Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1222 - 1222: Punishment

The Sun Sect members were arrogant and very proud of their Sect. For them, hearing about someone who was going around while pretending to be their Sect Master, it was like an insult. 


The Elder didn't know what to say. He was stunned himself. That guy wasn't the Sun Sect Elder? In that case, who was he? He couldn't understand what was happening. Did he really misunderstand? 

It wasn't actually that Long Chen had pretended to be the Sect Master of Sun Sect. It's just that he had assumed it himself. 

He didn't know what to do. He couldn't just accept his mistake now. 

He wondered if he should really take these guys to Long Chen. They would certainly try to attack him. He also knew that these people had no chance. It wasn't as if they could beat Long Chen. 

'Wait! That's right! If I let them fight him, they will certainly get beaten badly! And then they'll call their Crazy Sect Master. That guy would certainly be able to kill him. That would be the best,' he thought as he smiled. 

"That's right. That bastard really had me fooled! If you hadn't told me the truth, I would still be thinking that he was your sect master. He certainly deserves punishment. But can you take care of him? He's really strong?" The Dark Moon Sect Elder said, trying to make the youngsters even more upset.

"It doesn't matter how strong he is! No one dares to mock our Sect! Just lead us to him, and don't waste time!" The youngsters raged.

"I'll show you his room. He still isn't back. And trying to find him like this will be hard. So why don't you just wait in front of his room? He should be back soon. It's much easier and faster than trying to find him, isn't it?" The Elder suggested. 

"Fine. Show us his room. We will see for ourselves," the youngsters said, nodding. 

The Dark Moon Sect Elder grinned as he started escorting the youngsters to the room of Long Chen. 

"This is his room. He should be back soon. You can wait outside," he told the Sun Sect disciples before he left. 

The youngsters waited in front of the room for Long Chen to return. 

As the Sun Sect disciples waited, time kept trickling away. It was only after ten minutes when one of them finally spoke something. 

"Shouldn't one of us go and inform the Elder about where we're waiting? He might get worried if we're not back in the room on time?" One of them asked. 

"Ah, that's right. In all this, we even forgot to tell the Elder. Go and tell him about this. We'll wait here," the leader of the ground let out, realizing about it just now. 

"Alright. I'll be right back."


Long Chen stepped inside the hotel and went straight towards the stairs. He had also brought the Snake Monarch out by now. 

"Are you still upset?" Long Chen asked as he climbed the stairs. It had been over ten minutes since he called out the Snake Monarch, but that guy hadn't spoken a single word until now. 

"Hmph," the Snake Monarch whimpered in anger. 

"Come on! I told you that beasts aren't allowed to eat inside! I didn't want to create a scene. Moreover, the herbs in the Beast Region are good for you. Not this thing," Long Chen said, sighing. 

Even though he was always annoyed when the Snake Monarch spoke something, it was even worse when this guy didn't talk about anything. 

"Alright! Tell me what I can do to make up for it?" Long Chen asked ultimately. 

The Snake Monarch finally looked at Long Chen, glaring at him. 

"You need to call me Your Majesty for the rest of the day," Snake Monarch said. 

"Fine. I'll do that," Long Chen let out after a weird pause. 

"That's better. Anyway, it wasn't such a big deal either. This Monarch wouldn't have preferred to eat in that small place either. That was too bad for my glory, but you really sent me back without letting me say this dialogue. Next time let me finish my lines," Snake Monarch further said, clarifying why he was angry. 

"Yes, Your Majesty," Long Chen let out, laughing. 

He stopped on his floors and walked towards his room. 

"Hmm? Why are all the kids surrounding our room? Did you steal their ice cream or something?" Snake Monarch inquired as he noticed the Sun Sect Disciples standing in front of their room. 

"Who knows," Long Chen lazily shrugged his shoulders as he smiled wryly. "Maybe they're here to get your autograph or something? Go and ask them. They must be your fans."

"Ahh! My fans?! That's right!" Snake Monarch grew excited as he heard Long Chen's theory. He flew ahead. 

"Alright! I'm glad you all came so far to meet your idol. I won't keep you waiting anymore. I'm here. You can start worshipping me now," Snake Monarch said proudly. 

"Hmm? Did this ugly Snake just talk?" One of the youngsters asked the others. 

"I think he did," Another person answered. 

"Your mother is ugly! Your Father is ugly! No, wait, your father isn't ugly. I'm pretty handsome! Wait! Stay on topic! How dare you insult your father?" Snake Monarch yelled in rage as all his happiness disappeared. 

He hadn't expected to be insulted by his fans like this.

His sharp words caused the face of the youngster to turn red as he heard all these insults being hurled towards him and his family. 

"You bastard! Die!" The man yelled as he slashed with his sword towards the snake. 

The sword moved like lightning towards the Snake Monarch, who didn't look the slightest bit phased as if he wasn't scared at all. He didn't even try to dodge. He had confidence in Long Chen. 

Just as he had expected, the sword stopped before it could hit the Snake Monarch. 

"Snakey, you always manage to get yourself in trouble, don't you?" Long Chen asked as he kept a hold on the wrist of the man that had attacked. 

"Don't forget your punishment," Snake Monarch snapped. "You can't call me Snakey today!"

"Alright! Your Majesty, can you please stay out of trouble for one day?" Long Chen asked again, ignoring the furious youngsters.

"Who are you?! Are you with this shameless snake?" The Leader of Sun Sect's disciples asked, frowning. "I would advise you to free his hand!"

"Well, you're right. This Snake is shameless. And you're also right that I'm with him. But that also raises the question. When you're right about so many things, how can you be wrong about the last thing?"