Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 954 - 954: Big Shots Arrive

The people from the Eternal Darkness World were the next to arrive, followed closely behind by the others.

One after another, teams kept coming as the number of people increased. Only a few teams had still to arrive there. Twelve were already there at the moment.

"So, who has the treasure? Hand it over right this instant!" 

"Who are you to ask for it? We are the ones taking that treasure, not you people! Go back to where you came from!"

As the teams increased, small skirmishes also started happening between the teams that had yet to know what the exact situation was. Fortunately, no one attacked anyone yet. 

"All of you! Shut up!" Long Chen roared proudly. 

His voice attracted the attention of everyone present there. As he was on the same team as Du Liang, they realized who he was. Albeit they also knew that Pei Zen was the weakest member of the team, and he was nowhere close to Du Liang and Qian Yu. The only reason they even placed some importance on him was because of his team affiliation. 


"Why are you acting so arrogantly? Do you think Du Liang is here to save you again?" 

"Yeah! Stop overestimating yourself. You aren't even strong enough to face a few of us, let alone all of us! You better know your limits!"

While some people still remained silent in respect of his team, the others started arrogantly mocking him as if they didn't care about his team now that the guy was alone. 

Long Chen maintained his arrogant persona as he lazily gazed at the people who were standing nearby.

"I know full well what I'm capable of! But you aren't! You better open your ears clearly and listen up! This girl took the Three Leaves Golden Flower! I came here before you all, so I possess the right to take it from her. You all should leave!" he declared proudly as he subtly placed even more of a target on the people from the Lightning World. 

"Hah, so that's what it was. The cloud must be created by the Saint Realm Beast. Unfortunately, these people killed the beast already," the Leader of Eternal Darkness World let out as he nodded in understanding. 

"It's fine. Now that we know, we can simply take it from them," the leader of Windshock World grinned as he glared at Bing Lui and her teammates while licking his lips. 

The flower was a great attraction that could bring them amongst the top in the ranks. It was not something he could let someone else take. Chivalry had no place in a battle like this. 

"You bastard! Stop spreading fake information! You have the flower! Hand it over so we can leave!" Bing Lui's face was already red at the sight of Long Chen's shameless. It seemed as if smoke was about to come out of her ears in anger. 

"Hoh? Clever trick. Make me take the blame so you can sneak out? Unfortunately, I won't let you succeed. Hand over the flower, or I'll be forced to kill you!" Long Chen retorted. 

Bing Lui thought that Long Chen's plan was to place the blame on her and leave, but she didn't see him trying to sneak out. If he had tried it, she would have effectively proven his lies. Unfortunately for her, Long Chen knew this.

Even though he had proven that the flower was with Bing Lui, he couldn't leave either. Fortunately, that wasn't his intention either. 

He just kept standing there lazily as if he was in no hurry. Bing Lui wondered what his scheme was. Was he actually going to wait for others that attack her before trying to sneak out?  That seemed like the better plan as well. 

No matter how much she wanted to curse him, she couldn't deny the fact that he did use his presence of mind at the right time. 

Unfortunately, she was still wrong. Long Chen didn't want to sneak out. Instead, he was waiting. He wanted it to drag for as long as it could. Since so many people were here already, it was obvious that others would come here as well. 

And amongst those others, five were the people he wanted to come there. 

Firstly he wanted Du Liang and Qian Yu to come here. Those two were his teammates and also the strongest people here in the eyes of others. Even though he believed he was the strongest here after his breakthrough, he didn't wish to fight them all or prove his strength. 

After Du Liang and Qian Yu were here, just their reputation alone was going to be enough to keep him out of harm's way. No one was going to attack him under their watch.

The other people he wanted to wait for were even more critical. He wanted Ji Shan, Meng Qian, and Meng Huling to get here. It was tough to find them all, especially when so little time was left. He wanted to make sure Ji Shan was still safe. 

"Bing Lui, give us the flower. Enough of wasting time. If you give me the flower, I'll promise that I'll keep you safe!"

"To heck with them keeping you safe. If you gave the flower to anyone other than us, not even the gods would be able to save you. Hurry up and give that to us now!" 

While some people used coercion to try to get the flower from Bing Lui, others tried to threaten her.

Not a single person actually attacked her, though, as they all knew that the team who attacked first was going to be at the biggest disadvantage. 

Not only would they have to take the brunt of fighting against the people from the Lightning World, but they also were going to have to face the others after they won. 

They were going to be weak after fighting against the Lightning World. So even if they won, they weren't going to win anything. The prize they managed to get was going to be taken from them in any case.

A long silence ensued as no one actually knew how to handle the situation. None wanted to be the one to attack first, but they all wanted to take the flower. They all fell in thought as they tried to form a plan. 

"You all don't even want the flower. You're not going to attack or take it because you don't have the courage. Get out of here and let me take it on my own. Stop standing here like dumb crows!" Long Chen chimed in, trying to make the situation more interesting for himself. 

"You! Shut up!"

"Be glad you're in Du Liang's team! Or you would be the first one dead now!"

His condescending tone stepped on the nerves of quite a few people. 

Most of them still controlled themselves by only responding using words. There was one person who took it too far, though. 

It was the only girl from the Beastkin Empire of the Beast World. She had been trying to control herself for a long time, but the Beastkins were more prone to getting angry. She was already at her limit now. 

"If you speak one more word, I swear your head would fall to the ground before you can finish your sentence!" The girl let out. 

That was when a smirk appeared on Long Chen's face. He had sensed someone. 

"Oh? Someone dares to be so brazen here to talk to someone who is with me like that? Why don't you come to play with me instead? I'll be happy to accommodate you."

A casual man's voice came from the distance. Everyone looked in the direction to see who it was except Long Chen, who was already keeping an eye on his surroundings. He knew who the person was. Not that the guy was here, he didn't need to fight at all, not as long as something extraordinary happened at least. 

In the distance, a man was casually walking towards Long Chen. 

'Cheh, he is here. I should have acted fast!'

'With him here, things became tougher. Can we even take the flower now?'

Most of the people here already lost the hopes of getting the flower as they saw Du Liang, while some still had some hope. If they fought three on one, they might have some hope. At Least that's what they thought.

Unfortunately, that wasn't all. Even the little bit of hope they had was crushed as they heard another voice.

It was a female voice this time. A girl stepped into their field of view as her voice fell on their ears. " If someone else wants to have a try, I'm available as well. Don't be shy."

It was Qian Yu who had just arrived at the place. She also joined up with Du Liang. 

"You're here as well. I thought I'll get to have all the fun this time. It looks like you're here to steal my thunder," Du Liang told Qian Yu as he glanced back at her.