Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1162 - 1162: Inside The Clan

"These Eagles are not bad. Don't worry," Long Chen answered. 

"Wait! Sister Lin, I sat behind you. Where will I sit if these two sit with you?' Gu Ren protested.

"Sit with Wen. You two can share. I'll take the guests," Gu Lin replied sharply as she sat on the Dark Eagle. 

Long Chen and Ji Shan also sat on the same eagle behind her. Even though the Eagle was very big, it seemed to only be big enough for three people to sit. So the three of them had to adjust slightly. 

Long Chen's knees touched Gu Lin's back as he sat behind her, facing the other direction. 

Ji Shan also took a similar position as his shoulders clashed with Long Chen. 

"I apologize for the lack of space. Generally, only two people sit on an Eagle. We didn't know we would meet you here; otherwise, we would have brought more," Gu Lin told Long Chen apologetically as the Eagle started flying towards the city.

"It's fine, don't worry about it," Long Chen responded as he tried to distract his mind from the fact that his legs were touching the butt of Gu Lin. He could even feel the softness that made him distracted. 

As the Dark Eagle moved its wings, its back also moved slightly, making Long Chen's knees rub against Gu Lin's butt. 

He couldn't help but start feeling aroused. He had gone through a powerful trial. His entire body was filled with yang energy, and it had also been a long time since he had sex. He was slightly aroused. 

'Pathetic! I'm really pathetic! Is this enough to affect me?' Long Chen thought as he closed his eyes and started thinking about other things, but as he closed his eyes, his mind went to his touch even more. 

Some very evil thoughts were coming into his mind against his will as he imagined how good it would have been if he could just take Gu Lin into his arms right now and do it. 

He again opened his eyes as he shook his head, wondering what was wrong with him. Sure, Gu Lin was very beautiful and even hot, but he had seen many hot ladies. He had more control generally. Why now, then? 

'Could it be because of all the energy I absorbed?' Long Chen asked, frowning. 

The eagle soon entered the massive city and landed in the Gu Clan, which seemed to be pretty high profile. The area that this clan covered wasn't any less. 

Ji Shan and Long Chen got off the Eagle after Gu Lin. 

Gu Lin escorted Long Chen to her father, who was the Clan Master of the Gu Clan. 

She knocked on the door of her father's room once before she stepped inside the room. 

As Long Chen entered the room behind Lin, he noticed a bearded man sitting on a chair with a book in his hand.

"Lin? Who are these youngsters?"  He asked Lin.

"Father, they aren't youngsters. They are great masters. They were passing through our forest and we misunderstood them as thieves. Fortunately, they had mercy on us and didn't hurt us. We invited them to our clan as an apology," Gu Lin explained to her father. 

From her tone, her father understood a few things. She wouldn't have talked like that if these people weren't strong. In fact, if they were weak, she would have scolded them for infiltrating their forest. 

Even if they were slightly strong, the forest was surrounded by their guards. Moreover, the name of Gu Clan itself was enough in the area. She wouldn't be talking about them so respectfully.

That could only mean they were strong.

The man tried looking at Long Chen's cultivation only to be disappointed. He couldn't see his cultivation. He could only see Ji Shan's cultivation which he found pathetically weak. 

"Great Master, may I know your cultivation or your identity?"  The man asked Long Chen. 

"You don't need to know my cultivation. Just know that I can destroy this entire city in one hour if I want," Long Chen replied vaguely. 

His words sounded informative, but they were also threatening, showing the man that he shouldn't dig deep as he wasn't worthy. 

But the man also couldn't step behind. What if Long Chen was pretending, and he was actually weak? He needed to test. 

"I am Gu Wang. The current master of Gu Clan. I would like to welcome you to our clan. Also, I would like to thank you for forgiving our naive kids. Please allow us to host you tonight," the Clan Master told Long Chen respectfully. 

Even though he was suspicious about Long Chen, he needed to be careful. If Long Chen was actually strong, he could invite disaster. In any case, it was just about one day. He could host them instead of taking risks. 

"We appreciate your welcome," Long Chen answered, smiling. He could read the thoughts of the man. He understood everything. 

"Lin'er? Show them the guest room. They must be tired after such a long trip," Gu Wang told Gu Lin, who nodded as she escorted Long Chen and Ji Shan. 

She brought the two of them to the guest room, where she left them before she came back to her father.

"Lin, are you sure that they are actually not liars?" Gu Wang asked Lin. 

"Yes, Father. When Gu Ren offended them, that man released his aura, forcing Gu Ren to his knees. I felt that aura too, and I can say for sure, it was multiple times stronger than yours. I believe he's not from this region since he's too strong to be from here," Gu Lin answered.

"That's true. I guess we should really make a good impression on them," Gu Wang said, rubbing his chin. 

"Father, I was also thinking something. What if we get them to come with us tomorrow? If they decide to help us, we can receive a lot of resources in the division this year," Gu Lin suggested. "That's also one of the reasons I brought them here."

"That's true, but why would they even help us like that? We're insignificant to them?" Gu Wang asked.

"We can always try. Maybe we can give him something he finds useful? There's no loss in trying. In any case, it'll just take his flick of a finger to finish everything," Gu Lin answered. "Moreover, the Royal Clan is also coming. If they see a strong master with us, they'll think we have some high reach too."

"That will increase our prestige in their eyes, and they'll think twice before doing anything against us. Also, they'll certainly say yes to letting their Princess marry Gu Ren after that," She further said.