Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1030 - 1030: Words Of Heaven

The snake monarch seemed annoyed that he wasn't being praised or given enough attention just because of his size. If that was the case, he decided to show them what he was truly capable of. 

"Are you really a child or something?" Long Chen asked, frowning. Why was it so easy for this guy to get agitated, he couldn't help but wonder. 

This guy was supposed to be a Heaven Rank Beast. Aren't they supposed to be grown up and intelligent? But this guy defied every logic with his behavior. 

"Don't stop me this time! This is the only thing I ask. Let me proudly declare my arrival and show all those pesky beasts their right place!" Snake Monarch said, insisting. 

"Fine. Go crazy. Don't blame me if you attract a bit too much attention. Because if someone attacks us, I'll step back and leave you to deal with that alone," Long Chen replied lazily. 

"Hah, are you saying this Monarch should be scared of some pesky bugs? I won't need your help. Even if they all come together, they can't even touch a feather of this Monarch!" Snake Monarch said proudly. 

"When did you even have a feather for them to touch?" Long Chen asked, amused. 

"It doesn't exist. It's to show that the one who can touch me doesn't exist either. You don't understand; it's a terminology Heaven uses. You're mortal, so you didn't understand," Snake Monarch informed Long Chen, who only scoffed, knowing that this shameless guy was just bragging. 

"Whatever," Long Chen lazily laid back, letting the Snake Monarch do as he pleased.

The Snake Monarch kept getting bigger and bigger until he was five times his previous size. 

Even the biggest of the beast here seemed tiny compared to Snake Monarch, who seemed like a dragon, covering the whole sky. 

"Look at that! The Dragon!"

"No, it's a big snake!"

"It's a beast that looks similar!"

"How big is it! How can a beast be so big!"

"Exactly! He's so big; he can carry thousands of people easily!"

"Is there someone sitting on top?"

"I can't see!"

The massive snake quickly attracted the attention of everyone present here. 

All nobles and wealthy Cultivators that were sitting on through flying beasts watched the giant snake that was impossible to miss. They could also see two people sitting on the massive snake. 

One of the two was a woman that seemed to have a killer figure, according to them, and seemed beautiful. The other was a younger man that appeared to be emitting a lazy yet intimidating aura, seeming like a Prince from his looks. 

Long Chen had already changed his clothes long ago. Since he was tired of being hidden, he wanted to live like a proper Cultivator, not hiding his aura or his looks. 

That's why he was wearing clothes that made him look like a Prince. These were the best clothes he possessed. He seemed better than any noble present here.

The people who were still in the sky could see Long Chen, but the ones that were on the ground couldn't even do that. All they could see was a giant snake from the bottom. 

The carriages of the wealthy families that had filled the streets had also stopped as all young masters stepped out of their carriages to look up in the sky. 

They could only assume that someone was on top of the beast since they couldn't see above the snake. They were also jealous of whoever possessed such an amazing beast to carry them. 

"I wish I had that thing too. I would have such a great reputation just because of that beast alone. Who exactly is on top? Or is it an entourage from an Empire?" One of the Cultivators on the ground muttered. 


"See? They're all looking at me. That's better. Now, this is called an entry deserving of us. So where are we going? Should I go down?" Snake Monarch asked after feeling satisfied. 

"Yeah. Take us down. I'll find the place of trial myself. Since so many people are here, it's clear that the trial will be held before the public." Long Chen told the Snake Monarch as he stood up. 

"Hold my hand," he told Zhiqing, who did as he said.

Long Chen sent the Snake Monarch back to the beast mountain and stood in the air, holding onto Zhiqing. 

He started going down and landed on the ground with Zhiqing amidst the watchful eyes of everyone, rich and poor. 

"Where is the trial happening?" he asked the person nearest to him. 

"It's happening in the Central Arena in the center of the town in that direction," the prison replied after initial hesitation. 

Nodding his head, Long Chen started walking towards the Arena, holding Zhiqing's hand like they were a royal couple. 

It was certain that Long Chen was here to either take part in the trial or to see it, but no one understood why he directly didn't go to the Arena on his amazing beast, instead choosing to walk. 


"This should be the arena where the trial will happen."

Long Chen reached the central arena after a walk for over twenty minutes straight. 

"This seems like it. Everyone's going in. But they're all paying with money. Do you have this world's money?" Zhiqing asked as she noticed the guards collecting money for letting people enter.  

"Money? I don't think I have even a coin of this world's money. But they should let us pass if we show them our money and claim to be from another world, here to see a show. There are many here from other worlds. They can't all be carrying money of this world," Long Chen replied.

They walked towards the entrance only to be stopped by the guards.

"Do you have the pass?" the guards asked. 

"What pass?" Long Chen inquired. 

"The permission to enter the venue of Trial? If you don't have one, you need to buy a ticket by paying money," the guards informed Long Chen.

"We are not from this world. Do you accept other world money?" Zhiqing chimed in.

"What would we do with other world money?" the guard laughed, shaking his head. "If you're from another world, here to take part in the trial, you should have permission given by the Emperor. Since you don't have one, that means you're not here to take part."

"So are you here as a spectator? If that's the case, you can pay us with an Earth Grade artifact as a fee instead of money," the Guards offered. 

Long Chen didn't even bother to negotiate and simply brought out a random Earth Grade Item, which he tossed to the guards.