Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1302 - 1302: Exposed


A loud scream left filled the forest, coming from Obuta, whose left hand was sliced from the shoulder. 

"What happened? Why are you crying now?" Long Chen asked, laughing. "Didn't you say that you have confidence in yourself? And that you weren't scared of death or pain? Man, you scream even louder than a kid."

"So much for someone who claims to not feel pain," he further added, laughing. 

"You! Stop mocking me, you bastard!" Obuta roared as blood sprayed everywhere, turning the pale green grass into red. 

Even the little girl was scared as she watched what had happened. She couldn't help but step back in fear initially. 

When she asked for Long Chen's help, she hadn't expected him to help her like this. He was basically killing her.. She only thought he would beat him a little, but not like this. 

After the initial fear, she gathered the courage and took a step forward. "Stop! What are you doing?! Free him!"

"I'm sorry, but I can't free him," Long Chen replied, shaking his head. "I promised to help you, and I will. And this is the only way. In any case, what do you think will happen if I free him?"

"He would just go back and inform the clan about this. He would also drag you through the mud, blaming you for aiding me and betraying the clan. I know people like him all too well. If I free him, he will get you killed. I can promise you that much at least," He further added. 

"At this point, his life would mean your death. And his death would mean your life!" Long Chen explained. 

"H-his death?" 

"That's right. He needs to die. Or at least that's what will happen if he doesn't hand over that stone!" Long Chen replied, raising the sword once again. 

"So, my dear Obuta. Do you still say that you're not scared of death? Because you must know. I won't only kill you, but I'll kill you in the most painful way possible," he warned the man who was groaning while being in his grasp. 

"I-i will never break!" Obuta roared, but his roar was soon intensified as the sword flashed once again, slicing his other arm too. 


"What happened? You keep saying that you're not scared of pain, but you keep screaming? How are things going to move forward like this? Come on; I still need to take off your legs now. You can't break now!" Long Chen let out, laughing evilly. 

"You bastard! You dare!"

"There's nothing that I don't dare, bro," Long Chen let out, placing his sword on the left knee of Obuta. 

"I'm going to count to three. If you want to survive, answer me now!" He warned Obuta. 

Seeing all the bloodshed, the girl was getting horrified. 

"Stop! I don't care what happens to me, but you can't harm him any more! You must free him right now! I don't want my toy!" She yelled. 

"Hah, girl. Did you really think we're doing this for you! We're here for the stone because we want it for ourselves! You think we'll listen to you?" Snake Monarch asked the girl, coming down from the tree.

Seeing him blurt everything, Long Chen grew visibly frustrated. He couldn't believe what a blabbermouth this guy was! He wanted to snack the blood dragon emperor's head in anger, but he didn't leave Obuta. 

"It was all a lie?" The girl asked, taken aback. She felt heartbroken. 

"Of course it was. Why would we help a stranger for no reason?! We wanted the stone, and now we have a way to get it! So stop interfering and stay behind if you don't want to be killed as well!" The Blood Dragon Emperor threatened the girl. 

"Enough! Stop talking this instant!" Long Chen finally snapped at the Blood Dragon Emperor who just didn't stop. 

The damage was already done though. The girl knew everything. She started stepping back, heartbroken. She has just helped some even people against her own clan? She was used by them?

"I-i will tell everyone!" The girl said, running towards the clan. 

"See what you did?" Long Chen roared at the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"Don't worry; I can stop her. She's just a weak girl. And even though this body is weak, it's still at the peak of a mortal world's capacity. Moreover, after all this time in the body, I understand how to use it as well," Blood Dragon Emperor responded as he began flying after the girl. 

The running speed of the girl was slow, which allowed the Blood Dragon Emperor to overtake her easily. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor appeared before the girl, getting bigger. 

He became big enough to circle her entirely, trapping her in the middle. 

"Look, girl, I'm not looking to hurt you. We only want the stone, and after that, we'll leave. You'll get that man back safely if he answers us. But if you don't stop, you'll be dead. So just keep that in mind!" he informed the girl. 

"You are all evil!" The girl yelled. 

"Little girl, it's not that we're evil. It's just that you're too naive. It's the whole world that is evil. If you thought otherwise, you were an idiot!" The Blood Dragon Emperor responded. 

"Now be a good girl and stop moving!" he further added, frowning. 

"I regret helping you," the girl let out as she started crying again. "You shall die!" 

"Hah, and who's going to kill us? You?" The Blood Dragon Emperor asked, laughing. 

"No, I."

Just as the Blood Dragon Emperor was laughing, an old-sounding voice came from behind. The Blood Dragon Emperor frowned as he turned around. 


He was able to see an old man standing behind her. He didn't even realize when the man closed in on him, which was a testament to his strength. Moreover, he was also from the clan of the lady. It was evident that he was strong. 

"Patriarch!" The girl exclaimed, going down on her knees in respect. "I-i..."

"No need to explain, little girl. I'll get all the explanations from you later. But first, it's time to bring these intruders down. I suppose I should show them their rightful place in our farm."

"Old man, you are getting too arrogant here! Even the people thousands of times stronger than you used to beg this Emperor! Who do you think you are to show this Emperor his place? Let alone you; I can destroy your whole world if I wanted!" Blood Dragon Emperor retorted, enraged as well. 

He couldn't believe that someone was looking down at him like that.