Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1257 - 1257: He Did It

All the Royal Palace guards recognized that beast to be the beast of the Western General. 

Unfortunately, the beast landed in front of them to reveal that no one was on top of it. The Western General wasn't there at all. Instead, only a few blood drops could be seen there. 

Seeing the blood, all the guards were shocked. They couldn't help but wonder whose blood it was. Was it the blood of the Western General, that was the biggest question in their heads. 

"Hurry, inform His Majesty!" 

The guards ran inside the Royal Palace to inform the Western Emperor. 


The Western Emperor came out himself to find the beast standing at the entrance. The Beast also had blood on his back. 

"This is certainly Duan's beast. Where had he gone? Anyone know?" Western Emperor asked his guards, wondering where the Western General had gone.

"Your Majesty, we had seen him leave with the Captain of the Royal Guards. We don't know where he went after that," the guards answered. 

"Him? Call him to me this instant!' the Emperor commanded.

As per his orders, the Captain was brought there. 

"Your Majesty!"

"Enough of that! Tell me, where did you take Duan? What happened to him?" Western Emperor asked, raging. 

"Your Majesty, he asked me to show him the place of that strange phenomenon," The Captain of the Guards answered. 

"What strange phenomenon?" The Emperor asked, stunned.

The Captain of the Guards explained the strange phenomenon involving the Qi that was noticed last time.

"Hmm? That's intriguing. Why didn't you all notice me about it if that had happened?" Western Emperor asked. 

"General wanted to investigate himself before reporting to you. That's why I took him to that place."

"What happened next?" The Emperor asked, observing the blood marks on the back of the beast, which certainly showed that a brutal attack was made on the Western General if it was actually his blood. 

"I took him there. We checked that place and investigated the people who were living there. That's when he told us that he found the thief," the Captain informed him. 

"He found Glaze?" Western Emperor asked. 

"That's right. When we asked him why he didn't have us capture him right there, he said he had a plan to test if that guy was actually the thief."

"He sent us all back so as not to make that guy suspicious. We don't know what happened after that," he added, signing. 

" It must be the work of Glaze. Tell me what he looked like where he was staying?" The Western Emperor asked. "I'll go there myself to catch him."

"We can get his sketch created, but the Royal Heirs already know him."

"My kids know him? How?"

"That guy participated in the scholarship event yesterday and caused two booms. He was one of the three winners."

"What nonsense! There's no way Glaze can only cause two booms! If that guy is Glaze, then it's pure nonsense!" The Western Emperor snorted. " He must be faking being weak."

"That's what I think as well. He even managed to fool Princess Mimi, who gave him her token for his good performance in that event despite having no background. Glaze is really good," the Captain of the Guards replied, sighing.

"Create his sketch and find that guy! Don't try to catch him alone though. If he can hurt Duan, he must be more powerful than anyone anticipated! Find him and inform me!" The Emperor commanded before he entered the Royal Palace.

He didn't even bother to find the Western General. He was already sure about that guy's death. If there was blood on his beast and he wasn't back yet, that meant only one thing. That guy was dead.


At the moment, Long Chen was in a place that no one could have expected. He was not outside the Palace even though everyone was looking at him outside. Instead, Long Chen was comfortably sitting inside the room of Princess Mimi. 

After killing the Western General, he had teleported to her room. He knew he had no reason to stay here any longer. He already found what he wanted. He had robbed the treasury of the Western Emperor. 

Now that he was done here, he came to meet Mimi one last time and to get the maps and the information from her that he asked her to collect.

Even though Long Chen was sitting in Mimi's room, she wasn't there. 

Instead, she was in the bathroom, taking a shower.

As she finished the shower, she stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her slender body. 

As soon as she stepped out, she froze to find Long Chen on her bed. 

After a few seconds, she shook her head.

"I must be hallucinating again. There's no way he would be here," she muttered, shaking her head. 

"If you justify this as a hallucination, I can't help but wonder how many times you actually hallucinate about him, young lady," the Snake Monarch said, popping his head out, looking at the Princess.

"This is some ultra-realistic hallucination. I even see his snake here," Mimi let out, smiling wryly. She could see that the door was closed. There was no way Long Chen could step inside. 

As she thought that, she couldn't help but remember something. Even though they were in the cave, she had seen him teleport multiple times. If that was the case, there was a chance that this was true.

She rubbed her eyes before gently pinching her soft thighs. 

"You are real?" She exclaimed ultimately as her face turned red. 

Long Chen nodded his head. "As real as I can get. Why are you acting like that? You're wearing a towel. It's not like last time when you..."

"Last time when she? Why does that make it sound like you saw much more of hers? What did you do to her?!" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen, suspiciously looking at him. 

"What are you doing here?" Mimi asked, stunned. 

"I came to take the maps and the other stuff," Long Chen explained.

"Didn't we promise to meet later for that?" Mimi asked. 

"Yeah, but I can't wait at the moment. I need to get going before your father kills me," Long Chen replied, smiling wryly. 

"Why would my father kill you?" Mimi asked, not understanding.

"Because I was with your Western General when Glaze killed him before leaving. And I know I'll be the prime accused now. I just don't want to be killed for someone else's crime, so I'll leave right now. Where are the maps?" Long Chen asked while making up a story to show himself as innocent.