Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1100 - 1100: Gift

"That's right. What about him?" The old lady asked the first Envoy, curious what he was talking about. 

"I wanted to know, did he leave this Empire last month for some reason?" The first Envoy asked. 

"Ah, that's right. There was some conflict between the Prince Heir and the Emperor, which made the Prince Heir angry. He left while kidnapping the son of the Emperor," the old lady answered. "Why are you asking about this?"

"He kidnapped the son of the Emperor? Wasn't he his son-in-law? Why would he kidnap his brother in law? Was there a reason?" The Envoy asked. 

"Ah, it's because the Prince had falsely framed the Prince Heir of some grave crime. We all thought that the Prince Heir was guilty, even the Emperor. In anger, this happened. But the Prince Heir came back and proved his innocence," the lady said to Long Chen. 

"Oh? Thanks for the help. That would be all. You can leave," the Envoy said, letting the woman leave. He had received all the answers he needed. 

The old lady looked suspiciously at the Envoy, wondering who these odd looking people were. She had asked twice why they wanted to know about Long Chen, but they hadn't answered. 

"Why do you want to know about him?" She asked for the third time, but she didn't receive an answer even now. 

The Envoys completely ignored her as they continued walking away, seemingly lost in their own thoughts.

"Are you thinking the same thing as me?" The first Envoy asked the others as he rubbed his chin. 

"I believe so," the Second Envoy said. 

"This Long Chen, he was the son in law of this Emperor Lu. Till that point, everything was fine. Then the so-called framing happened, and Long Chen was forced to use his powers to leave. That is when his Heavenly Demon heritage was exposed to the Emperor," the First Envoy said. 

"He believed that Long Chen was wrong and that Long Chen had escaped. He contacted us with the information while hiding the information about Long Chen's relationship to him."

"It wasn't that the Heavenly Demon was scared of the Emperor and ran away. He was upset with the Emperor and left, but he didn't harm his father in law, probably because of his wife."

"He ultimately came back when he was calm and proved his innocence and started staying with the Emperor until another Enemy came to kill him, and this all happened," he said, finally finishing his accurate assumption. 

"The question remains, the Enemy that had come to challenge Long Chen was able to kill the Peak Saint Realm Emperor easily. Who was he?" The Third Envoy asked.

"Maybe he was another Heavenly Demon? A conflict between two people of the same side? It couldn't be a Heavenly Warrior, or we would have the information about it," the First Envoy said, frowning. 

"That's right. It's possible that two Heavenly Demon Bloodline members were here, fighting and destroying everything. And this is the result," he added. 

"Two two disappeared with the end of the battle, and no one knows where they go. There's no trail of destruction leaving the city. So it's impossible that they left while fighting. I think one of them was killed and the other one was left. And the one who left alive was certainly a Heavenly Demon," he said. 

"That's right. Now our mission is to find this Heavenly Demon," the Second Envoy said. 

The first envoy said as he nodded his head. He looked at the fifth Envoy because he said, "You, go back to the Immortal World and inform the Northern Emperor that the information about a Heavenly Demon appearing here is true. In the meanwhile, we would try to catch him if he hadn't escaped from this planet."

As the plan had started taking shape, the fifth man of the five men team departed from this place, going back to the Immortal World. 

As for the rest of them, they started following the trail of the Darkness, which came out of Long Chen's aura when he was in his Dark Sacrifice form. They could see this trail leaving the Royal City. 


A warm morning had arrived as Long Chen stepped out of the tent in slow steps. 

As for the ladies, they kept the tent and the rest of the items inside their storage ring, prepared to leave. 

Long Chen was saying his final goodbye to the old lady that had saved his life. 

"Alright, grandma. It's time for us to leave," he told the old lady as he held her weak hands. "Thank you so much for all the help you have given me."

"Don't thank me. I didn't do anything special. And in exchange, I got the company of new people for a few months who treated me like their family. This exchange was well worth it," the old lady answered Long Chen as a calm smile resided in her wrinkle filled face. 

From his storage ring, Long Chen brought another storage ring out, which he gave the old lady. 

"Grandma, here, this is a small gift. It has everything you might need. Medicine, good, a few treasures to sell in case you need and something to protect you as well," he said as he handed over the ring. 

"Wait, I don't need treasure and gold. What would an old lady like me even do with that?" The old lady asked Long Chen as she tried to refuse. 

"Don't worry, grandma. This ring is a gift. And it's useless to me anyway since the treasures in this ring are of no use to a strong cultivator like me. As for the gold, that is also useless since that gold is only valid in this Empire. I won't be returning to this Empire again, so I have no use for that. That's just a waste of space for me," Long Chen said, trying to express that losing these things was nothing to him. 

"As for the medicines, I'm a bit of an alchemist myself. So such a grade of medicine can be easily made by me. So don't worry," he added. "Accept the gift, or I would be upset."


A deep sigh escaped the lips of the old lady as she nodded her head. "Alright. I will accept it," she said.

"That's better," Long Chen said one last time before he turned back. "Once again, thank you for everything."

"Hopefully, we will meet again," he said before he called out the Snake Monarch. 

He had already talked to the Snake Monarch previously, so the Snake Monarch didn't bother time as he started getting bigger.