Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1274 - 1274: Beast World

"That's right. So if you want me to get back to my body and free your friend, you'll need to take me to my own body. If you don't, then I can't do anything. I'm sure you understand what's at stake, right?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, smiling.

"What's at stake? You just kidnapped one of my tamed beasts. It's not like my life is on the line. How about I just kill the Snake Monarch? Your soul would be destroyed too, won't it?" Long Chen asked, smiling. 

"Your life is at stake, not mine," he added. 

"You're bluffing. You'll never kill him. I know you care for him." Blood Dragon Emperor exclaimed. 

"I also care about my time. Are you really willing to take the risk?" Long Chen asked, smiling. 

Blood Dragon Emperor frowned, hearing Long Chen's words. He didn't want to test Long Chen. Who knew? This guy actually might kill him. 

"What do you want?" he asked the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"What I want isn't the question. The question is, what can you give me?" Long Chen asked, hands behind his back. 

"Enough nonsense! Just tell me what you want! I'm the Blood Dragon Emperor! After I get my body, I can give you anything you want! Just name it!" The Blood Dragon Emperor roared. 

"Can you give me phoenix blood?' Long Chen asked, smirking. 

"That...I can't give you that. The Phoenixes are really powerful mythical beasts. And they are never alone. I can't face them, so it's impossible! Ask for something else!" The Blood Dragon Emperor shook his head. 

"So you can't do it. So much for calling yourself the mighty Blood Dragon Emperor when you can't even get the blood of a phoenix. I guess I overestimated you," Long Chen muttered, sighing. 

"It's not that simple! You have no idea how strong those are! They're like a very powerful species that live far away in their own realm. Getting there undetected is already impossible, let alone getting their blood!" Blood Dragon Emperor answered. 

"The only way to get their blood here is if you find a stray Phoenix here for some reason, but that won't be the end of it. Even if you succeed in injuring it and getting its blood, it can still leave safely and return with an army of other Phoenixes!"

"Hurting one is the same as offending the entire Phoenix Species! They'll come to kill you no matter where you are! And that's if you managed to injure that phoenix. There need to be many coincidences for that to happen," he added, sighing. 

"What you did is just say that you can't get my Phoenix Blood while giving a bunch of excuses," Long Chen let out, rolling his eyes. "You can't give me what I want. That's the only truth!'

"Ask something else. Other than this, I can give you anything you want," Blood Dragon Emperor said firmly. 

"Fine, get me the world traveling stone," Long Chen told the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"World Traveling Stone? Why do you want that?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, surprised.

"Hmm? It seems like you know something about that stone? That's a good start. Where is it?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"The world-traveling stone was something everyone of my caliber would know. That's what was used to send me to the Immortal World. In fact, I even possessed one myself," Blood Dragon Emperor explained. 

"I can help you get that. Just let me take my body first. That's the promise of an Emperor!"

"Why should I trust you?" Long Chen asked, shaking his head. "I want that stone first before I get you your body. Who knows, you might turn on your words later on."

" Preposterous! Do you think this Emperor would lie to a kid?! I have my dignity!" The Blood Dragon Emperor stated firmly. "You can always trust me!"

Long Chen looked at the Blood Dragon Emperor weirdly. "Please tell me you don't really expect me to trust you, do you?"

"That's right. Help me get my body; I'll give that stone to you," Blood Dragon Emperor nodded. 

"I apologize, but I don't trust you. I want that stone. First, everything else can be done later. That's the one and only condition," Long Chen held onto his ground, not accepting the suggestion of Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"Why are you being so stubborn! Just help me and get your Beast's body back! Then I'll give you the stone too. What's the purpose of wasting time? Just listen to me!" Blood Dragon Emperor said, yelling.

"I'm in no hurry to get Snake Monarch back, don't worry. He's not a human, and you're not a Dark Spirit. There's no risk to him, even if you spend a year inside him. It can be just like a vacation for him where he sleeps peacefully." Long Chen explained, smiling. 

"Well then, the ball's in your court now. Think carefully. This opportunity won't come again and again," Long Chen let out, smiling. 

'All I want is the stone that you possess. Just get me to it, and we're done. I'll bring you to your body, and you'll be free to wreak havoc on the entire world. Doesn't it sound good?" he continued. 

'At this point, you're the one delaying yourself. Accept all my terms, and we can start. Give me that stone!"

"You're a really stubborn man. You won't listen to me, would you?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, frowning. 

"Nope." Long Chen shook his head repeatedly like a child.

"Do you even know where I kept that stone? It's impossible for you to get it. And even I can't get to it without my real body. In these weak bodies, we can never get to it," Blood Dragon Emperor explained. "So, getting my body back is the most important part of this quest."

"Don't worry about getting to it. I'm sure I can get to it one way or the other. Just take me to it. Where is it?" Long Chen asked. 

"It's on the Island of Dark Souls in the Beast Realm," Blood Dragon Emperor explained. 

"We can get to the Beast Realm, but getting to the Island of Dark Souls is the hardest part.  As for surviving there, it's even harder. It's a journey that will be filled with death only," he continued. 

"Let me get my body, and I can get that stone in a minute. That's the only way to get it. Don't be crazy and listen to me!"

"I'm sorry, but I have trust issues. I want that stone first. As for the Island of Dark Souls, it doesn't matter.. With your knowledge and my strength, we can get to it easily," Long Chen still didn't listen.