Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1004 - 1004: Chances

"Come fast!"

Long Chen was standing in a daze as he saw the person who was calling to him. It was one of his friends in his previous life. The two of them used to study in the same class. 

This guy was here too?

Fortunately, Long Chen still remembered things from his second Life. He knew that he had come here after touching the Law of Destiny orb. Thus it probably wasn't real. 

'It should be like a recreation of my old world to help me comprehend the Law of Destiny, but how does it make me learn anything? Strange,' he thought as he started walking towards the man who was calling to him again and again.

In any case, he could only go along with it and see what Destiny had in store for him and how it was hoping to help him. 

"Man, what happened to you there? You just stood there like a broken statue. Don't tell me that you're having second thoughts now," the dark-haired man asked Long Chen. 

"Second thoughts about what?" Long Chen asked, curious.

Firstly, he needed to understand his situation to be able to do more things. 

"Second thoughts on your proposal. You proposed Lin just today. Are you having second thoughts about it!" the Dark Haired man asked. 

"Ah, Hu Lia. Can you tell me what date it is today?" Long Chen inquired, wondering if it was the same day where he had actually proposed to his crush. 

"Huh? What question is it? It's the 4th of March. " Hu Lia told Long Chen before asking, "Why?"

"It's nothin," Long Chen replied casually as he looked at his watch. It was confirmed that it was the same day. Moreover, it had only been an hour since he proposed to Lin. 

It was the time to leave the college. Last time, he had left this place at the same time and separated from Hu Lia. 

That's when he clashed with the thief that sent him to his death. 

'What is this stone trying to do? In any case, I won't die this time. Let's see what would have happened if I had survived," he thought as he started walking with his friends towards the exit of this place. 

"So, are you sure you're not having second thoughts? I mean, I do know that you like her, but it could just be a physical attraction too. Anyway, tomorrow is your date with her. I'm sure you'll get more clarification in your feelings by having a date with your new girlfriend," Hu Lia told Long Chen as he patted his shoulder. 

Long Chen casually nodded his head. 

In his last life, he didn't even have the opportunity to go on a first date before he died. I found it disappointing. Was this stone giving him the opportunity to experience that? In any case, it was as if his old wish might come true in this life even though it wasn't real for him. 


"Alright. This is where I'll separate. Best of luck for the date, bro."

After some time, Hu Lia and Long Chen reached an intersection. This was the place where they had separated last time. 

"Thanks. I'm sure I'll have some luck this time," Long Chen replied as he waved his hand while he walked in a different direction from his men. 


Long Chen was walking on the same road where he had died last time. However, unlike last time, he was more prepared now. 

He calmly walked, waiting for the thief to come like last time. 

"Stop! Thief."

As he had expected, he heard a shout from behind him. 

In his mind, Long Chen already knew everything. He went through this last time as well. So he knew exactly how long he had and from which direction the man was going to come from. 

He even knew how many seconds he would take. 

Clenching his body, Long Chen prepared to attack without even looking back. 



He kept counting under his breath; however, just as he reached near one, he moved to his left, kicking at a specific angle. 


His kick seemed to hit right between the legs of the men, making him cry out in pain as he dropped to the ground, holding his balls. The pale-faced man was finding it even hard to breathe as he laid on the ground. 

"This is what I should have done last time, too," Long Chen muttered, gazing at the man who was lying on the ground. 

It was the same thief that had killed him previously. 

He took the purse from the hand of the thief and gave it to the woman who it belonged to before he kicked the man again, making him lose consciousness. 

"Did you call the police?" He asked the woman, who shook her head. 

"Call the cops. He shouldn't wake up before their arrival, but still, I'll tie his hands so even if he does, he won't be able to do anything," Long Chen said as he looked around. 

He picked up a stray wire that was lying nearby and used them to tie the hand and the legs of the thief before he started leaving. 

"Hey, wait!"

"What?" Long Chen inquired as he turned back. 

"You saved my purse. I should thank you for that," the woman told Long Chen before she opened her purse. 

She brought out a single coin and tried to give it to Long Chen, who looked at her weirdly. 

He had saved her money, and that woman was giving him a coin? Did she think he was a beggar or something? Just how shameless was this woman?

Even though he didn't wish for a reward, but still, this was weird. It was better for her not to offer anything than to offer a coin. 

That made him feel even worse. He had lost his life for a single coin? 

"Keep it to yourself. Have a candy or something from my side," he told the woman sarcastically before he left. 

The woman gazed at him in a daze for a few moments. 

"Hmph! What a rude boy!" She snorted after a long time as she rolled her eyes.


Long Chen reached him home that looked just like he had remembered it. It wasn't the most luxurious house in the three neighborhoods, but to him, it was better than any palace he had seen. 

Now that he stood before his house, he even seemed a bit emotional. 

He wanted to meet his parents for so long. Even though it wasn't real, at least he had one more opportunity. 

It was a life that he could have led but never got the opportunity to live.