Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1074 - 1074: Control

After you're gone, she'll be happy with her family! Tell me where she is!"

"Who the heck do you think you are to tell me what to do?"

A single statement... The exact words were spoken by both Long Chen and Wu Lia at the same time to Emperor Lu.

Both of them had a bit of arrogance to ask why the Emperor was commanding them. 


Emperor Lu found the simultaneous replies surprising, but it wasn't as if he was shocked that Long Chen would react that way. Long Chen was always a bit too much in front of him. 

What shocked him the most was the response of the so-called envoy who talked to him as if he was talking to a dog. 

"Ah, Envoy... I called you here. I gave you the information. I'm your biggest ally in this world!" Emperor Lu told Wu Lia as if reminding that guy about his importance to the immortal world and how much he had done for them. 

"Sigh, it's between this guy and me. Why are you even making me waste my time on you? Get out of my way!" Wu Lia declared as he gently flicked his hand in the direction of Emperor Lu. 

As if being controlled by an invisible force, Emperor Lu flew back like a toy, crashing on the wall, breaking it. 

"Now that the annoying obstruction is gone, back to you," Wu Lia grinned after taking Emperor Lu out of his path. "I hope I didn't keep you waiting."

He didn't realize that the more he delayed, the happier Long Chen was going to be. In fact, he was even disappointed that the conflict between Emperor Lu and this guy didn't stretch for longer. 

"I must say, I'm happy that the Immortal World thinks so highly of me to send you here to kill me when I'm not even strong enough to go there," Long Chen said as he slowly raised his sword, pointing its sharp end towards Wu Lia. 

"Oh, you have no idea how highly some people think of you. Even I'm amazed. You've been making some big waves even before you were born," Wu Lia replied. 

"Anyway, enough chit-chat," he let out as he again flickered his hand, doing the same thing to Long Chen that he had done to Emperor Lu. 

The same thing happened again, but this time, Long Chen was at the receiving end of it as he felt that his body wasn't in his control as it was tossed to the ground. 

He crashed on the ground like a toy, buried inside the crater that was created because of his fall. But still, he didn't leave the sword of time. The Sword was still in his hand. 

"Hah, it feels so good to finally not be bound by the restriction not to interfere directly. Now that I can, it feels like I'm playing with a toy. I guess I should thank that Ancient Spirit inside you that took my protection of destiny," Wu Lia said as he slowly started going down. He landed on the ground as he started walking towards Long Chen, seemingly enjoying himself. 

"Now, I don't have any laws, but I don't have any restrictions either. Even though I'm a bit weaker than my peak, my weak is something you would take a thousand years to reach. I can kill you ten times every second now," he added as he again raised his hand and slowly moved his finger. 

Long Chen started flying again as he got out of the crater, but this time as well, he wasn't in his own control. It was as if the air had created a special entrapment that was chaining his body and making it fly according to Wu Lia's wishes. 

Instead of being an open fight, it somehow ended up being a one-way toying. 

Wu Lia again brought his hand down, making Long Chen crash once again inside the crater. 

Throughout this ordeal, Wu Lia didn't stop walking towards Long Chen.  

He soon reached the crater inside which Long Chen was pushed and being held against his will. The Sword of Time was still in his hand, but he wasn't even able to raise his hand. He was clinching the sword with all his strength, trying to raise his hand to have one chance to attack, but he couldn't. 

As for his other abilities, most of his skills were for attacking, but he couldn't attack without moving. The only thing which was capable of bringing him out of this bind was the Law of Space. 

Most of the time he was inside a situation like this, he used his Teleportation to Teleport to a different place to get out of such bounds since nothing could restrict space with these things. 

This was the first time he had been in such a situation when the Law of Space was unable to be used. Even though he believed that Orion could destroy the formation points, now that he couldn't move, the problem increased. 

Wu Lia could slice his head off at any time he wished. Long Chen was sure that the guy wasn't going to take long either since he had already started stepping towards Long Chen. 

The only other option before him was using the Dark Sacrifice, which he was refusing to use. He didn't want to go there again. 

Last time, the backlash was less because that was his first time using the Dark Sacrifice but if he did again, not only was the backlash going to be strong, but also it was going to be a big loss for him since this time, he was most certainly going to lose an emotion permanently. 

The permanent loss of an emotion was what he was most scared of. The first time he had used that, Xun hadn't told him the backlash, but now, he knew such things. The lost emotion was random from what he knew. 

There was a good chance that he could use a vital emotion like happiness. Or it could also be love or anything more. He didn't wish to use it as long as he even had the slightest hope of getting out. 

Other than using the Dark Sacrifice and the law of Darkness, he had no other chance. The only other option was the success of Orion while Long Chen kept this guy delayed in talking. 

His Law of Illusion was useless since he was in a bind. Even if he made an illusion, Wu Lia was going to be unaffected. His other laws were also meaningless at the moment.