Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1262 - 1262: Infiltrating Openly

Long Chen landed in the Northern Royal City. He walked in the direction of the Dark Tribe residence while observing his surroundings. 

The Northern Royal City was similar to the Western Royal City for the most part. In fact, for a moment, he seriously thought that he had landed in the Western Royal City. 

The structures and the building formation were similar. The marketplace was also in a similar place. There were only a few differences. 

Navigating through the city, he walked towards the Royal Palace. From there, finding the Dark Tribe's place was easier since it was near the Royal Palace. 

He easily reached the Royal Palace of the Northern Empire. This was where the differences started. The Northern Royal Palace was much bigger than the Western Palace. It was almost twice the size, but its height was much less 

With the help of the Royal Palace and the direction of the Sun, he was able to easily locate the Dark Tribe. 

Long Chen stood in front of a palace that was being surrounded by five tall towers. The red palace was one-fifth the size of the Northern Royal Palace. As for the towers that surrounded it, they were all at least ten meters tall, making this place easy to discover. 

Surprisingly, this information wasn't mentioned in the information which was provided by Mimi. 

According to the information, there should only be the black palace here, where Dark Tribe lived. 

"I think these towers were only made recently," Long Chen commented, observing the tower from a distance. 

"So, now that we're here, what's the plan?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen. He also wanted to see this place destroyed, but even he didn't want it if it was going to risk Long Chen's life. He wanted to know that Long Chen had a plan and that he wasn't going in blindly. 

"The plan is actually very simple. I'm going to assassinate everyone, taking all of them out, one by one. And if things go south, I can just leave and return later," Long Chen replied, smiling. 

Cracking his knuckles, he started walking towards the entrance of the palace. 

This time, he didn't send the Snake Monarch back. Since it was Snake Monarch's revenge, he wanted him to accompany him. 

"Kid, who are you? What do you need?" 

As Long Chen reached the entrance of the Tribe, he was intercepted by the guards at the entrance. 

"His Majesty sent me here," Long Chen replied. 

Before the guards could question him, he pointed towards the Palace. "What's that guy doing inside?"

Seeing the shock on his face, all the guards turned back, looking shocked as well. They all wondered what shocked Long Chen so much. 

"What do you mean? There's nothing," the guards replied, turning back their heads only to see a bright light flash before their eyes. Because they knew it, their heads were rolling on the ground. 

"My mistake. I think I was seeing things," Long Chen replied, smiling. 

He cleared the bodies, removing all the evidence. He brought out his Mask of Mischief from his storage ring. "Let's bring back a dead person to life."

He wore the mask of mischief on his face, using the disguise after a long time. 

He used the Mask of Mischief to disguise himself as the Northern General. He had already met that guy before, so he had a general idea about how he should disguise. 

Moreover, the Northern General was very popular in the Royal City. He was known by everyone. And Long Chen was sure that everyone probably knew about his death. 

The sudden appearance of the Northern General was going to send anyone into a daze, which was enough time for Long Chen to take out the enemies. 

"Killing everyone without being caught is going to be tough. In crowded places, it's going to be impossible," Snake Monarch pointed out. 

"I know. I'll handle it somehow," Long Chen smiled, teleporting at the doors of the Royal Palace straight ahead. He pushed the doors open. "I'm going to try something new this time."


As the doors were open, Long Chen stepped foot inside the Palace. 

As soon as he entered, he saw tens of people in the main hall. They all looked towards him, shocked. 

"Greetings," Long Chen said, laughing. 

"Y-you?" Everyone seemed like they had seen a Ghost. Before they could make much noise, they all disappeared. 

"Where did they all go?" Snake Monarch asked, watching every time disappeared. 

"They all went inside my other Inner World. I'm sure they'll have a fun time there," Long Chen said, grinning. "When I said I'll assassinate people here, I meant I'll assassinate the strongest people of the clan. Only five or ten people should be like that."

" As for the rest, they're too weak, and their numbers are too high. My Inner World is enough to take care of them," he added as he walked deeper inside the Royal Palace. 


Long Chen had two Inner Worlds. One was used by him as a normal inner world where life flourished. An entire civilization existed inside his inner world. Even his own family lived there. 

As for his other inner world, it was much different. It was like an apocalypse world where no life existed. This place had no Qi. Only Long Chen was able to use Qi inside. Moreover, there were no plantations. Terrifying beasts roamed the whole world. 

As the Dark Tribe members appeared inside the Royal Palace, flaming meteors fell on their heads before they could even realize where they were. 

All of them died right away. 

More and more people kept appearing inside the apocalypse world. Long Chen was sending everyone he found inside the clan to this place. Since he was a powerful cultivator, there was no risk for him if he sent weaker cultivators here. 

He had two Inner Worlds to keep himself safe. 

Only half an hour had passed, and hundreds of people appeared in this world. Most of them died because of the flaming meteorites, while the others were shredded to pieces by the terrifying beasts. 

And the rest were killed by lightning that fell from the sky. 


Long Chen kept clearing through the Dark Tribe, disguised as the Northern General. As soon as anyone saw him, he was sent to his inner world before that person could even make some noise.

Another hour passed. By now, thousands of Dark Tribe members were sent to the Inner World. 

Long Chen finished clearing the lower floors, and he started moving up, closing in on the powerful members of the Dark Tribe.