Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1161 - 1161: Giving Treasure

'This aura, even though it's not focused on me, I can feel how frightening he is. He is many times stronger than Father, it seems. How though?'

' He looks so young. I thought he was as young as us? Is he really an old master?' Gu Lin thought as she gazed at Long Chen, who looked comfortable as he pressed Gu Ren under his aura.

She hastily stepped forward. "Great Master, please forgive my friend. He didn't know what he was doing. He is a little crazy. I ask for forgiveness in his place."

"That's better. As I said, it's better if you talk to me like civil people. Because you won't like me when I become uncivilized. Teach that to your friend as well," Long Chen said as he retracted his aura. 

Gu Ren finally felt like he could breathe again as the mountain was removed from his body. 

"You can spend as much time as you want here. It's our pleasure to be able to host you. In fact, how about you come to our Clan? We would love to host you as an apology. I'm sure you'll love it."

Not only did Gu Lin let Long Chen stay here, but she also invited him into her clan. That's what Long Chen wanted as well.

He was new in the immortal world, and he needed an ally who could inform him about the basic things in the immortal world. He also needed the recent map and other things. 

Moreover, who better than the kids? When the youngsters of a Clan were so weak, he was sure the Elders were weak too. According to his assumption, even the Sect Master of their clan would be like an ant in front of his current cultivation. 

" Ji Shan, what do you say?" Long Chen asked, amused.

"I'm fine with anything you chose," Ji Shan replied. 

The way these two people talked, Gu Lin was surprised. When she saw Ji Shan first, she was able to see his measles Heaven Realm cultivation. This guy wasn't even worthy of being the servant of hers, let alone be with Long Chen, who was so strong. 

Despite all that, Ji Shan and Long Chen talked to each other like they were equal. It was as if two friends were talking to each other, which didn't make sense to her. 

"Alright, I accept the invitation," Long Chen nodded.

"Perfect. You finish your shower; we'll wait in that direction," Gu Lin said as she moved a bit further to give Long Chen some privacy. 

After ten minutes, Long Chen and Ji Shan stepped out of the pond as they got dressed. 

"We're new here but are you sure it's good to go in the Clan of the people you just threatened?" Ji Shan asked Long Chen as he tied his long hair again. 

"Don't worry; I read her mind. I know what she thought, and I'm sure I'll be fine," Long Chen answered. 

As the two finished getting dressed in new clothes, they started walking towards the youngsters.

"Don't forget, you need to train me as well. I want to get stronger," Ji Shan reminded Long Chen as they walked together. 

"Yeah. I haven't forgotten. Don't worry. I already selected a few good skills that I want you to learn. I think they'll be pretty good on you," Long Chen told Ji Shan as he gave him two booklets. 

"Learn them, and when we practice, I'll teach you more. Also, keep this weapon," he further said as he gave a bow to Ji Shan. 

"A bow? But I'm a swordsman?" Ji Shan exclaimed in surprise. 

"I know, but I think you should learn to use a bow too. The skill I want to teach you is just so good. It can only be used with a bow too. And unlike me, you're slightly weaker in the Immortal World. You really should learn how to fight while keeping your distance. Just take it," Long Chen said, insisting. 

Ji Shan took the bow as he sighed. "What do you mean I'm slightly weak? If this is slight, I don't know what big difference would be."

"But I'll learn it," He further said. " What Grade is this Sword?" 

"It's a Saint Grade weapon. It'll be good for the moment," Long Chen answered. 

"Saint Grade? So strong?" Ji Shan exclaimed. "Why don't you keep strong ones for yourself? Give me weak ones that match my cultivation?"

" Don't worry. I already have my two swords. I don't need any more treasures," Long Chen answered, remembering about his Sword of Time and his King's Sword. 

The King's Sword was something that belonged to Ji Shan, and it was something he kept for himself. Moreover, he also had the sheath that was given to him by the Saint King himself. 

Saint King had told him to keep the King's Sword in the sheath if Long Chen truly wanted to see its full glory. 

Since that moment, Long Chen had kept the King's Sword in the Scythe. He still hadn't taken the Sword out since he wanted to keep it in the sheath for as long as he could before he took it out. Until then, he already had the King's Sword. 

Other than these two swords, he didn't find any other treasure interesting. In fact, amongst the treasures that he had received from Saint King, he hadn't used most of them. 

There were even a few Clothing Artifacts that he hadn't worn yet. He was still wearing the mysterious gloves that he had received in the Divine Heaven Sect though. 

Long Chen soon caught up to the youngsters of the Gu Clan. 

"Are you sure you want to invite us to your clan?" Long Chen asked once again, smirking. 

"Of course. It would be our pleasure," Gu Lin said respectfully. 

"Lead us then," Long Chen said. 

Gu Lin started escorting Long Chen and Ji Shan. 

Soon, Long Chen and Ji Shan were out of the forest. It was where they saw the true Immortal World. A massive city could be seen in the distance with buildings that were so tall that they could be seen from here. 

Moreover, there were also a few Giant Eagles waiting for the Gu Clan outside. 

"These Eagles?" Long Chen asked, curious. These were Saint Realm beasts, stronger than the Snake Monarch. 

" The Dark Rise Eagles. We use them in our Clan to take us back and forth. I know they are too weak, but please bear with them. You and your friend can sit with me on mine," Gu Lin told Long Chen, seemingly embarrassed as their beasts were so weak, and she was having someone as strong as Long Chen travel on them.