Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1053 - 1053: New Skill

Long Chen was seeing thousands of flaming balls coming towards him. Not only him, it was basically a meteor shower that was targeting the entire arena. 

Not a single person seemed safe from it, let alone Long Chen. The Ancestor intentionally targets the whole place since he knew that if he left a spot, Long Chen's pesky ability was going to come into play there. He was going to Teleport to the safe spot and survive. That wasn't what the ancestor wanted. 

In his haste, he even forgot that the arena not only had his enemy and spectators but even his descendants who were at a risk of being dead because of this attack. It was a full-powered attack of a Saint Realm Cultivator, after all. Normal people couldn't survive after being hit by the attack. 

"This idiot! Is he trying to kill us all?" General Du exclaimed as he saw the attack of the Ancestor, which didn't care for anyone's life. This wasn't a war now but a full-blown effort to kill everyone here. 

"I'll protect everyone inside the ground! You all protect the spectators! Fast!' he commanded the other Emperors as he raised his hand above his head. 

A massive shield appeared above the head of every participant and the others who were present here, excluding Long Chen and Saint Meng. 

The other Emperors also stood up. Emperor Qian took the south of the arena, casting his shield in that area to protect the spectators. The Emperor of Tricion took the north. The foreign world Emperor took the east. Even Emperor Lu chimed in to help as he took the west. 

A massive shield was cast on everyone to protect them from the incoming attacks that were supposed to land on them if left uncontrolled. 

Long Chen was still gazing at the incoming balls of flames that looked more like meteors. 

He didn't seem like he was going to dodge the attacks. He also didn't seem intimidated from the attack. There was not a single expression on his face. 

It was as if his anger and his battle-will were increasing his observation skills and his sense to face the attack head-on instead of dodging. The sword started shining even darker as, after a brief moment of pause, he slowly moved the sword. 

The sword seemed like it was moving at an extremely slow motion as Long Chen made various gestures from it. Despite his seemingly slow movement, only the ones who looked carefully were able to tell that in reality, Long Chen's ability seemed even faster than time. 

His Sword was able to break the dimensions of time because it was just so fast. Human eyes were limited in what they could see. That's why everyone saw it as a slow movement. 

Strangely enough, Long Chen didn't move the Sword for long. It seemed like something which lasted for a few seconds but as soon as the sword stopped, half the meteors disappeared like they never existed. The sword neither touched them nor did anything. 

No one even saw any attack come out of the Sword. It all seemed so Mystical that most of the people found it hard to understand. 

What was more strange was that the meteors that disappeared were the ones that were either going to hit Long Chen or were about to fly past from nearby proximity. 


"What did he do?"


All the Emperors were shocked. Just what skill did he use?

While all the Emperors were thinking that it was because of Long Chen's skill, only Emperor Lu was convinced that it was because of Long Chen's sword. 

He had seen that Sword swallow his attack last time like it was nothing. That sword was certainly something special. Strangely enough, it had no grade. Just what was the sword, he thought. 

What he didn't know was that it wasn't that the Sword didn't have a grade. It was that the Sword was something that seemed like it had no grade. If the Emperors here knew that true grade of the sword, they would have gone crazy over this sword. There might even be a war to possess the sword since it was a weapon that was at the peak of the world. 

It was a god grade Sword. The only other people who possessed the sword were the Heavenly Demon Emperor who ruled over the feared Heavenly Demons, the Heavenly Emperor who ruled over the Heavenly Gods, and his brother. 

Long Chen was the newest edition to the prestigious list of the owners of the God Grade Weapons. 

Fortunately, the Sword of Time was different. While the other god-grade weapons were clearly identified because of their intimidating aura, the Sword of Time had none. It was just like time—silent and unmoving. 


Half the meters were already destroyed by Long Chen, while the other half had no relation to him. He didn't care if they were going to harm others and how the Emperors were going to protect them. 

The rest of the meteors fell on the barrier created by the Emperors, making the barriers shake. 

The spectators under the barrier were scared for their lives as there was only a single barrier between them and their deaths. Fortunately, the barriers proved to be effective. Despite the slight shaking, they were perfectly fine as they protected people from the attack. 


Ancestor Meng was dazed as he saw how Long Chen took care of the attack. He had lived for a thousand years, but he never saw such a thing happen before. Despite having extensive knowledge, he couldn't understand what Long Chen just did. 

What he didn't know was that even Long Chen didn't know what he did. It was as if his body was moving on its own as a small bit of knowledge entered his head. It was a skill from what he understood. He didn't know why or where he got that skill from, but that skill seemed to be the greatest skill he had received so far and the strongest of all his skills.

Even though he had used that skill just now, he hadn't mastered it. He didn't even know how to actually use it again.

It was a skill called the Strike of Time, from what he understood. The name did give him an ink to where he might have received it from. 

He didn't have the Law of Time. The only thing he had related to time was the Sword of Time. Was it the God Grade weapon giving him the skill again? Was this rusted sword finally becoming the treasure it was supposed to be?