Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 919 - 919: Qiandi Princess

The blue-haired girl and the others stood up and stepped out of the shop after the man was dead. It was inevitable that Long Chen wasn't going to come, so they weren't going to waste their time here either.

Long Chen was about to follow after those people, but the shop owner stopped him.

"I would like to apologize to you from my side. It was because of us that your time was wasted along with those people from other worlds. Please don't inform about what happened here to His Majesty," the Shop Owner told Long Chen apologetically.

Seeing the concern on the shop owner's face, Long Chen thought of something that he could utilize for his advantage here. If he could succeed, he was going to gain a big advantage.

He looked straight at the man, but there he only seemed apologetic. He said, "This... You know I am the medium between His Majesty and our guests. It's my responsibility to inform him about what happened."

"I, of course, I know. But this isn't much, right? I made up to the guests for what happened here. They seemed satisfied with my response as well. How about I make up for you as well? There are many great talismans here. Take one as a gift from me," the man told Long Chen.

Long Chen wanted to laugh out loud. He didn't even have to bring this topic of gift. The man himself brought this topic.

"This... Are you trying to bribe me? How can I take a bribe?" Long Chen let out, refusing the offer.

"Not at all. This is not a bribe but a gift from a friend to another friend. Please, I would feel offended if you don't take my gift. Please take one," the shop owner insisted.

Long Chen looked at the gate before he looked back at the man. "Fine. If you're insisting so much, I'll take one as a gift from a friend." He agreed.

"Good. Which one do you want? Select any. That would be my gift from you," The man said.

Long Chen nodded his head. He looked at all the talismans that were on display.

"Since I am in a hurry, I won't go into details. This one looks good. Just give me this. I need to catch up to our guests outside as well," He said as he selected the green talisman. It was the same talisman that he had selected as the masked man previously. It was the talisman that utilized offensive properties of a talisman as well as the Teleportation talisman properties. 

"Good choice. It's certainly one of our best Talismans. Here, take it," the shop owner personally took out the green talisman and gave it to Long Chen. 

"Just tear the talisman to use it. It will activate instantly," he said while handing over the talisman to Long Chen.

Long Chen took the talisman and kept it in his storage ring before he left the shop after thanking the man.

He looked around, trying to find the people who seemed to have gone missing in such a short time.

After some looking around, he managed to find them in a shop that was selling food. The four of them seemed to be tasting the strange delicacy of the Royal City that was its specialty. It was the same strange dish that the third Prince had fed Long Chen when they first met him.

Even though Long Chen found it strange, the Prince and others seemed like they found it tasty. The guests at the moment were also liking it. Was he the only one who didn't like it? How could everyone else like something like this?" He thought as he walked towards the shop. 

"What took you so long? Were you collecting his ashes? Are you really our guide, or are we your guide? How can they give us such a useless person?" The blue-haired girl once again sarcastically complained as Long Chen caught up to them. 

"Sorry, I had some matters to attend to. You basically had one man kill his worker. There are many things that need to be handled after thinking that. Don't worry, I took care of everything," Long Chen answered, making stuff up.

"Whatever," the girl replied as if she wasn't interested in what he had to say. 

After they finished eating two plates each, the girl gazed at Long Chen.  "Pay the man."

As these people were guests here, they certainly didn't have the money of this world. So the one who was assigned to escort them was supposed to pay.

Fortunately, Long Chen had taken the storage ring of the Royal Guard whom he had killed. That also made him the owner of the money that was in the ring. If it was before this, he didn't even have a single coin in this world, but now he had some money, so it wasn't tough for him to pay.

He paid the person.

The rest of the day was spent with him, showing the people around the city. As he himself didn't know much about the city, he made most of the stuff up, sure that no one was going to notice anything. 

He also talked to them casually once in a while, trying to get information out of them.

"I heard there is a world that has an Empire with the same name as ours. Do you know about such a world?"  Long Chen asked after some time of trying to get in the good books of the guests.

"Of Course... Do you really think we wouldn't know? I am a Princess. The knowledge I possess about various worlds is something that you can't even think about. The strongest contenders in this tournament are going to be from one such place," the girl said casually.

"Oh? Which world is that?" Long Chen asked. "Are those guys here too?" 

"Nah, that Empire is pretty pathetic. Even though it's a world that is the strongest contender for the first rank, that Empire personally is pretty trash. They only had one Prince and a Princess. The Prince ran away with a commoner and the Princess also supposedly ran away," the blue-haired girl answered. 

"Of course, they can't take part. Instead, the strongest Empires of that world are collaborating in the form of their three-person team," she continued.

"Oh? Which Empires from that place are sending their members?" Long Chen asked again.

"Uhmm, I think the Qiandi Empire's Princess is coming. She is the girl who was supposed to be married to the Esteria Prince of that world before he ran away. I know a lot about her since she's said the strongest opponent this time," the girl answered.