Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1309 - 1309: I'll Disappear Too?

As the energy balls landed on the ground, they blew up explosively. 

Even the energy ball that was fired towards the old man blew up mid-air and blew up. The old man had already dodged the attack, but the bright explosion spread far and wide, which was exactly what the Blood Dragon Emperor wanted.

The Explosion worked to alert Zhu Chang, who had just finished taking out all the Dark Spirits. 

"If that's all you can do, then it's not much. It's time for you to die," The old man declared, commanding his men to catch the Snake. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor tried to avoid the enemies, at least until Zhu Chang could get here. In the meantime, he kept attacking, creating more and more explosions. 

Unfortunately, no attack landed on the target. Moreover, the teleporting enemies were becoming a bigger mess as he couldn't escape either.. No matter where he tried to escort, he found one of the enemies appear there.

At the moment, he was at the size of an ordinary snake since it was a harder target to hit. He didn't want to be too big and be hit easily. However, the small size also created a problem as one man appeared above the Blood Dragon Emperor and caught him by the neck. 

"Let's see where you run off too now," the man let out laughing. 

He started clenching his fist and choking the Blood Dragon Emperor. The Blood Dragon Emperor didn't fall short either, as he countered.

He knew that there was only one way to get out of this grasp since he couldn't teleport. He started getting bigger. 

As Blood Dragon Emperor started getting bigger, his body not only became longer but it also became thicker. Soon, his neck was higher than even the head of the man who was holding onto him. No one was able to keep their hold on him as he continued getting bigger. 

Soon, the Blood Dragon Emperor was as big as a real Dragon. Moreover, he also managed to shake off the enemies as he flew up. 

"Mam, their Teleportations are a mess. This Snake already had a limited amount of attacks, but even they can't work as these guys keep hopping everywhere," the Blood Dragon Emperor cursed, looking down at the enemies, which were close to a hundred now. 

They were spread everywhere. Some were standing on the ground while the others were in the air, surrounding him. 

As for the old man, he was still standing high in the sky, looking down. 

The old man sighed, shaking his head. "You're an intriguing beast, but this shall be all. Enough of playing around."

The old man raised his hand high in the sky before he clenched his fist. 

As soon as the old man clenched his fist, a prison made of lightning appeared around the Blood Dragon Emperor, imprisoning him. 

"Prison?" Blood Dragon Emperor exclaimed. He attacked the lighting prison to break it, but the attack was useless on the prison. He even tried hitting the lightning prison with his mighty body, but even that didn't work. 

Instead, it was his body that was injured. There were wounds all over his body that started bleeding. He even felt like he was electrocuted. 

Instantly realizing that the body he was inside was too weak to break this prison, he decided to take a different approach. He started becoming smaller to leave from the small gaps that were between the lightning bars. 

The old man noticed that. He simply scoffed as he clenched his fist even tighter. Soon, all the gaps in the prison disappeared, leaving no way for the Blood Dragon Emperor to escape. 

"You can't leave this place. You'll spend the rest of your life inside that cell,"The old man declared. "At least until we decided how to eat you!"

Hearing the old man and looking at his situation, the Blood Dragon Emperor started cursing his situation.

He cursed Zhu Chang even more though. "That idiot! Where is he when I need him? Throughout the way, he was running after adventure, but now that it's here, he's not here? That stupid!"

He even blamed himself a little for what was happening, but he placed most of the blame on others, including Long Chen thinking he should've been clever enough not to touch the box. 

"So what if I told him it was safe! Why did he have to listen to me? If I tell him to jump off a cliff and die, will he do it? That idiot! He should've been careful! It's all his fault I'm in a situation like this!"

"And that Zhu Chang-" 

"Hmm? What about that Zhu Chang?" An intrigued voice fell in the Blood Dragon Emperor's ears, but he wasn't the only one. Everyone else also heard that voice. 

Blood Dragon looked in the direction that voice came from, only to find Zhu Chang flying mid-air. 

"Why did you stop? Please continue," Zhu Chang let out, seemingly amused. 

"I-i-i..." the Blood Dragon Emperor found himself struggling for words now that Zhu Chang was actually here.

After a long time, he controlled himself. "I was just saying that these people wouldn't be so arrogant if you were here!"

Zhu Chang didn't dwell on it and shifted his attention to others. "Where is Long Chen? I thought you guys started the party without me? But now that I'm here, I find him missing.  Where did he go?"

"I don't know where he is! That old man used that box! As soon as Long Chen touched the box, he disappeared. Now I don't know where he is!" Blood Dragon Emperor exclaimed to Zhu Chang, informing him about the small box that was lying on the ground. 

Zhu Chang looked down and noticed the box that the Blood Dragon Emperor was talking about. 

"That box? I think I saw it before."

He floated down, landing before the box. 

The old man saw Zhu Chang, and he was a bit intimidated since the aura around Zhu Chang was even more scary than the aura of Long Chen. But even he didn't know that Zhu Chang was a Heavenly Beast and not a human. 

As soon as he saw Zhu Chang being attracted by the box, a smirk formed on his face. 

'That's right. Touch that box! Touch it right now! You'll be gone forever too! I don't want to face you, so please touch that box!' he thought in his mind, praying for Zhu Chang to touch the box. 

"Wait! Don't touch it! You'll disappear as well!"

The Blood Dragon Emperor warned Zhu Chang on the contrary. 

"You! Silence!" The old man yelled, tightening the prison even more so even the voice of the Blood Dragon Emperor couldn't leave. 

Unfortunately, it was too late. Zhu Chang had already heard it. 

"Hmm? I'll disappear too?"

He observed the box even more carefully. 

"Ah, I remember it now!" He soon exclaimed, recognizing the box.