Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 836 - 836: Appearance

Long Chen flew above the Heavenly Realm Cultivators, but there was no aura leaking out of him.

The Heaven Realm Cultivators under him didn't even realize that Long Chen was alive as they watched the destruction on the ground with smugness on their faces.

' Interesting. That sword attack contained the Essence of Sword. The flames contained the Flame Law. As for the Ice Spear, it seemed to be made using the Law of Ice. They have all comprehended the laws in varying degrees of mastery,' Long Chen thought as he saw the attacks. 

He gazed at the third man who was standing near the end. He thought, 'Since the ice was able to freeze even the flames created by the Law of Fire, this person have the highest Comprehension of his law.'

He had selected his target as well.

He raised his Sword of Time and hackled downwards towards the man that had thrown the ice spear. 

Feeling a sense of danger, the man immediately moved to the side without trying to turn back. 

He had managed to move at the right time, which helped him keep his life intact, however he failed to be completely untouched. Even though he wasn't cut in half like Long Chen intended to, he was heavily injured. His right hand was cut from the shoulder.  The hand started falling down and landed on the frozen flames.

A crack developed in the ice and started spreading. The cracks gave more air to the flames, which helped it rage again. The Ice that had frozen the flames started melting slowly. 

While the flames and the ice were fighting on the ground, another fight was taking place in the sky. Even though the first attack didn't manage to kill the ice user, Long Chen didn't give him any moment to breathe as he attacked again.

He slashed with his sword towards the man, who had barely managed to turn back.

"Frozen Protection!" The man used another Martial Skill, which made a thick ice wall appear in front of him to protect him from the sword.

Despite creating the frozen wall, the man didn't stop retreating as he didn't want to leave anything to chance since he wasn't certain how powerful Long Chen's attack was going to be. Even though his barrier was powerful enough to protect him from the full-powered attack of the Initial Heaven Realm cultivator like he found Long Chen to be, he still didn't have a feeling of ease.  

He kept retreating; however, the frozen wall didn't break.

"Watch out!" 

The other Heavenly Realm Cultivators suddenly called out to warn their friend, but they were too late. A black sword stabbed the back of the man. As the sword was pulled out, it left a big hole where the man's heart was supposed to be. 

The man lost his balance and started falling as his face turned pale. He didn't cry in pain or make any noise as he fell. He had already lost hope of surviving.  While he was falling, he managed to see the person who had stabbed them.

Long Chen was flying with a Heavy Sword that was covered in blood; still, the rust on the sword was clear. 

"Good skill," he muttered weakly. He was amazed that Long Chen could Teleport and more so because he did that without letting anyone sense him. He wasn't even able to feel Long Chen's attack like last time. His senses had failed him, or maybe Long Chen had attacked more effectively this time while he was distracted with the attacks.

The man's body smashed on the ground right when the other two Cultivators attacked Long Chen again.


The space became unstable as a Portal appeared in the middle of nowhere. The portal started widening until it was big enough for two people to step inside.

A young boy slowly walked out of the portal. As soon as he was completely out, the portal disappeared. 

The boy seemed like he was even younger than a teenager. A small coin-like token was hanging like a necklace from his neck. 

After stepping out of the portal, the boy stretched his arms.

"Haa, so this is the place where it happened. If that guy is to be believed, something happened here, which was enough to rattle destiny itself. Let's see what our young friend did after coming here. He isn't here as far as I know. It would have been good to see him," the boy muttered as he looked around. 

He saw a small village nearby. He started walking towards the village without any hurry.

As soon as the boy stepped inside the village, a faint smile appeared on his face.

"Blood. Very interesting," He muttered softly as he walked deeper into the village. 

He could see blood on the ground, but there weren't any bodies around.

It had been quite some time since the bodies were cleaned. I guess it was done by the town people," he talked to himself as he felt the presence of mortals inside the houses of the village.

He walked even further, following the trail of blood.

"Hmm, a single person killed the enemies here. It seems like it was a one-sided massacre. Even if it was Long Chen, for there to be signs like this, the enemies must not be really strong," he let out as he observed the blood drops and their pattern. He could also see what the eyes couldn't see, using his Divine Sense, which helped him visualize the past accordingly. 

As he continued walking, he soon reached the other end of the village. He stopped at the spot where Long Chen and Xu Liang had faced off. 

There were still signs of major destruction around. The houses that were destroyed still didn't get repaired. There were also craters and cracks in the ground.

" What do we have here, interesting. Very interesting. Why do I get a feeling that this has something to do with the mysterious realm? Do I really need to use my powers to see the past and the future? Sigh, I don't have much lifespan left anyway. Is it worth it?" the boy muttered.

"The enemy was someone way too powerful for even Long Chen, but I don't see any blood of that guy? How did that battle end? Sigh, I guess I will do it to satisfy my own curiosity," he continued as he spread his hand outwards.

A small wave of energy left his body and spread outwards. It seemed as if time had stopped wherever that energy wave passed through.