Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1316 - 1316: No Fun

"This prison isn't bad. But it's not going to help you here," Zhu Chang responded as he casually placed each of his hands on the walls that were trying to close in on him. 

As he touched the walls, he felt something. For most people, they would have felt a terrifying current coursing through their body after touching the lightning walls, but Zhu Chang only felt a little tingling. 

The walls which were closing in on him stopped, unable to close in on him. 

The old man was surprised to see Zhu Chang stop it, but he was still confident that Zhu Chang couldn't step out of the prison. So what if he stops walls from closing in? 

Unfortunately, that notion of his was destroyed soon enough as well. 

Zhu Chang casually raised his left foot before stomping on the floor.

Boom~ .

With a loud booming sounds, the floor was destroyed, creating an opening in the prison. 

Zhu Chang simply went down, leaving the prison. 

"That was good. I have something similar to that as well! Let me show you," Zhu Chang laughed as he also raised his hand towards the sky. 

He clapped lightly, but his clap was followed by more than a hundred lightning prisons appearing around everyone except that old man.

The lightning this time looked even more fierce now. 

Zhu Chang clapped once more, making the walls of all the prisons close in. 


Hundreds of screams echoed in the surroundings as all the enemy warriors were killed in the prison, dying. 

"Wait....ah, what did I just do in my excitement?" It was only after Zhu Chang killed them all that he realized what he had done. 

"Ah, did I just end the battle? Stupid! Idiot! Why did I have to do that! Arghh!"

He grew extremely frustrated as he realized that he had just used an overpowered ability in his excitement to show off that he could also do what those people could do. 

In the end, he killed almost all the enemies of his, ending this exciting battle which was too short. 

There was only one person who was alive, and it was none other than the old man whose eyes were opened wide as he saw what had happened.

In complete disbelief, he dropped to his knees, holding his head. In one single attack, all his men were killed and that too, so easily. He understood that it wasn't something an Ordinary Immortal Beast could do. 

Moreover, seeing the disappointment on the face of Zhu Chang, he understood that he was fooled. Zhu Chang wasn't tricking them before about his identity so he could kill them easily. If it were the case, he wouldn't be disappointed like that. 

Instead, it seemed like he wanted a battle here!

It was clear by now that Zhu Chang was actually a Heavenly Beast now. Only someone like that could possess such strength and fast reflexes. 

He had made a blunder. He actually fought a Heavenly Beast, thinking he had an opportunity, and now that he knew the truth, he was extremely broken. 

"Why did you lie?" he asked blankly. It was as if he had accepted defeat.

"Uh?" Zhu Chang glanced at the old man. His eyes lit up in excitement. "Ah, that's right. You're still alive. I still didn't screw up that bad! I can still get one last fight out of you! Stand up and face me?"

The old man didn't respond and simply kept sitting blankly. 

It was after a long time, he asked, "Do you enjoy toying with us?"

"Did you enjoy bullying the weak people?" he further asked. 

"What do you mean bullying the weak? I even restricted my strength. I'm technically weaker than all of you here! I just want some fun! So stand up and face me!" Zhu Chang commanded. 

Unfortunately, the old man didn't stand up.

"Go ahead and kill me. I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of fighting you. You already destroyed everything. You might as well kill me! This is over!" The old man responded as he kept sitting blankly.

"No!" A scream came from behind abruptly 

"Huh?" The old man turned back, confused as he heard the voice. 

As he turned back, he saw a girl running towards him.

"Who is that kid?" Zhu Chang asked, confused. 

"He's the girl that screwed our plans! Long Chen took her help to get to the stone, and she even informed us about the stone. But she started getting cold feet near the end and ran away." The Blood Dragon Emperor responded. 

"There should be one more person here with the girl. He knows where the stone is," he further added.

"Is that so?" Zhu Chang muttered, amused.

"I beg of you! Don't kill our Patriarch!" the girl dropped to her knees near the old man as she started begging. "If you want to kill her, you must kill us too!"

"Who cares! I'll kill you too. But first, I'll kill that old man," Zhu Chang responded as he floated towards the old man. 

He landed near the old man, observing him. 

"Old man, this is a question for you. Are you going to fight me, or shall I kill you?" he asked, placing the tip of his spear on the neck of Zhu Chang. 

"Go ahead and kill me," The old man answered. 

Zhu Chang lightly stabbed his spear in the neck of the old man, making him bleed a little. "Is that really your last decision?"

"That's right," the old man asked. 

"Alright. You can accept your death, but can you accept her death?" Zhu Chang asked as he shifted his attention to the girl. 

"If you fight me, I'll let her live. If you don't fight me, she will die too! Think clearly!" Zhu Chang warned again. 

Feeling the cold metallic tip of the spear on her neck, the girl started shivering. 

"Go ahead. In any case, she will die after me. The entire clan is gone. She might as well leave this world with me,"The old man let out. 

"P-please let us live?" The girl weakly pleaded Zhu Chang, holding his feet. 

"Arghh! You're no fun!" Zhu Chang exclaimed, rolling his eyes. 

He turned around. "Fine! I will leave you alive! No fun at all."

"Wait! You can't leave like that! What about the stone we're here for?" Blood Dragon Emperor reminded Zhu Chang. "Those people know where it is!"

"Ah, that's right." Zhu Chang turned around. "Old man, I've taken mercy on you and the little girl. But I still want the stone! Tell us where it is! If we don't get it, I will certainly have to kill you!"