Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1056 - 1056: Previous Owners

"You understand now? That's what I was trying to get you last time. You've been pretty short tempered recently. And since you were so immersed in everything that was going on and didn't think much about the past, you didn't notice it. But now that you did, you realize," Xun told Long Chen, appearing near him. 

"Sigh, why didn't you tell me in direct words about what I did wrong instead of prolonging it for so long," Long Chen asked as he smiled wryly. 

"I should try to make up for it a bit," he muttered as he sat down again. 

"But first, I need to regain my energy. If I start flying and someone notices me outside, the Emperors would be on my tail. I already used two long range Teleportations I could. I should at least have my strength to protect myself later."

"That's right," Xun agreed. 

As Long Chen rested, letting his body regain its energy, Xun accompanied him. 

He also kept an eye inside the Fake World, where he was seeing everyone take care of unconscious Ji Shan. They had already given him the healing pills and were now letting him rest. 

Seeing him rest, Long Chen didn't bring him out. That place was better for him than lying on the ground here. Xun also said that it was better for Ji Shan to stay there. 

According to her, after the Dark Spirit left his body, he was going to take at least two days before his old Spirit woke up. Since there was nothing Long Chen could change, he didn't call him out. 

He only called out Zhiqing to inform her that he was fine and not to worry about him. After telling her, he sent her back to the fake world so she could inform everyone about it as well while he rested here. 

"I'm getting bored already, and it's not even been Twenty minutes," Long Chen complained after a while. He didn't know what to do but just sitting here was boring for him. 

"Xun, do you know about the skill I had used previously? That strange skill... Do you think I received it from the Sword of Time?" He started asking questions to pass the time. The questions he was curious about. 

"You mean the skill you used in the end to destroy the attacks? I have no idea about it. But I do know that it's the work of the Sword of Time," Xun answered. 

According to the legends, the God Grade Weapons know all the skills that their past owners used. Those skills all reside inside the weapons. The skill you received must be one of the skills of its previous owners," she added. 

"So there would be more skills inside it?"

"Yeah. Logically there should be more. And if one of the previous owners had a strong skill like that, they must not be weak either. So their skills should be pretty good," Xun said, smiling. 

"Even though I think this weapon makes you impulsive while making your strength uncontrollable, it's also pretty good in certain aspects. That's why these weapons are called the God of All Weapons," she added. 

"If what you say is true and it's the sword that makes me impulsive, I would need to find a way to control myself more. I can't stop using the Sword since I need strength desperately. The only thing I can do is try to remove the negatives. I need to temper my head more to make sure I know what I'm doing," Long Chen told Xun. 


Time kept passing slowly as Long Chen stayed inside the forest, recovering his energy. 

On the other hand, inside the Royal City of Tricion Empire, a search was taking place for him. 

"It's useless. That guy is an expert in escaping. He escaped my city twice despite a strong security. It's because of his Law of Space which is a pretty rare ability. He can Teleport in long range. It's impossible to find him that easily. He is long gone, most probably," Emperor Lu told the Emperor of Tricion who had ordered the search. 

While other Emperors were hopeful of catching Long Chen, Emperor Lu knew that they were naive. He knew that he needed to find a different way to find Long Chen. As for what it could be, he had no idea.


Back in the forest,  an hour had passed away, and Long Chen seemed to be completely prepared to leave. 

"Are you feeling like going back to Esteria to bring back Mingyu?" Xun asked Long Chen as he stood up again. 

"I at least need to talk to her. As for going back to Esteria, that's right. But my main purpose is different. Twenty worlds believe the lie that I forced a girl. It's time for the truth to come out. Previously I didn't bother because of my haste, but it's the time to take some steps. Let the world see the truth and prove my innocence," Long Chen called out as he smiled as if an evil plan was hatching in his head. 

He now knew what he had to do. 

"I hope you're successful," Xun told Long Chen. 

Long Chen brought out the Snake Monarch. 

"I'm back, baby! Where are the Claps? Where is the cheer!" As soon as the Snake Monarch came out, he said. 

"We're not on a reality show. There won't be any fake cheers," Long Chen replied lazily. "Get bigger. We need to leave."

"Huh? Reality show? What's that?" Snake Monarch asked, confused. 

"Nothing. Get big. Time to leave."

"Sigh, you're boring. You sent me back just when it was my time to get praise last time for showing all those tiny things their places. I'm still upset," Snake Monarch complained as he sighed. "But I'll still help you. You're my greatest subordinate."

"Subordinate my a*s. As for praise, don't worry. You'll get plenty later. Just take me where I want to go and watch the play," Long Chen said. 

The Snake Monarch started getting bigger. He didn't get too big, though, only big enough to carry one person. 

Long Chen climbed on the Snake Monarch, who was going to take him away. 

As he told the directions to the Snake Monarch, they began flying towards their destination, going on a mission to correct all the wrongs that had been done. 

"Snakey, I don't know much about you. I think I forgot it last time, but you were trying to find something when I saw you for the first time. Do you still not know what it was?" Long Chen asked the Snake Monarch. 

"Oh, I know it."