Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1256 - 1256: Facing The General

'I'll come with you," Long Chen agreed to go with the Western General, knowing that he wasn't going to leave him alone. 

He was also slightly suspicious about the intent of the Western General. He didn't believe that this guy was inviting him out of the goodwill of his heart. There was certainly some other reason.

Long Chen remembered that the Western General was disappointed that Long Chen was only able to cause two booms. There was no way someone like that would suddenly change his mind to offer to make him the Inner Disciple of the Academy. 

Long Chen wondered if this guy knew about something. 

"Awesome. Let's go right now," the Western General said, smiling.

He placed his hand around Long Chen's shoulder as he started walking towards the stairs. 

The two of them left the Palace together. After leaving, the Western General called out his fierce flying beast before calling for Long Chen to sit on it. 

The two of them sat on the flying beast, which started flying in the direction of the Royal Palace. 

"The Royal Academy isn't in that direction, is it?" Long Chen asked, noticing where they were going. 

"I know. I just wanted to inform His Majesty about recruiting you. He's still the Emperor. He needs to know who I recruit based on merit," The Western General smiled. "Is there any problem?"

"Problem? None at all," Long Chen responded, not making this more than it had to be. 

He couldn't just say he didn't want to keep the Emperor. 

This was also what the Western General wanted. He wanted to test his theory. If Long Chen was actually the thief, he was going to have some hesitation about meeting the Emperor since he was going to be suspicious. 

He was actually right though. Long Chen was concerned about meeting the Western Emperor. It wasn't because he was the thief. It was because of the Saint King aura that he had around him. 

He could hide his aura, but for some reason, that subtle Saint King aura could still be sensed by Lord Glen. If it was possible for him, Long Chen knew that it was certainly going to be possible for the Western Emperor. 

"I'll get to meet the Emperor? It's going to be incredible. Thank you so much. I haven't seen him even once before," Long Chen exclaimed, excited. 

The Western General couldn't help but wonder if he was really excited or just showing off. 

"I'm sure he would feel the same way," the Western General said, smiling. 

"Are we really meeting the Emperor? Won't he find out who you are?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen, using his thoughts.

"He certainly will, but that's only if we get there. Who says we're going to?" Long Chen replied, smiling. 

Long Chen was sitting right beside the Western General, looking at him. Soon, he stood up and walked behind the Western General. 

Despite Long Chen moving behind the Western General, the Western General didn't say to notice it for some reason as he was under the effect of Long Chen's law of illusion. 

He still believed that Long Chen was standing right beside him even now. 

Long Chen stood behind the Western General on the beast that seemed to be flying through the clouds.

"Are you really going to kill him?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen. 

Long Chen simply nodded as he prepared to attack. He didn't want the Western General to be alert so he couldn't bring out any powerful artifact to attack. 

The Western General had a really high cultivation, so he could sense even the slightest of aura disturbance in his surroundings. 

Since Long Chen was using Heaven's Shroud from the start to hide his cultivation and aura, Western General didn't notice anything strange even when he had an illusory Long Chen sitting beside him. 

After arranging himself in proper position by placing his finger only a few inches away from the neck of the Western General, he made a Qi Knife come out of his finger.

As soon as the Qi Knife came, the Western General noticed something, but it was too late. Long Chen's finger was already too close to the neck of the Western General. Within a second, it penetrated the neck of the Western General. 

As a Qi Knife passed through the neck of the Western General, his eyes opened wide. A powerful Qi blast came out of his body, attacking everyone who was near him. He didn't want to die alone. 

The Qi Blast didn't hit Long Chen, though. He teleported right at the last moment under the massive beast. 

After the Qi Blast passed, Long Chen once again teleported on top of the beast, watching the Western General struggling to eat a healing pill, but he wasn't able to do that because it was his throat that was impaled. 

Seeing Long Chen appear near him, he grabbed his throat with one hand to stop the bleeding before attacking Long Chen with the other hand.

"Is that supposed to work?" Long Chen asked, teleporting once again, dodging the attack. He didn't need to hurry attacking since he already took care of that. 

As he impaled the throat of the Western General, he didn't forget to inject a little bit of poison in his Qi. The position had started taking effect, and the Western General wasn't able to swallow the pill either. He simply saw his body get weaker with each passing second. 

He couldn't believe what had happened. When he saw Long Chen, he thought that he was Glaze who stole inside the Royal Palace. He never believed Glaze to be so stealthy that he could put his life at risk. 

To have achieved this without being caught and while avoiding his perception was shocking.

He didn't realize that the reason Long Chen was able to avoid his perception was partially because of his unique skills. Still, it was mostly because of the fact that he had similar cultivation to the Western General. That was also why his Illusion worked so well on the Western General.

The Western General dropped, struggling to breathe. He couldn't even speak, but he was still able to tell his beast to fly fast and to get to the Royal Palace. He believed that if he could hold on until then, the Western Emperor could heal him. 

On the other hand, if he didn't get there, he was sure he was going to die. 

"Hoping to go somewhere?" Long Chen asked, appearing above the Western General. Holding his sword, he thrust it down, attacking the Western General. 


A massive flying beast reached near the Royal Palace.