Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1079 - 1079: Talisman

Wu Lia and Long Chen were going for a big clash at the start, but the outcome was certainly different than what Long Chen had expected. 

Because of Wu Lia's scheme, he had appeared behind Long Chen, dodging the direct confrontation. 

The outcome of the clash and tricks resulted in Long Chen's heart being impaled from the back, but Wu Lia didn't look happy. Instead, Wu Lia was stunned as he hastily tried to dodge. 

The being he had stabbed wasn't Long Chen, and that became clear as the spear destroyed the illusion after passing through it. 

There was actually no one standing there. He had impaled only empty air, which clearly meant that Long Chen was behind him at the moment. 

That theory was once again confirmed as he felt a killing intent coming from behind him. 

Wu Lia knew he had made a mistake. In an effort to fool Long Chen, he had forgotten that Long Chen was an even bigger bastard when it came to schemes. Putting down his defense was stupid. 

Just at the moment of his realization, a Sword was coming from behind him, ready to slice his neck. 

It also happened to be the time when the flame dragon and that thunder clashed with each other. Even though the thunder was created by the nature, the flame dragon seemed much superior since it opened its mouth and swallowed the thunder in its entirety. 

The thunder entered the flame dragon and seemingly created an explosion inside the dragon, which made the flames a bit weak, but the dragon wasn't destroyed. Instead, it continued flying above towards the dark sky, which was still cracking. 

The place where the battle between Long Chen and Wu Lia was taking place was already empty now. 

Initially, a few people had come out to see what was happening, but after seeing their Emperor being thrashed, they once again ran inside to take shelter, hiding themselves. 

The whole place seemed void of people, leaving the whole place for Long Chen and Wu Lia to fight. 

Even though this place was empty, the rest of the Royal City still has people on the streets or watching outside from their houses. 

They could see the dark skies, making them not understand what was happening here. Not long after, they also saw a dragon made of flames fly towards the sky.

"Mamma! Look, a dragon!" 

But only one, but everyone was fascinated by the dragon that seemed to have fought and won against the heavenly thunder. 

The Dragon didn't stop and continued flying above. It only stopped as it reached the sky, hitting the dark clouds, hiding inside the dark clouds.

For the next moment, nothing happened as everything returned to silence, but the silence didn't last long as they all saw the clouds being destroyed as they were swallowed by an even bigger cloud of flames. 

The strange phenomenon lasted in the sky for over a minute before everything disappeared, leaving a clear sky. 

It was still late evening, but everyone was on the streets, watching the sky as if some festival was taking place. 


As the clouds were destroyed, a blinding flash of light spread everywhere just when Long Chen's Sword was a few inches away from Wu Lia's heck. 

Time seemed to be going extremely slow, as if he could see everything happen in great detail. 

That was when the blinding flash happened, making him unable to see everything for a brief moment when the sword was supposed to make an impact. 

The sword kept moving without any resistance, which was surprising. There should have been at least a minute resistance as the sword cut the throat of Wu Lia. There wasn't any sound of Wu Lia's painful groan either. 

It was clear. He had missed the contact. Something had happened in the brief moment when he wasn't able to see anything. As for what had happened, he spread out his Divine Sense to know. 

As expected, Wu Lia had gone missing. He wasn't there. Long Chen had already expected that, so he didn't stop there and also stopped moving to dodge any potential attack. 

Fortunately, there was no attack on him. Instead, he actually found Wu Lia standing at some distance, rubbing his throat. 

"God, I can't believe you got so close to killing me. I really messed up for a moment there," Wu Lia said as he took a sigh of relief at survival. 

He could still feel a shivering inside his body that he had never felt before. It was the first time this has happened, as he felt as if he had actually seen death before coming back. 

Long Chen gazed at Wu Lia again, stunned at his response. He couldn't help but wonder what Wu Lia did. How did he get out? In one direction, his sword was coming. In another direction, his Spirit Sword was waiting. 

So he definitely didn't move, or he would be dead. What did he use? 

As he was wondering what had happened, he saw a piece of paper flapping in Wu Lia's hand. 

It was a red piece of paper that seemed to have a full formation carved on it. 

"A talisman?" Long Chen muttered as he gazed at a piece of paper that had slowly started disintegrating. It didn't take long before the entire talisman turned to smoke which flew away. 

"So he used a talisman? How was a talisman related to Teleportation work in a place where Teleportation is impossible? Some strange formation should be the key."

"Something that can make the effect of this large scale formation ineffective for a moment on that talisman."

Long Chen was able to form a few guesses about the method of escape. It was clear that this guy hadn't moved since Long Chen had left no path of escape. This guy certainly Teleported away at the last moment. 

It was either the work of the formation on that talisman that made it escape the bounds, or the dragon did something for a moment. There was also a chance that the blinding light had made the large scale formation ineffective for a moment. He knew it, and he used a talisman. 

"What happened to facing me? You're so strong. You have a higher Cultivation than me. You have great skills, and you have a handicapped enemy because of that scheme of a formation you placed in advance."

"And even after all that, you need to run away. Is that right?" Long Chen asked, mocking Wu Lia. "You were talking so big before, all for this."