Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1207 - 1207: Ghost Town

"Did something? That's right. He did what's don't after a kiss," Princess Mimi said, repeating Long Chen's words. 

"D-did he really? So fast? He couldn't hold it for even a few minutes? That's shocking. He did seem like he would have stamina," One of the guards commented.  ​​

"Milo! What nonsense are you speaking about? Her Highness said that she was forced, and you're more concerned about his stamina?" Another Guard scolded her. 

"That's not what I meant. I-i am sorry," the previous guard apologized. 

"From your reaction, it seems like you people know what happens after a kiss. Don't you?" The Princess inquired. 

"Of Course we do! Who won't," the guards replied. "We are all adults here."

"That's good. So tell me what happens after a kiss," the Princess commanded them. 

"D-didn't you already experience it? Why are you asking us?" The guards asked, confused. 

"I was joking. I just said it to see if you know or not. So tell me, what happens? This is my command," the Princess told the ladies. 

"Ah, after kiss..."


Long Chen sat inside the cave, which had closed again, unaware of the conversation that was happening regarding him. He had no idea what topics he was a part of now. 

Instead, he was sitting in the cave. He had brought out his wives and told them about the pond, which only worked on women. He had even brought out his mother. 

"So that's how it works. So you all understand?" Long Chen said as he finished the explanation. 

"We do, but is it really that miraculous?" The women asked, stunned at what Long Chen told them.

"It is," Long Chen said, nodding. 

"How can you be so sure?" Mingyu asked. 

"Because he saw it in effect on other women when he was peeping at them," Xun said from the side.

Long Chen glared at her.

'I wasn't peeping! I was openly watching! You can't say I was peeping!' he told her with his thoughts. 

Changing his focus back at Mingyu, he said, "Because I know it works. I've heard of its effect from trusted sources."

"So you all stay here and take a bath. I'll be outside the cave. I'll come back after half an hour," Long Chen told the ladies as he stood up. 

He teleported to the entrance of the cave, which was his limit of teleportation. From here, he made another teleportation to leave the place. 

He left the cave but didn't leave the vicinity. Instead, he sat on the top of the stone outside. 

He even called out the Snake Monarch to release some boredom. 

"Ah, I'm finally out! Where are the women? Where is the treasure? What happened? Tell this monarch!" The Snake Monarch said as soon as he came out. 

No matter where he looked, he couldn't find the ladies anywhere. 

"The treasure is inside the cave," Long Chen answered. 

"Then why are we waiting here! Let's go inside the cave and get the treasure from those women! We can't let them get to it first! If you're scared of them, don't worry, I'll protect you!" The Snake Monarch said in haste, not willing to miss the treasure. 

"Scared your a*s! The women are long gone. As for the treasure, it is useless for us. It's something that only works on women," Long Chen sharply replied. 

"A treasure that only works on women? What can it be?" The Snake Monarch asked, stunned. 

"The Treasure is a small pond which makes the skin baby soft. But it only works on women. So it's useless for us anyway," Long Chen explained. 

"Huh? So we came so far for a useless treasure?" The Snake Monarch asked in disappointment. 

" Not entirely. It wasn't that useless. But yeah, it wasn't very useful either," Long Chen replied. 

" Where are we going next then? Let's get off the mountain. I'm really bored of seeing this mountain for months. Can we get going?" the Snake Monarch asked as he expressed his desire to leave. 

"Where to go? I have a place in mind already," Long Chen said, smiling. "Now that my cultivation has stabilized, we can start some fun."

He brought out the map of the Western Empire and opened it. 

"This is where we'll be going next," he said, placing his finger in the middle of the map. 

"What's that place? Something special?" Snake Monarch asked, curious. 

"It's known as the Ghost Temple, which appears once every hundred years. All the youngsters of the Western Empire will come there, you know why?" 


"Because that place is said to contain many treasures and especially the materials that I need to make the body for Xun. Moreover, it's also an adventurous sight. Apparently the Saint King had also gone there when he was new to the Immortal World," Long Chen said. 

"According to what he wrote, this place is where he met the Princess of the Immortal World. Moreover, this place also helped his growth a lot. When he entered, he was weaker than the Immortal Princess, but when he came out, he was standing on equal footing," he added. 

"That's what I want to experience as well. I need more strength and treasure," he continued. 

"Alright. That's where we'll go then," the Snake Monarch said, excited. " Let's leave."

"Not so soon. Mingyu and the others are taking a bath in the pond. After they're done, we'll leave," Long Chen explained. 

"Ah, so that's why you said this place wasn't as useless. It's fine. This humble and mighty monarch will wait for you and not go ahead. You don't have to thank me for that," Snake Monarch let out. "That's the least I can do for my trusted subordinate."

"What, that's the least you can do? Do you even know where that place is to go alone?" Long Chen scoffed. "You can't go alone even if you wanted."

" Nothing is impossible for me," the Snake Monarch answered. 

"Is that so? Alright. I won't tell you the direction then. You will take us there on your own," Long Chen said as he rolled his eyes. 

"Ah, I can get there without direction since I'm mighty, but I'll have to use my abilities. I'm feeling lazy. So you can tell me the route," the Snake Monarch said, not feeling the least bit of shame. 

" You'll never accept that you were wrong, will you?" Long Chen asked, curious. 

"Why will I accept when I'm never wrong?" The Snake Monarch said innocently. 

"Forget it. Tell me something else instead. There's something I wanted to ask you for a long time," Long Chen said, changing the topic. 

"What question? Go ahead." the Snake Monarch nodded.