Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 970 - 970: Promise

"Shut up, you idiot. Stop messing around!" Long Chen couldn't help but chide the Snake Monarch as he saw him constantly mocking the leader of the guards. 

Here, he was trying to make a good impression, and this Snake was trying to cause a full-blown war with the guards at the first meeting. He needed to stop this guy

"But I'm only telling the tru-" 

"I don't care. It's no time for you to talk about your nonsense. Keep your mouth shut!"

The Snake Monarch tried to answer Long Chen, who didn't even let him finish.

The Snake Monarch couldn't help but pout as he rolled his eyes. He was angry at Long Chen, but he decided to listen as he closed his eyes. 

The white-haired man was still glaring at Snake Monarch but watching Long Chen scold this foul creature gave him a good impression of Long Chen and made him think that Long Clen was right when he said this guy always talks nonsense. He could see it on Long Chen's face. 

"Hmph, I'm willing to be a bigger man and not keep the stupid words of a stupid beast above your heads," the White Haired man told Long Chen as he nodded his head in acknowledgment. 

"So back to the main topic, why did you approach the Royal Palace of Esteria?" he further asked. 

"I'm here to meet His Majesty. I have some information about Princess Mingyu's whereabouts. Please let me meet him fast," Long Chen told the Royal Guards in full seriousness.


"Princess Mingyu's whereabouts?"

"What does he mean?"

"She went missing so long ago. Did he find her?"

The Guards started talking amongst themselves in disbelief as they heard Long Chen. 

Even the white-haired man himself was shocked. His mouth remained open as he found it hard to form words.

That girl... She was found?

It's been so long since she went missing. They all thought that she was kidnapped and killed by their enemies. But to hear she was alive, he was overwhelmed. 

"S-she is alive?" he asked after a long time, still stuttering. 

"That's right. She's not only alive but perfectly safe. So please take me to your Emperor. I want to tell him everything," Long Chen answered. 

"Why should we believe you? What if you're an assassin who just wants to get close to His Majesty to assassinate him? Tell us where she is, and we'll tell His Majesty!" the White Haired man told Long Chen. 

Even though he wanted to believe the man, he couldn't let Long Chen get close to the Emperor that easily. 

"I'm sorry, but Princess Mingyu sent me here herself. She is in danger, and if you don't let me meet His Majesty soon, she might even die. Stop delaying things," Long Chen insisted in urgency. 

"Please believe me. How can I even kill His Majesty when he's in your protection? I'll stay fifty meters away from him if that is what you want. Just let me talk to him. That's all I need. You all can keep him surrounded for his protection as well," he further added. 

"Why don't you tell us where she is if it is that urgent? I swear on my life that I'll tell His Majesty your exact words," the White Haired man let out as he refused to budge. "You're the ones making unnecessary delays, not me."

Long Chen shook his head repeatedly. 

"I can't tell you. Princess Mingyu made me promise that I'll only tell about her to her father. She said that she doesn't trust others and under no situation should I tell others."

" I'm already breaking some rules by telling you that I know about her. Please don't make me tell you more because I can't. I don't intend to break my promise!"

Long Chen and the white-haired man seemed to be at a tough spot. None of them agreed to give up. Long Chen couldn't because he wanted to surprise Mingyu by bringing her out in front of her father. 

If he didn't have to do that, he could have called her out right now to prove his words and make the men bow before her. There was still some chance that they might have doubted her and thought she was impersonating the Princess. 

A father would know her better, and he could find out that he was his real daughter. It was better to have it that way. It saved them from jumping through a lot of loops.

The White Haired leader of the guards went into deep thought. He could feel that Long Chen wasn't going to give up, and this made sense since he had supposedly promised Princess Mingyu.

He took a deep breath before he sighed. "Fine! I'll make you meet His Majesty. But you must wait outside while I go inside to inform him and arrange other things for his security."

"I accept." Long Chen nodded. 

"That's good," the white-haired man acknowledged. 

He looked back at his men and commanded, "You all stay here and keep an eye on this guy. I'll be right back."

"Make sure there are no mistakes," he added before he flew back. 

Long Chen and the guards stayed behind, watching each other. 

A period of silence followed through, which lasted for a few minutes only to be broken by the Snake Monarch. 

"I feel better now that I don't have to constantly see that guy's face. I had to control myself so much. I wasn't lying, though. That guy really should shave his mustache. It doesn't suit him. Am I right?" he asked, but his question wasn't for Long Chen this time. He was asking the guards that were left behind.

The guards couldn't help but look at each other. Some of them even burst into laughter. 

"I think he does need to shave. It doesn't suit him," one of the guards let out. 

"Man, it was about time someone told him the truth. None of us could tell him because he's our leader. You for him what we all wanted to say," Another guard laughed out. 

"That's right. Our leader doesn't have any sense of awareness at all," A third guard chimed in. 

One after another, guards kept voicing in support of the Snake Monarch's sharp take, which boosted his who even more.

"See? I told you that I don't talk nonsense! I proved it. Even they all agree that I was right. It's only you that talk nonsense. I only tell the truth," 

"You only tell the truth? As if I'll believe that." Long Chen let out.