Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 847 - 847: Another Heir

"He came here to help his friend escape and helped me along the way. I was freed. I went back to the palace and told my father about-"

"That's enough. We don't want to hear your sad story. Tell me about that person only."

The Princess started explaining everything, but she was stopped in the middle as Fu Min cut her off.

"Ah, ok. He asked to tag along with our army since he wanted revenge on the Clan that tortured his friend. Inside, a little argument occurred, which made our two sides fight. He killed my brother and our Heavenly Realm Warriors before he imprisoned us here and left," Princess Zhu said.

She conveniently skipped the part where he had taken her to the place where he was staying after he freed her. No matter what, Long Chen was still her savior. He saved her life without having any relation to her, so some of it belonged to him.

She was just paying her back by saving his life in return so they could be equal.

"After that, we don't know where he went," she said.  "Until you guy's told me the truth, I had been thinking that he was the Prince of some High Ranking Kingdom since his words and his strength matched my assumption. I had no idea that he was so bad."

Fu Min brought a scroll out of his storage ring and opened it.

"Did he look like this?" he asked her as he asked the portrait they were using to catch Long Chen.

The Princess wanted to lie, but she didn't since she wasn't the only one who saw him. The other guards har seen him as well. If her lie was caught, a calamity might have struck her Kingdom.

"No. The person who used the Saint Killer Sword didn't look like this," the Princess answered.

"He didn't look like this? Are you sure this wasn't the person? Do you think you made a mistake?" Fu Min asked as he frowned. 

"If he's not this person, then he wasn't the Saint Killer Heir. Maybe they saw some other sword and thought that it was the Saint Killer Sword? How would these guys from a low ranking know about the Saint Killer Sword anyway? They saw something similar and thought that it was the Sword," Lim Yi said sarcastically. 

She thought that they had misunderstood and recognized the wrong sword.

"T-that's true. We didn't recognize the sword. Only a Heaven Realm Elder had said that it was the Saint Killer Sword before he died. Maybe he misunderstood. We all believed him. He must not be the person you were looking for," Princess Zhu said, using this opportunity to throw suspicions off of Long Chen.

Fu Min gazed at her, but he didn't believe her entirely. He shifted his focus to other Royal Army members.

"Is she telling the truth? Only one Heaven Realm Cultivator recognized the sword, and you all believed him?" he asked.

"It's the truth," the guards answered as they lowered their heads in embarrassment.

"These idiots. They wasted so much of our time," Lim Yi cursed.

"Silence," Fu Min chided Lim Yi as he was getting annoyed because of her constant nagging.

He looked towards Gu Yan and asked, "Gu Yan, do you have an image of how an actual Saint Killer Sword looks like?"

"I do have a book that depicts it. It's the most accurate portrait of the sword," Gu Yan said as he brought out a book.

He flipped the pages until he found the image.

He handed over the book to Fu Min. "Here it is."

Fu Min took the book and showed the image to the Princess and the others. 

"Look at this carefully. Was it the sword?" he asked.

"Yes. It is the one," the Princess answered along with the others. She couldn't lie about this in front of so many people who saw. 

"So that person was carrying a Saint Killer Sword indeed. How can he be a different person than the one in the portrait? There can only be one heir of Saint Killer. There is only one Saint Killer Sword after all," Bo Xo muttered in confusion after it was certain that the person who fought here had the Saint Killer Sword. 

"It's possible if the person changed his looks. I heard of a few rate Martial Skills that help people look like a different person. Maybe he was using that before, or it could be that he was using that skill not. In any case, we need to widen our search while keeping the new face in mind," Gu Yan contemplated.

" Describe his looks. I want an accurate description. As accurate as it can be," Fu Min said to the Princess as he pulled out another scroll and a paintbrush. 

He was the best painter in the group. So he was going to draw the portrait himself.

The Princess took a deep breath before she started describing the looks of Long Chen. She was actually honestly describing it to perfection since she had no other option. 

As she described, Fu Min painted on the scroll. 

After ten minutes, the portrait was finished.

After finishing, Fu Min showed the image to the Royal Army members. "Look carefully. Is he the one?" 

"Yes. He is the one." They all agreed, saying that he was the guy.

Fu Min showed the portrait to his team after confirming that he was the person.

"Wait. This person... I think we passed by him when we were coming here," Lim Yi suddenly pointed out as she remembered seeing Long Chen with Ji Shan.

"Are you sure?" Fu Min asked Lim Yi.

"I am a hundred percent sure that he is the guy. If we go in the direction he was going and search; we can probably still catch him. He didn't look like he was in a hurry to leave," Lim Yi answered.

Fu Min nodded his head before he looked at the Princess. "Alright. We don't need you guys anymore. You can go back and search for this guy. We will be conducting our search on our own."

He left with his team.

The Princess and the others stood back, stunned.

"Hah, so that guy was an enemy of the Continent. Now that the guys from the Empire are here, he can't survive."

"Yeah. It's going to be a great merit for us since we kind of help in his arrest by providing information."

"Hahaha, we might even get rewarded." 

The Royal Army members started talking amongst themselves.

'Sigh, they already saw him. I did all I could do to help that guy. I hope he didn't delay and escaped by now,' the Princess thought.