Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1012 - 1012: Breaking In

The Snake Monarch flew tirelessly, without charging about anything, trying to get to the Royal Palace. 

It didn't take him long to reach the Royal Palace. In fact, it was much faster for Snake Monarch to get here than it took Long Chen to get to the mountain, despite the fact that Long Chen used his long-distance Teleportation as well. 

Even after all that, he had been slower than the Snake Monarch, who not only had a higher Cultivation than Long Chen, but he grew faster as well. 

The Snake Monarch soon reached the Royal City, attracting a lot of gazes along the way because of how fast he was moving. 

But only the people, but he also attracted the attention of a few guards that started chasing after the Snake Monarch. 

"Stop right there! We're warning you!"

The Guards kept warning as they chased after them. 

It didn't take long before one of the guards actually managed to see the face of Long Chen. 

"Wait! It's Prince Consort! He's here!"

"The Prince? Didn't he run away after forcing a girl? He ran away because of punishment? What is he doing back?"

"Who knows! We searched for him everywhere, but for three months, no one could find him. We thought he had escaped the Empire. But he's back? What is he trying to do?"

"Maybe he finally gained some consciousness and came here to accept his wrongs?'

"No! If he wanted that, he would have surrendered to us. But the way he's running, his intention doesn't seem right."

The Guards talked amongst themselves as they chased after Long Chen, ultimately coming to the conclusion that Long Chen wasn't here to do anything good. 

They chased after him even faster. 

Long Chen ignored the calls of the guards, instead of focusing on the Royal Palace as he prayed for Mingyu to be alright. He didn't know if he could ever forgive himself for his decision to leave Mingyu here alone if something happened to her.  

He gazed in the direction of the Royal Palace. He was waiting to get close to the Palace so he could use a burst of short-range Teleportation to get to Mingyu's room right away. 

On the distant horizon, he was finally able to see the Royal Palace. His eyes lit up as he started counting seconds. Each second felt like hours to him as Mingyu's life laid on the balance. Each second was a matter of life and death. 

As the massive snake reached near the Snake, the Palace guards recognized it. This was a snake on top of which Long Chen had come last time as well. 

They recognized it right away. 

"That guy is back!"

The Palace guards also climbed on top of their flying beasts as they flew towards Long Chen. 

"He's being chased by the others. As expected, he's not here to surrender."


"Hah, This is fun. A group of dogs chasing this monarch from the back while another group of dogs coming from the front. Want me to deal with them? Let's show them what we're made of," the Snake Monarch said as he laughed at being chased. 

"I wanted to beat the crap out of that guy with that ugly mustache last time as well. Let me have a go at him," he added as his eyes lit up at the sight of that mustache guy. "Despite my reminder, he still keeps that ugly mustache."

"There's no need for that. I don't have time to waste," Long Chen said lazily as he stood up. 

He gently waved his hand as he muttered, "You go and rest."

With a flick of his hand, the Snake Monarch disappeared like it didn't exist before. 

Without Snake Monarch, Long Chen should've fallen, but instead, he used his Heaven Realm Cultivation to shoot straight towards the Palace guards that were coming towards him from the direction of the Royal Palace. 

"Stop right there and surrender yourself!" The Leader of Palace Guards warned Long Chen as he pointed his sword towards Long Chen. Unfortunately for him, Long Chen seemed to have ignored him entirely as he kept flying towards the guy.  

"Fine! Since you don't want to come peacefully, I'll happily oblige you," the mustache man said as he jumped off his flying beast and started flying towards Long Chen with his sword in his hand. 

Reaching near Long Chen, he had prepared to attack to take down Long Chen without seriously harming him since no matter what, Long Chen was still the husband of the Princess. He couldn't just kill him. 

Unfortunately, he soon realized that he had underestimated Long Chen a bit as Long Chen Teleported two hundred meters as soon as the guard reached him. 

He happened to appear behind the rest of the Palace guards that were waiting for a good show of their captain and Long Chen's battle, but he didn't wait. He again Teleportation right away, this time at the entrance of the Royal Palace. 

He has already been inside the Palace, so nothing was stopping him from teleporting. The only limitation to his Teleportation was the amount of use and that he needed to have seen that place first where he was going to Teleport. 

While the rest of the Palace guards were confused, including their captain, as to where Long Chen disappeared to, the Guards that had been following Long Chen from the entrance of the Royal City noticed Long Chen's Teleportation behind the Palace Guards. They also saw him Teleport at the entrance of the Royal Palace. 

Even though it was shocking, they realized that it wasn't the time to be shocked at Long Chen's unique abilities. It was time to act to make sure that the Palace was safe. 

"He entered the Royal Palace!" They screamed as loud as they could so that the Palace guards could hear them. 


While the Guards outside were flying towards the Royal Palace, Long Chen was already standing at the entrance of Mingyu's room. 

There was a look of dread on his face as he realized how similar it was to his vision. 

In his vision, he had also seen the same thing. He had found himself standing in front of Mingyu's room, but as he entered, he had seen Mingyu's body lying on the ground. 

Lu Wang was standing behind her with a sword in his hand. Blood was dripping off the sword. A mark of the stabbing was visible on Mingyu's back. It was evident in the dream that Lu Wang had killed her. 

With trembling hands, Long Chen took a step forward as he Teleported inside Mingyu's room.