens to be filled with guards this time?" he further asked. "I would not only have to fight against them all, but the Emperor and the others will also appear and start attacking."

"I don't want to have a conflict with him either, but the problem is that this is the best possible path of success. Instead of trying to explain to the guards why a stranger teleported before them, I might as well go inside as someone they know," he said. 

"Also, I can use some tricks as well since I'm here. On the other hand, inside, it would be impossible." He further added as he finally started walking towards the Royal Guard, who seemingly just finished shopping for the item. 

He had started to walk back towards the Royal Palace. 

"Wait, Sir!" Long Chen called out as he walked faster to reach the Royal Guard, who stopped and turned back. 

"Yes?" The Guard asked Long Chen, curious.

"I have something important to tell you. Please wait!" Long Chen said, seemingly worried about something. 

Noticing his worries, the Royal Guard also became curious. What could be so urgent?

"I-i saw a murder! Please come with me! Fast!" Long Chen said strongly.

Even though Long Chen said it, there weren't many expressions on the man's face as if he didn't care about such a small matter. He opened his mouth to tell him to ask the normal guards of the city instead of him. 

Long Chen noticed the lazy and careless look on the man's face and realized that he wasn't going to care. That's why Long Chen decided to make an even more interesting story that was certain to get the man to react. 

The man didn't care about life, but he certainly would care about a Heavenly rare treasure that's said to be the rarest and most important treasure in this world. 

"A Cultivator just killed a guy, and now he's trying to beat the daughter of the man, repeatedly asking about some miraculous Seven Heaven Herb! Please save the girl!" Long Chen said, worried. 

Even though he said to save the girl, he had intentionally said about the treasure. 

"Oh? Seven Heaven Herb?" The Royal Guard asked, surprised. "Are you saying he talked about the same thing?" 

"That's right. The man was asking the other man to return the Seven Heaven Herb that was stolen from him. Even the second man repeatedly refused, he was killed, and now his daughter is being asked the same question! Please come with me!" Long Chen said, strongly.  

"Alright. Since you're so insistent about saving a life, I'll help you. Take me to that girl," the Royal Guard said, but Long Chen was able to notice a sneaky greed in his eyes.

Long Chen escorted the man to an empty ally before he stopped. 

"They are inside the alley," he said, pointing towards the alley right ahead. 

The guard took the lead, without thinking twice, letting Long Chen stand behind him as he walked inside the facility. 

As the Royal Guard entered inside the facility, he saw the girl lying on the ground, dead. A man's body was lying dead nearby. And one man was standing in the back with a herb in his hand, laughing. "Finally, I got this treasure!"

Seeing the treasure, the Royal Guard's eyes shone even more. He was right. This was the treasure indeed. It was one of the most expensive treasures in this world and most precious as well. 

"Stop! Drop that treasure, and don't harm it. Or I'll kill you!" The Royal Guard warned the man as he brought out his sword. He still didn't attack the man since he didn't want to harm the treasure herb. 

He didn't realize that the three people before him were nothing but an illusion created by Long Chen, who was behind him. 

A Sword made of Qi appeared in the hands of Long Chen as he stood just one step behind the Royal Guard. 

"Give me that herb right no-!" The Royal Guard told the man, but his words were cut short as his head rolled on the ground. He was killed by Long Chen, who was standing behind him. 

Without spending any extra time, Long Chen stripped the Royal Guard of his clothes and wore them before he changed his looks to match the man with the help of the Mask of Mischief and kept the body of the real one in his storage ring.