Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 110 - 110: Are You Doubting Me?

Long Chen soon reached near the Great Hall. He walked near the door and just as he barely opened the door, he was able to hear the voices from inside. The more he heard, the angrier he got.

"Patriarch, I want you to think about it carefully, after all, the Clan's future depends on it" A voice came from inside

" What think about it carefully? Aren't you just talking about killing my son?" A female voice roared in anger

" Madam Sima, it's not what we are saying! Also, we are only talking about this because we care for the clan and even more for him" An Elder said.

" The clan had been feeding him such an expensive pill every day for the last three years. Although we have the capacity to feed him the pill for the rest of his life, think of the burden it will place on the clan. We're a supreme clan but still, our resources are limited. We could use the resources we will use to buy those pills for him for the next hundred years to a much better use and build a greater future for our clan" The same elder let out

" What care for my son? You're just greedy and worried about the resources and your benefits!! Are you that poor that you want to take the life of my son just for a few resources?" Sima Ziyi roared in anger

"Little Ziyi, Think about it with a calm mind. He had been in that condition for over three years. Every physician had come to check up on him, but they all said that they don't know what had happened and they can't treat him. Even if we think of it as a coma, just consider the torment his soul must be going through as we're keeping him in this world in such a condition. Even if we keep him alive for the next fifty years using the pills, there won't be any benefit. He won't wake up, he will just stay in that state with his soul trapped in his body because you weren't ready to release him from this cruel fate" Someone else said. Long Chen recognized it as the voice of the Supreme Elder Long Hua

"As a mother, Think for the welfare of your son. Free him of this cruel fate" Supreme Elder Long Hua further said

"You're not god!! Stop thinking like you know if my son will wake up or not!! You're just worried that your second son won't get enough resources when he grows up" Sima Ziyi said with an anger-filled tone, not caring about the politeness even a little bit

"Patriarch, Only you can make a decision on this matter as you are the Patriarch of this clan and his grandfather as well! You need to make a choice. Peace for his  soul and saving resources or wasting the resources to keep tormenting his soul" Supreme Elder Long Hua said as he looked at Long Ren

"My decision is very clear. As long as I'm alive, my grandson won't die because of a lack of resources! The clan has many resources and we can earn even more if there's ever a lack of it! But no one should ever think about my grandson and what he's getting!  " Long Ren said in a deep voice that was able to instill fear in the elders.

"But..." Supreme elder wanted to say something but stopped as he heard a voice 

"Supreme Elder, didn't you hear the Patriarch's order? You should know that his order is the law of this clan which everyone most follow" Everyone heard a voice. They looked towards the door and saw Long Chen entering the room with a slight smile on his face as he opened the doors completely 

Everyone stood up from their seats shocked as they looked like they had seen a ghost

"Aren't I right grandfather?" Long Chen asked in an innocent tone

" Hahaha Right Right!! About time you woke up" Long Ren said with a burst of hearty laughter as relief could be seen on his face.

Long Chen turned his face towards her mother but as soon as he turned, A person came running into his arms as he was  hugged tightly

Sima Ziyi kept hugging Long Chen tightly. She felt like he would disappear like a dream if she left him. Tears kept falling from her eyes onto his shoulders making his shoulders wet

He put his arms on her back as he hugged her back

"Everything is fine mother. You don't need to cry" He said in a soothing voice as he tried to calm her down but her tears didn't stop, instead, they increased

"Young Nephew, it's a miracle that you have woken up. I'm so happy for you" Supreme elder said with a smile as he neared them

Every elder started congratulating but the ones who were speaking with supreme elder just a few moments ago had an awkward expression on their face

"Young Nephew, I wanted to talk to you about something. I've been waiting for three years for it " The supreme Elder said with a smile

"Oh? What is it? I don't want to make you wait more so You can ask me right now? Long Chen said with Sima Ziyi in his arms still hugging him tightly trying to believe that it wasn't a dream

"Do you remember the time just before your coma? " Supreme elder asked

"Yes, I do, " Long Chen replied

"It's good. So my question is that the day before you left the mansion for the Northern forest, did you go to my son Long Su's room and killed his servant?" Supreme elder asked

" Yes, I was walking near brother Su's courtyard when I heard that servant talking bad about grandfather. So in anger, I killed him" Long Chen replied with a smile

" Oh, are you sure? why would he talk bad about patriarch?" Supreme elder Long Hua asked as he glanced at Long Chen

" Right, I'm sure it happened. You wouldn't be trying to call me a liar, would You?"Long Chen asked with an innocent look

Long Ren gazed at Supreme elder with a slightly angry look

"Of course not. I was just asking. " He hurriedly replied

"Anyways, after you killed...I mean punished him for his crime of bad-mouthing patriarch, you left for the Northern black forest." Supreme Elder continued

" Right" Long Chen replied.

" I wanted to ask, did you meet Long Su inside the forest? He didn't return from there and couldn't be found anywhere. I believe that he was somewhere in that Forest" Supreme elder muttered

" Are you doubting me of killing him? Supreme elder, I'm just a First stage formation Establishment realm cultivator. I can't even hurt a hair on his head" Long Chen muttered

" I'm not blaming you for killing him. I just wanted to ask if you met him or seen him with someone?" Supreme Elder inquired

" I apologize, but I wasn't able to meet bother Su" Long Chen said as he looked at supreme elder with an innocent look

" Oh, alright, " Supreme elder said with a doubtful tone as he slowly walked back

" Patriarch, since thankfully young Nephew is up, there's no need for this meeting. I'll be going back" Supreme elder said as he left the Great Hall. Other elders left the hall as well but congratulated the patriarch before exiting.

After a brief moment, only long Chen, Sima Ziyi and Long Ren was left in the room