Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 922 - 922: Without Mask

Mingyu saw the portrait of the man and grew shocked. It looked like she just saw a ghost. She froze in place as she stared at the portrait.

"This? How do you have this portrait?" She asked as she hastily took the portrait from Long Chen.

"So I was right. Is he Tricion Prince that killed your brother?" Even though her reaction had already made everything clear, Long Chen still asked to confirm.

Mingyu's face was already pale as past memories about her brother kept flooding her head. The sight of her dead brother kept attacking her head. She doesn't shake off those visuals from her head. Her eyes grew wet.

Long Chen felt like he shouldn't have don't this like this. He should've been more subtle. It was because of him that Mingyu was being plagued by those memories again that she had hardly managed to place behind her.

He stepped closer to Mingyu and took the portrait from her hand, and sent that in her Ancient Ring. He instantly hugged her firmly. 

"Don't worry. It's all in the past. Don't think about that anymore. Just think about the future and how you'll kill that guy with your own hands," he said softly in her ears as he rubbed her back with his hands gently.

Mingyu felt the warmth in his embrace and calmed down a little. She took deep breaths to control her irregular heartbeats as she closed her eyes. She started trying to divert her mind from history and instead thought about the future and what she wanted to do.

"You want to kill him, don't you?" He asked softly.

"Yes. I want to send him straight to hell with my own hands from where he should never return," Mingyu replied weakly as she also embraced Long Chen tightly with her arms wrapping around him.

"Good. That day isn't far," Long Chen said.

"Where did you get that portrait?" Mingyu asked softly.

"I made it myself," Long Chen answered.

Mingyu wondered how he could have made it. This seemed impossible. "You made it yourself? How did you manage to do it? I did describe how he looked, but that shouldn't be enough to make his portrait to such perfection. It seems as if..."

"As if I saw him myself?" Long Chen answered, finishing her sentence himself.

"What? Didn't tell me that you saw him?! Where exactly are we? Are we in the Tricion Empire now? Did you find ways to get to my world?" Mingyu kept asking questions one after another. Her questions only increased with time. 

"No. We aren't in the Tricion Empire, but I did see him," Long Chen answered.

Mingyu stepped back a few steps as she got out of his embrace. "How? He is here?"

"Yeah. There is going to be a competition of the world to decide some kind of ranking that will come with an advantage. The team from your world seemed to also be here," Long Chen answered.

"From what I found, the Qiandi Princess and the Tricion Prince are here. There is one more guy in the team who I don't know about," He continued. 

"Where! Tell me where they are!" Mingyu said strongly.

"Don't be in such a haste. We can't be in a hurry. He would certainly die and suffer, but that isn't now. This is such a good opportunity to solve most of our troubles. We can't let it go to waste." 

Long Chen refused to answer. He knew that if he answered, Mingyu might actually try to go to that guy to kill him. That was not only impossible right now but also not a good plan. They were in the Palace of the Strongest Being in this world. If they made a mistake, they would not even know how they died. Every step was needed to be deliberate and carefully selected.

He closed in the distance between him and Mingyu.

Reaching out his hand, he patted her head gently. "I promise, in two days, that guy would be in your steps at your mercy. Wait for two days only and don't ask anything until then. I'll tell you everything after that." 

Mingyu gazed into Long Chen's serene eyes. She could never doubt these eyes that were filled with determination and confidence. She knew that he wouldn't lie to her. If he said it, then unless anything drastic happened, he would fulfill his words. 

"I will wait." Mingyu agreed.

"My good girl. I only wanted to confirm if he was the guy. Now that I know, you can go back. Leave the rest to me now. I will handle everything."

Mingyu nodded and hugged Long Chen. "Make sure you are safe. I don't want to lose you in this quest for revenge. If you can't do it safely, step back. Don't risk yourself."

"I won't. I will never jump into death, at least not knowingly. You can be assured of that at least," Long Chen said softly as he smiled.

"Rest assured inside the fake World. You will be getting a big gift in a day or two," he let out before he kissed her lips gently. It was only after a long kiss that he sent Mingyu back.

He stood alone in the room after Mingyu was sent back to the Fake World. 

He brought out the portrait from his ancient ring again and gazed at the face on the portrait.

"Little guy,  you just had to come before me with a key to reach your world. I should thank you for that, but you are also the person who made my girl sad. That's a crime worth thousands of deaths itself. Enjoy the time you have left in the palace itself.  Because you won't be going back alive," Long Chen muttered.

He sent the portrait back in the storage ring and left the room.

As his mind was being occupied by the man he wished to kill, he forgot something crucial before leaving. The mask of mischief was left behind on his bed itself. He was not disguised at the moment. He was in his original face as he stepped out of the room.

He didn't know it was this way. He still thought that he was disguised as a Royal Guard as the clothes were of the Royal Guard. Only the face was different, but he had no mirror to see. He would have realized how big of a blunder he made if he wasn't so immersed in his thoughts 

He stepped out of the room and started walking towards the depths of the Royal Palace in slow steps. The trials were supposed to start soon.