Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 881 - 881: Skyridge

While the Guards were talking outside the entrance, Long Chen and Ming Lan were walking inside the Royal City.

The city seemed fascinating. The roads were so wide that over a hundred people could walk on the roads simultaneously.

The roads seemed clean, though. There wasn't any waste thrown on the roads. People were walking on the opposite sides of the roads on what seemed like a footpath. 

It was so properly arranged that Long Chen found it awfully familiar to modern cities of the earth. The only difference he could see was that the buildings here weren't as modern, and there happened to be no traffic lights or cars.

There were some carriages that could be seen on the roads, though.

'Not a bad place. Even though it's not as fascinating as the cities in the Spirit World that I had entered, when it comes to this world, it could easily be considered the best city,' Long Chen thought as he observed the city.

"Interesting city, right?" He asked as he gazed at Ming Lan, who was walking on his left. They were both walking on the left side of the road.

As he gazed at Ming Lan, he noticed that she was looking at him. She seemed curious.

"Is there something you want to ask?" Long Chen asked, seemingly confused.

"Prince of Wushei? How did you not get caught? Is that badge actually real?" Ming Lan asked the question that had been floating in her head for a long time.

"Ahh, so that's what you were curious about," Long Chen let out as he started laughing.

He brought his head close to her ears and whispered, "Don't worry. It's not a fake. I got it from actually Prince of Wushei when I killed him."

He kissed her cheeks before he returned to his original position.

"Hmm? Could it be when... Now I remember. It must be when you went there with Ji Shan. So you had already thought about this when you saw the Prince? Clever indeed." Ming Lan chuckled as she praised Long Chen.

"Yeah. Now that we easily entered the city, all we need to do is reach the Royal Palace. Our long journey would come to an end," Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the badge in his hand.

He was about to keep the badge back when someone hit his shoulder. The badge jumped into the air and fell on the ground.

"Can't you watch while walking?"

A sarcastic voice came from behind.

"Your Highness, We are in the Royal City of the Empire. We can't act so brazenly here. If the Emperor finds out that we talked back to his citizens, it wouldn't be bad for the reputation of our Kingdom," Another female voice resounded. 

Gazing behind him, Long Chen watched a woman and a man standing there. They were dressed in elegant clothes. There also happened to be a few guards around the man.

The woman seemed like she was in her mid-twenties. The man, however, seemed to be in his late twenties. Both of them had silver hair appearing like relatives, but the way the woman talked, it didn't seem like they were relatives. 

It more so seemed like the guy was some Royal and the woman was her caretaker or someone who was working for him. 

"Hmph, he hit me. Fine, I won't say anything," the young man let out, seemingly annoyed.

The woman was more clever. She knew that they were in a place where they couldn't create commotion for no reason. They were outsiders, after all, while the other guy was probably a citizen of this city.

She noticed that something had fallen down from Long Chen. As a gesture of apology, she stepped forward to pick it up for Long Chen since she couldn't let the man do it.

As Long Chen's badge was facing down, she didn't see the symbol and didn't know what it was. She picked up the badge and turned it around only to get stunned.

"Prince if Wushei?" She exclaimed as she saw the pattern on the badge. 

She gazed at Long Chen suspiciously.

'Is she someone from Wushei? Or someone who had met the real Prince? If she had seen the Prince, then I'm caught,' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

"Hah? Is he the Prince of Wushei? So what? Wushei is slightly weaker than our Kingdom. Why are you acting so stunned," the Silver Haired man let out sarcastically as he noticed the woman acting stunned.

"Nothing. I was just stunned to see the Prince of Wushei here. Wushei is even farther than our Kingdom from this place," The woman muttered as she shook his head. She returned the badge to Long Chen. "Here."

'Oh, they are from another Kingdom as well. That must be why she was so stunned. No wonder,' Long Chen thought as he breathed a sigh of relief after realizing that he wasn't caught.  He took the badge back and kept it in his ancient ring again. 

Now that he was sure that they didn't know him, he could also talk back to keep his dignity.

"He's not even a citizen of this Empire but a measly Prince. There's no need to waste time on him. You made me drop the matter of him hitting me unnecessarily. He should be the one to apologize to me instead," the Silver Haired man told the woman. 

"Measly Prince? Why do you talk as if you're a citizen of this Empire? You're also a prince of a measly Kingdom, aren't you?"  Long Chen talked back. "Why don't you name your Kingdom?"

"Let me know where you're from,* He continued. 

From the words that were exchanged between them, he had realized that they were from some kingdom. He was curious about which Kingdom, though.

"Hmph, don't start pissing your pants after I tell you. We are from the Skyridge Kingdom. I am the Crown Prince Lulei. Now start apologizing to me for your disrespect," the Silver Haired man said. 

"Skyridge Kingdom, Huh," Long Chen muttered as he closed his eyes and tried to visualize the man that he had seen.

'There is indeed the Skyridge Kingdom. It's awfully far from Wushei and a little bigger as well,' he thought.

"Alright. Have fun," He let out as he held Ming Lan's hand and started walking away. Since he didn't need to worry about the Skyridge Kingdom knowing him, he could go on his way. 

"Hey! Where are you going!" Prince Lulei called out, but he was stopped by the silver-haired woman.

"Your Highness, it was your own fault that you weren't watching where you were walking. Let's not create commotion in the Empire," the Silver Haired woman called out.