Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 866 - 866: Teaching

"We need to inform his Majesty. The whole search needs to be from scratch," Fu Min told his teammates.

He turned back to the king.

"Keep your Kingdom on alert. It's possible that the guys will come back here again. If that happens, it's your responsibility to catch him again. You'll be heavily rewarded," he told the King.

Without waiting for the response, he left with his men.

He stepped out of the Palace with the other four. They climbed on their beasts and departed for the Empire.

"Should we continue searching along the way or go straight to the Empire?" Du Lian asked Fu Min, wondering what they needed to do until they reached the Kingdom.

"There's a rare chance that the boy went towards the Empire, but it's a chance that we can't ignore. If it's indeed true, he might even be in the Kingdoms we will pass through," he continued.

"We can't waste time. If he is going towards the Empire, it is indeed better since we can catch him faster after we commence the search again. It's better not to waste any time in the search along the way back," Gu Yan said, offering a counter view.

"Are you saying we need to miss the opportunity we might have to catch the guys? We can get such praise if we bring back the Saint Killer Heir with us. If we don't, let alone praise, we'll be mocked because we failed to catch him when he was in front of our eyes," Du Lian replied, arguing with Gu Yan, insisting that her plan was better.

"That is good but only in the rare chance if he's here. Firstly, the chances of him going towards the Empire and taking the same route as if are less than one in a thousand. If we kept searching all the kingdoms along the way, it'd be months before we get back to the Empire," Gu Yan answered, shaking his head.

"It will be good if he is there, but if he isn't, we'll be stupid to waste so much time when we could have informed the King first and begin a wider search," he continued.

"Why are you guys arguing? We have an assigned leader, just for this, don't we?" Bo Xo let out, trying to stop the argument. He gazed at Fu Min before he asked, "What do you think we should do?"

Fu Min thought for a little while as he closed his eyes.

The others waited for his response patiently.

He soon opened his eyes before he answered, "You're both right. We can't waste time, but we can't search either. At best, we can stop along the way and inform the Kings of Various Kingdoms about the new portrait we have so they can search their Kingdoms again."

He selected the middle path, which didn't waste their time in full-on search while also creating awareness along the way.


Far away from them, Long Chen and Ming Lan were inside a tent. It was nighttime, and they were camping. 

Ji Shan was in a different tent. They had finished eating the meal, and they were going to sleep now. 

Xue was guarding the tents outside.

Ming Lan was sitting before Long Chen, who was gazing at her.

"And that's how the Illusion can create worlds and destroy worlds," Long Chen said.

He had been spending his free time trying to help Ming Lan comprehend the Law of Illusion naturally by telling her what he understood about illusion.

He knew that his understanding wasn't going to help Ming Lan, but it could be a reference point for her, who could gain some insight into this high-level law with this. 

There were many people who contemplated and Cultivated for years before finally being able to comprehend the essence of the law. Then they spent an even longer time comprehending the entire law. It wasn't easy for anyone, but it wasn't impossible.

He personally managed to learn the Laws using the Law Orb, but even if he took shortcuts, he did gain a few comprehensions. He wished Ming Lan to absorb some so she could spend her free time trying to think about illusions. That was the first step of comprehending any laws.

"You understood everything I said?" Long Chen asked.

"I did hear everything, but I am not sure about understanding. It's all been so vague. It feels like a cloud that I can't seem to touch," Ming Lan answered, shaking her head.

"I can understand. It's going to be tough, but you can learn illusions. You must need to comprehend this yourself. What I said is only a reference. It can never be the building block of your own law, so you don't need to try. You need to form something of your own," Long Chen tried explaining.

Seeing the blank look on Ming Lan's face, he smiled wryly. "Sigh, I'm a bad teacher. I got it easily, so I don't know how normal people understand it. I'm sure if I were in your place, I wouldn't be able to comprehend it from my words."

"No. You aren't a bad teacher. It's just that I'm the bad student," Ming Lan let out, refuting Long Chen's claim.

Long Chen smiled subtly as he rubbed her head.

" Don't worry about anything. Work hard. Spend the next hour thinking about what I said in peace," he said as he stood up. "I'll take a walk outside."

Ming Lan nodded her head as she watched him leave.

Long Chen walked out of the tent and saw Ji Shan sitting on a stone nearby.

He was looking towards the moon in the sky. The moon seemed so isolated. It was accompanied by the stars, but it still looked alone, just like Ji Shan.

He sighed a little but decided not to disturb him.

He walked towards Xue on the other side.

'It's been days since the incident, but Xun still didn't appear. Long Tian did say that the connection between the Fake Bloodline Temple and me was cut temporarily when he took over. If it was temporarily, Xun should have been back by now,' he thought along the way.

His thought process continued, soon thinking of the worse. 'Could it be that something more has happened? If the connection is lost permanently, I will lose my path to awakening my bloodline completely.'

He called out to Xun a few times, but there was no response. It was certain that Xun most probably couldn't hear him. Maybe the connection wasn't back? Or maybe Xun was ignoring him? He wondered.