Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1085 - 1085: Return

"So you think when we go there, he would say that the guy never appeared again and he doesn't know where he is?" The Southern Emperor asked. 

"Most certainly he will," the Northern Emperor said, smiling. "In his letter himself, he took care of this. He said the guy ran away."

"Exactly. Should we even take such a thing seriously?" The Southern Emperor asked, frowning. 

"I think we should. Even though it's almost certain that it's not a person from Heavenly Demon Realm, maybe it's someone with their bloodline since, mostly, someone from Heavenly Demon Bloodline is the only one who can use the Heavenly Demon Wings," the Northern Emperor replied. 

"If he is half-demon who only has a fraction of that bloodline, this would make sense. Since he won't be as strong as pure Heavenly Demons while still being able to use such skills. In any case, investigation is better than being accused of being lax," he added. 

"Alright. You can send a team to investigate. I'm not going down. I have another problem to handle the world of Friesian," Southern Emperor said as he stood up. 

"Problem in Friesian? Why? Isn't that the most peaceful world that we know of?' the Northern Emperor asked, amused. 

"Throughout its existence, there has been no problem with it," he added. 

"There is a problem this time. And not a small problem either. One of the Empires there has disappeared, and it's the one which was the strongest. I'm personally going there to see what it was about. So I won't have time to investigate the rumor for you."

"Also, it's not like you need me anyway. If it's someone that had to run away against a Saint Grade Emperor, just how strong can he even be? Send any Royal Warrior and be done with it," the Southern Emperor replied as he stood up and started walking back. 

As the Southern Emperor left, only the Northern Emperor was left behind, sitting with a letter in his hand. 

"He is right. I don't have to go down personally. My guards can handle such a thing," the Emperor muttered as he stood up.

"And if this Emperor Lu is found to be lying, he can kill that guy as well. If this guy is messing with us to get some credit, I'll make sure he gets what he deserves."


The Northern Emperor walked back to his Palace, where he called for his Royal Guards to assemble. After the guards were assembled, he selected five of them. 

"The five of you shall go to Fengshu and contact Emperor Lu of Esteria. And..."

He described the Royal Guards about the mission and what they needed to do. He told them to contact the Emperor and test if what he said in the message was the truth. 

If it turned out to be a lie, they were to kill Emperor Lu right there since he couldn't be brought here to the Immortal World. 

"Here, take this treasure. This will help you detect lies," the Northern Emperor said before he gave a treasure to the leader of his team, which was going to the Mortal World. 

"Yes, Your Majesty."


While the team was being commanded to go down, Long Chen was not only unaware of the threat that was looming over his head, but he was also unable to think clearly. 

It was as if his body was moving on its own. It was as his soul was sleeping while his body was working on the impulses of destroying everything. 

The Sword of Time was still lying on the ground in the distance.

Long Chen looked back in the direction of the Sword. As his gaze fell on the sword, he found the sword too attractive. There was something inside him that was being pulled towards the Dark Sword as if the sword belonged in his hand. 

For some strange reason, Long Chen's aura at the moment after he had used Dark Sacrifice was similar to the Dark Sword's aura. As for that similar aura, it was what attracted Long Chen even when he couldn't think clearly. 


The man with a golden book in his hand was still standing on top of the Royal Palace, watching Long Chen. 

There was no benefit in jumping right away since Wu Lia was already dead. Only he was left, and he had faith in himself. Unlike Wu Lia, who had lost his Divine Protection, he still had that. Also, he was still able to use the Laws he had received.

Because Wu Lia had lost his Laws at the same time as losing his Divine Protection, he was no more than an ordinary Cultivator at that point who had a good Cultivation. 

He, on the other hand, was different. 

He opened the book, which was in his hand, to a specific page. 

"I, whose name has been forgotten, call forth to you, Oh Law of Death! Bring back Wu Lia to life for me!" 

As soon as the man finished his words, Wu Lia's body started shining along with the fool as the Qi that was present in the nature started rushing towards the body of Wu Lia, which has a fist sized hole.

Since Wu Lia was stronger, more energy was needed to awaken him. Because of that, the half-masked man's energy was insufficient. He also wanted to save his energy for later, so he used the Nature Qi to assist him. 

As he finished chanting the command, he changed the page of his book to a different page. 

"Oh Great Law of Space, take that Sword in your embrace and make it disappear forever!" He commanded after he opened a different page. 

As per his command, the book once again started shining, but this time it was shining in a light that seemed white. 

As his spell was finished, Spatial Cracks started appearing around the Sword of Time, ready to swallow them to send the sword in a different space. 

The man had already seen that the Sword was much more special than they could have understood. They still didn't know everything about this Sword. All they knew was that they couldn't touch this Sword. Only Long Chen was able to touch that sword now. 

And in Long Chen's hand was where they certainly didn't want to see the Sword of Time, so he decided to send the sword where Long Chen couldn't ever find the Sword. 

As the spatial cracks reached closer to the Sword of Time, they got bigger until they were big enough to swallow an entire person. 


Seeing the cracks, Long Chen roared in rage as if he understood what these spatial cracks were trying to do.