Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1271 - 1271: The Plan

"He then sent us here, saying that you'll help us," the woman replied. 

"Freed you from the Dark Tribe prison? Don't tell me he already attacked that place?" Mimi asked, shocked. How fast was that guy? Not only did he already reach the Northern Empire, but he also infiltrated that place?" Mimi asked, surprised. "I hope he isn't caught by the Dark Tribe."

"Not infiltrated, he openly entered that place and annihilated the entire Dark Tribe," The woman answered. 

"Annihilated the Dark Tribe?" Mimi's mouth opened slightly. "Are you sure?" 

"I'm sure. He killed the Dark Tribe Leader right before my eyes," the woman answered. 

"What about the Northern Emperor? How is he now? Did he manage to escape after destroying the Dark Tribe?" Mimi asked, concerned. 

"He wasn't trapped. And I don't think he was concerned about the Northern Emperor. It didn't seem like anyone knew what had happened in the Dark Tribe. That man... is too powerful," the lady replied, sighing. 

"He is a really great man. He could've just left after killing the Dark Tribe members, but he stayed and helped us escape that hell. We all owe our lives to that great man," she continued. 

"That's true. He's a great man indeed," Mimi agreed, still unable to believe that Long Chen had finished such an important mission so easily. 

He had completely destroyed the Dark Tribe, all while not letting the information of this attack leak at all. That was already amazing in itself.

"Why were you in the prisons of Dark Tribe? And you said 'us'. Exactly how many of you were there?" Mimi asked. 

"There were hundreds of us. The others are waiting outside the Palace. Only I was allowed to come in. As for how we were there..."

The woman went silent, not knowing how to speak it. 

"Don't worry, speak. There's nothing to worry about anymore. No one can hurt you," Mimi comforted the lady, who ultimately nodded and started telling everyone.

As Mimi heard what the Dark Tribe was doing, her face turned pale. They were actually doing this? They were destroying clans and taking away the ladies of those clans for this...?

She already hated the Dark Tribe for what they did. She didn't believe she couldn't be any more disgusted by them than she already was, but she was proven to be wrong. 

 By the time that lady finished telling her plight, her eyes were filled with tears.

"I am extremely sorry for what happened to you. I can't even imagine how it must feel like, but I'll promise you. No matter how your past was, your future would be different. As the Princess of the Western Empire, I'll help you settle in the Western Empire!" Mimi declared. 


"I don't understand. Why did you send those ladies to the Western Empire? Soon, that Blood Dragon Emperor will come and destroy the entire Immortal World."

"In any case, those ladies can't have a good future. Everyone is going to die, right? Why didn't you send them to your Inner World instead?" Snake Monarch asked, frowning. 

"You're wrong. The Immortal World won't be destroyed. I'm sure of that," Long Chen responded.

"How can you be sure of that?" Snake Monarch asked, frowning. "Didn't that Glen guy say that the Immortal World is going to be destroyed?"

"He was wrong. Because he forgot to consider one very important thing," Long Chen replied. 

"What did he forget to consider?" Snake Monarch asked.

"He forgot to consider me. This world won't be destroyed as long as I'm here," Long Chen explained. 

"Don't tell me you want to be a hero and save this world? You can't even take on the human Emperors. How can you take on the Blood Dragon Emperors who can mop the floor with the Emperors?" Snake Monarch asked, rolling his eyes. 

"It's not because I want to be a hero. My reason is different," Long Chen let out, shaking his head. 

"What reason do you have then?" Snake Monarch asked. 

"It's because I want to tame the Blood Dragon Emperor. I'm going to let him injure the four Emperors before killing them. As soon as my oath is complete, I'll get to taming the Blood Dragon Emperor," Long Chen explained. "That's why the world won't be destroyed."

"Why do you want to tame it?" Snake Monarch asked. "Don't you already have a Blood Dragon? I don't think you should be greedy."

"I'm doing this for you, actually." Long Chen said. 

"For me? What do you mean?" Snake Monarch asked. 

"What I mean is very simple. I need a beast who is as powerful as the mythical beasts. A beast that can take me to the Heaven or the Demon team. From there, I can get to the phoenix world to get their blood," Long Chen started explaining. 

"The Blood Dragon Emperor is the best choice if I keep that in mind. A beast that can destroy the Immortal World would certainly be able to take me to the world above. I need this beast," he continued. 

"The question still remains. Can you actually defeat the beast? I know you tamed a Blood Dragon, but from what I heard, the Blood Dragons are like kids in front of the Blood Dragon Emperor!" Snake Monarch insisted.

"You don't need that beast to get to higher words. We have that statue. We can find the world traveling stone. You don't need to risk your life for it!"

"I'm not putting my life at risk. It's a calculated risk, and I've actually thought about it after hearing about your bloodline. I can't just stop in the Immortal World. At one time, I'll need to go to the Heaven to get stronger, but I can't without getting that beast."

"As for the world traveling stone, I don't think we can find it. I mean, think about it. That guy existed billions of years ago. After the civilization was destroyed and a new civilization came, that stone is long gone."

"That statue only knows where it used to be, but it doesn't know where it will be at the moment? Also, there's no loss in actually trying to tame the Blood Dragon Emperor. He would be a good boost to my strength, won't he?" 

"Have you already decided? You won't change your life?" Snake Monarch asked. 

"I won't," Long Chen replied. "It's the final decision."

"Fine! Do what you want. Don't come crying to me for help," Snake Monarch let out, rolling his eyes.

"I have a feeling that it won't come to that,"Long Chen replied, smiling wryly.