Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1160 - 1160: Releasing The Aura

"Be careful when you call her out. We already know she is special, and keeping her out will attract powerful enemies. So don't keep her out for more than ten minutes to be safe," Xun reminded Long Chen as she realized what he was going to do. 

"Don't worry. I know that much. She's a mythical beast known as the Ancient Myriad Beast. I haven't forgotten. I'll keep it short," Long Chen said as he brought little snow out as well. 

Little Snow was still in the form of an Ethereal Moon Cat even now, despite having the ability to take the shape of any beast, even a real dragon. She liked staying in the cozy cat form that she had grown up in. 

As Little Snow came out, she straight jumped into Long Chen's arms, excitedly hugging him. It had been a long time since she actually saw Long Chen. To finally see him again, she was excited. 

"Little Snow, how have you been? I missed you so much, you cute little fluffy," Long Chen said as he hugged Little Snow. Even though he felt sad that he couldn't keep little snow with him always, but he felt happy to see the growth of Little Snow. 

For some strange reason, her progress was the fastest. While his other beasts were at the Peak of Heaven Realm, little snow had crossed the Saint Realm. She was an Earthly Saint now. 

"Enjoy the pond for the moment. It's the beach party for you all," Long Chen said as he freed Little Snow, letting her snow in the water. 

All the beasts started having fun in the pond while some even threw water at others. 


Only five minutes had passed since Long Chen had called out Little Snow when he heard some footsteps. 

He spread out his Divine Sense to see who or what was approaching them, only to find a rabbit advancing towards them.

"That's a rare rabbit. I haven't seen anything like that before. It must be something exclusive to the Immortal World.

It didn't take the rabbit long to get there as it landed before the pond, watching all the people inside. 

"The rabbit is actually pretty good. Do you want to tame it too?" Ji Shan asked Long Chen, noticing him looking towards the Jade Rabbit.

"Nah. The only special thing about it seems to be its good looks. Nothing else. I already have many tamed beasts. If I want another one, it'll have to be a really special beast," Long Chen answered as he shook his head.

The Jade Rabbit didn't stop that as it once again ran in a different direction, but it didn't stop there as five more people reached there, coming out of the bushes.

" It came in this direction," the woman who was in the lead said as she looked around. 

She soon noticed Long Chen and the others that were inside the pond. 

"Who the hell are you people? What are you doing in our land?"

Gu Lin asked Long Chen as she aimed their arrow at them. 

"Earthly Saint Realm? If I hadn't achieved even a single breakthrough after Saint Realm back home, even then, I wouldn't be scared, let alone now," Long Chen lazily answered. "So, young lady, I advise you to lower your weapons. Don't do something you'll regret."

Hearing his words, Gu Lin understood that Long Chen was probably someone strong. He had so easily managed to see her cultivation while she couldn't see him. 

Moreover, there wasn't even a tiny bit of fear as he addressed her, even when she had the weapon. It showed that he was stronger than them. 

"How dare you talk such nonsense to Sister Lin! Keep your mouth shut and identify yourself!" Gu Ren let out as he raised his sword towards Long Chen. "Or it'll be you who regret."

"Another idiot, it seems," Long Chen muttered as he rolled his eyes. 

"Gu Ren, don't speak anything! Let me handle everything!" Gu Lin commanded Long Chen as she didn't want him to mess things up.

Their Elders weren't here. If Long Chen was really a crazy man and strong as he showed, they could easily end up dead there. She needed to handle things with care. 

Gu Ren looked at Gu Lin in disbelief. Why was she stopping him?

"This forest is the property of our Gu Clan. May I ask who you all are and what you're doing here?" Gu Lin asked Long Chen, who seemed to be the leader of this small group. 

"See? That's the tone you should use. Anyway, I'm Long Chen. I was walking past the forest when I noticed the pond and decided to take a shower inside. I didn't know this was private property. We'll leave after we're done with our shower," Long Chen answered. 

"In any case, it's not like I can steal anything from your forest. You can rest assured," He further said. 

"Oh right, ten minutes are about to be over," he suddenly let out without waiting for the answer of the woman. 

 "Beach Party over, guys! Time to go back. Hope you all enjoyed the rest."

Long Chen acted fast and sent Little Snow and the others back. Even though he could keep others out since he only needed to send Little Snow back, he didn't do so. He didn't want to be seen as Partial and upset little snow. 

"Alright, now that I'm done, where was I?" He asked Gu Lin after he finished. 

"Are you a beast tamer?" Gu Lin asked. 

"I guess you can call me that. I'm an all-rounder, after all: an artificer, an alchemist, a beast tamer, and even a frightening cultivator. Anyway, as I said, we're not here to steal anything. We'll leave as soon as we're done with our bath," Long Chen replied. 

"Nonsense! Your entire story is a lie? You were passing and didn't know it was private property? What an absurd lie. The guards of Gu Clan are all around the forest guarding it, and you say you didn't know!" Gu Ren yelled as he again raised his sword. 

"Cheh, this big won't learn. If that's what you want, then fine!" 

Even Long Chen was upset after being accused so many times. He raised his right hand as he released his absurdly powerful aura. 

"Kneel!" He commanded as his forceful aura flew like a wave towards Gu Ren. 

Gu Ren faced the tsunami of Long Chen's aura, which brought him down to his knees even though he didn't want to. It seemed like a mountain was on his back, forcing him down to the ground.