Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1035 - 1035: Cheating

"This will be your battlefield where you face each other! As for the rules, they are pretty simple. The entire place is filled with deep water. There are only three platforms in this place, each of which is only wide enough for one person to stand there," General Wuki informed Qian Yu and Meng Qian after he finished with the arena preparation. 

"According to rules, you can't fly! And you can't touch the water! If any part of you touched the water, you'd be considered defeated. If the splashes of water touch you because of enemy attacking the water, that won't count as your defeat. You both can attack each other from your platforms until one of you is defeated, falls in the water, dies, or accepts defeat."

"I will emphasize once again. You can't fly, or you'll be disqualified. Other than that, you can use any attack you wish. That's all. On the count of three, your battle will begin. Prepare for it," the General said before he flew up. He was going to keep an eye from the sky. 

"Wait a minute! What kind of crappy rules are these! Your fuc*ing with me, aren't you! You know my physical strength and close combat is my advantage! Knowing that you chose this crappy rule so your candidate can win! Is that how you deal with it! You cheaters!" 

It took Meng Qian a few minutes to understand the rules, but when he did, he couldn't help but go furious in rage. Just what was this joke? They basically took away all his advantages! It was clearly cheating. 

Hearing his complaints, almost all the Emperors of this world started laughing as they looked towards Meng Qian's father, who had his head lowered in embarrassment. 

"This idiot son of mine! He would never learn when to keep his mouth shut!" he cursed under his breath. 

"Meng Qian, shut your mouth and don't embarrass me anymore!" he yelled in rage. 

"But father, they are cheating!" Meng Qian said to his father, believing that his father wasn't understanding. 

"Young man, as I said, all the themes and the rules were decided long ago by all the Emperors involved. That happened long before you even selected a box that decided your place as the first battle participant. So no, it's not cheating. The rules would be the same even if it were someone else in your place," General Wuki exclaimed to Meng Qian. 

Emperor Du couldn't control his laughter, finding this whole thing funny. 

"Young man, want to know a fun fact?" he asked Meng Qian, who gazed in his direction. 

"It was your father who suggested the theme and the rules for the first battle, hahaha! You're accusing your father of cheating to make us win! It's so funny! Honestly!" he kept answering in between his burst of laughter."

"This guy is really an idiot, honestly," Even Long Chen understood how embarrassing Meng Qian was probably making his father at the moment.

He was the first participant from their world in front of such a large crowd. As people said, the first impression was the last impression. And Meng Qian's first impression was of a joker crybaby that didn't know what he was saying.

The thousands of spectators also started laughing as they looked at Meng Qian's stupidity after hearing Emperor Du's explanation. That guy actually accused his own father of cheating. What an idiot. 

"This... Ah."

Hearing the explanation, Meng Qian didn't know how to react. He could only lower his head in embarrassment at the blunder of his. 

"Enough of time-wasting. Time for battle. I'll count to three, after which the battle will officially start," General Wuki said, sighing.

"One... Two... Three... Begin!"


"So what if I'm at a disadvantage in this theme! I will still crush you!"

Meng Qian was embarrassed by what had happened recently and his own stupidity. His embarrassment soon turned to shame, which turned to anger. 

He wanted to wash his shame with his overwhelming victory. He was good in close combat, but he also had long-range skills and believed that he could win. 


Meng Qian clapped his hand once, making a powerful sound wave attack which was said to be effective in making an enemy confused. 

As long as the enemy was hit by this wave, they became incoherent for a few minutes, which he believed to be enough for him to win in any battle.

Unfortunately for him, it didn't work on her.

Qian Yu tapped her right ankle lightly on the platform, making a wave of water from the pond rise up in the sky to form a barrier around her to protect her from the wave. 

"That... I didn't know that," Long Chen let out with an amused smile on his face as he saw that. He could see that she hadn't used any skill.

Instead, what she used was the Law of Water, according to him.

"If what I think is true, then it's impossible to defeat her, in this field at least. She is the queen of water, and it's her home. Meng Qian already had a tough battle ahead, but now it was a futile effort.

"What? Law of Water? Are you even a true warrior? Instead of fighting like man, you use a law that has an advantage here? Have you no shame?" Meng Qian roared in rage. 

He already has a disadvantage because of the rules, and now this? Why was everything against him today? Was god really toying with him? Or was it really in his destiny to be defeated?

He knew that he couldn't win at all now that he saw her Law of Water. The only hope he had was if he could force her to stop using the Law of Water, and he tried to use that with his taunts.

"How about we both make a deal? Since it's an important battle, let's make it a fair fight. I won't use my Law, and you don't use your law. What do you say?" Meng Qian asked.

Hearing his words, Qian Yu couldn't help but look towards Long Chen in the stand. She remembers when he had fought him. He used his law as well to win.

"My law is a part of my strength. In a battle of life and death, you can't ask your opponent not to use his skills. A fair fight is where both sides use all they have," she said as she gazed back at Meng Qian.

"A friend taught me that. Let me teach it to you now," she said as she raised both her hands. A big wave of water started rising around her, making her look even more charming.