Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 887 - 887: Real History

"It's as I expected. The history unfolded exactly like that with a little difference," Long Chen let out in a low voice so that only Mingyu and Ming Lan manage to hear.

"What did you find out?" Mingyu asked.

She wondered what was making him intrigued that he had forgotten everything 

Long Chen gazed at Mingyu, but he didn't answer. He closed the book and stood up. "Let's leave. I will tell you outside."

The girls agreed as they also stood up. They understood his concern since they were in a place where the voices might be heard. 

"Thank you for providing me the book to further my knowledge," Long Chen let out as he returned the book to the librarian.

He left the library of the Empire.

"Lan'er, you don't know about the Saint King, right?" He asked Ming Lan after he left the library.

Mingyu had spent a long time with him, so she knew a few things, but Ming Lan had no idea about plenty of things.

"Saint King is one of the strongest entities that was known to exist in this world," Long Chen started explaining so that Ming Lan understood what he was talking about. He also wanted to tell Mingyu about a few things that she might not have known yet.

"The Sword that I use with the black sword is said to be his sword as well," he continued.

"According to the legends, a long time ago, humanity was the slave of some alien creatures that were said to be beasts unlike we see today. Humans were more like slaves and food for these guys. It was like that until the days of Saint King," he said as he walked with them on empty streets.

"The Humans of that time did know about Cultivation, but they weren't particularly good at it. All they had were a few body refining Martial Skills since their masters wanted them to be strong and healthy to be able to do basic things, but they didn't wish for them to be strong enough to threaten them."

"Things moved on like that until the day Saint King Xianwu appeared. He was just a normal boy who was also given the basic martial skills of body refining, but that guy was such a genius, he managed to understand the full anatomy of the Martial Skills. It's said that he was somewhat special who was able to understand any skills that he read."

"He basically comprehended the low-level skills and kept making those skills stronger. In turn, he kept getting stronger. He also shared the skills with the fellow humans."

"In the end, there was a rebellion led by him. In the rebellion, it is said that the humans took back their world from the Monsters and became the rulers of the world and the dominant species. The beasts that used to be masters of humans ran away, leaving a few weaker Beasts behind. That's why we don't see any high-grade bloodline beasts in this world." 

Long Chen described the short history of what he had read as a child when he was home.

"Amazing. So he was a savior of you guys," Ming Lan exclaimed in amazement. From the way Long Chen described him, the Saint King sounded like a really great guy.

"Yeah. That man was the savior of humanity. At Least that's what we thought..." Long Chen muttered, sighing.

"When I came here to this continent, I heard people calling him Saint Killer and talking as if he was a villain of humanity. That wasn't very clear. According to what I had understood, the people of this continent hated him. It was fascinating to see such a big difference in the history of both worlds," he continued.

"So you found the reason for that? Is that what you were doing in the library?"  Ming Lan asked Long Chen.

"Yeah. I happened to see something else that belonged to him, which made me realize a few things. The portals that the world has between them made it even more obvious. I just had to make sure by reading the history of this world, though," Long Chen answered.

"So what actually happened? Why are there two different histories?" Mingyu asked.

"What comes to your mind when I say there are portals that connect this continent to another world?" Long Chen asked.

"Something that helps people get to other worlds from this place, but it's also something that helps others come to this world," Long Chen continued. 

"And why would people here say that Saint King killed their people and caused terror here? Because he actually did. This answers the next question as well. Why would he attack people here when he was against the beasts that tortured the people of his land?" He asked, gazing at the girls.

"Because the people of this world and the beasts were working together?" Mingyu suggested.

"Exactly. That's what I thought, and the history of this world confirmed it." Long Chen answered, nodding his head.

"From what I read, a long time ago, this world established the first Teleportation Portal with another world. The citizens of that world looked different than the humans of this world, so much so that they couldn't even be called humans. They were more like beastkins who were beasts that could take human shape."

"Even when beastkins were in human form, their inherent characteristics were still visible, making them look different."

Long Chen continued explaining. He kept taking a pause whenever someone happened to walk past him to make sure that no one else hears what he was saying. 

"The beastkins were said to become friends of this Continent. The Emperor was so pleased with this friendship that he gave them an abandoned continent where they could stay and established a civilization. It was more like a cultural exchange program. The humans of this continent were also allowed to go to their world and mine rare materials." 

"The barren continent that they gave..." Mingyu muttered.

"Yeah. That happened to not actually be barren. It had humans living. Now I'm not sure if the history of the continent is faked in that regard, but according to it, the continent was indeed barren with no life forms living in then," Long Chen answered.

Ming Lan pointed out. "Maybe the Emperor of this continent hid this information?" 

"That's possible. Anyway, that's how it all started. I can only assume what happened after that since most of the history is faked after that. Saint King defeated the beastkins, forcing them to leave the continent. They came back here and asked the help of the Emperor who actually helped, I believe," Long Chen said.