Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 655 - 655: First Conflict

Long Chen entered the beautiful city that looked much different from the previous world.

There were beautiful buildings everywhere, but the strange thing was that the buildings were much taller here. It seemed more like a modern city of the earth where Long Chen used to live before his soul was transmigrated to earth.

From outside the city, the tall walls had stopped his view, so he did not know about it, but he was surprised as he entered the city.

Even though the buildings here looked tall as the towers of earth, they didn't look exactly the same. There was still some air of ancient around it. There were carriages moving here and there all around the place. There were properly made roads with crosswalks and sideways.

"Interesting. The buildings and the infrastructure remind me of home, but everything else seems the same. The carriages mean that there are no cars. There's nothing else modern as well. As far as I know, at least," Long Chen muttered as he walked ahead, wondering if he could find where the Fu Chen guy used to live. Someone here must recognize him, he thought.

As he walked on the sideways, he watched everyone looking at him in disgust as if they were looking at trash.

"Sigh, it's not going to be easy. I don't think this Fu Chen guy had any friends at all. I wonder if I can even find his home. I might just have to live on the streets. This freakin trial. It would've been so easy with my ring. I wouldn't need to worry about anything. Now I need to find a weapon as well," He wondered as he frowned.

Long Chen was walking on the side of the road when he suddenly felt someone kick him.

He lost his balance as he fell down on the ground.

He managed to stretch out his hand to protect his face from the fall as he fell ahead. He knew that if he hit the concrete floor, his face would've been injured.

As he fell on the concrete floor and slid ahead, his hands were grazed and started bleeding, but the bleeding was only minor.

"This Bastard Spawn! How dare he walk on the same lane as me? This bastard! How shameless can he be? His traitor father was a shameless person, and this guy here is even more shameless. Scram from here, or I'll kill you myself even though I don't want to dirty my hands."

While Long Chen was trying to push his body up, he heard a voice from behind him. He could hear the disgust in the Voice.

'Sigh, After reviving, I didn't let anyone bully me, but in this place, even ants can bully me,' Long Chen thought as he stood up and glanced back.

He looked at the man and saw a person standing behind him.

It was a young boy who looked like he was 15 years old. He looked even younger than Fu Chen did.

"A kid? Seriously?" Long Chen blurted out in surprise. 

He thought that Fu Chen was 19 years old, so his bullies must be of the same age but even to see that even 14-15-year-old kids bullied him, Long Chen didn't know if he should pity Fu Chen or cursing him for being so useless.

" You traitor Long Chen! You dared to mock me? Do you really think that since your family was released, I wouldn't dare to kill you?" The boy glared at Long Chen furiously as he pointed his finger at him.

"Long Chen? You know about me?" Long Chen was surprised as he heard his name. He couldn't understand why a person from this planet knew him.

'Wait a minute; Xun did mention that Fu Chen was known as Long Chen. I didn't place any importance on it. This must be it. There's no way they could know the real me, or I would've failed my Bloodline Trial already,' he thought as he frowned.

The people on the street started watching Long Chen and the young boy. 

"Isn't that Young Master Ru? He's the young son of the Ru Clan. It is said that he's a Spirit Warrior just like his Elder Brother. It looks like that traitor is going to be beaten again."

"Hahaha, it's going to be interesting. I would've beaten that trash myself, but that trash is just too shameless. Even after getting beaten so much, he still shamelessly lives. He should've just jumped in a lake!"

"Why would he? He's the son of that shameless man after all! The one who betrayed our proud Phoenix Organization! The one who didn't feel any shame in betraying his home... why would his son feel any shame?"

"Hahaha, Like father, like son. Both are trash."

"Sigh, what can we even do. At best, we can only beat him to get our frustration out, but that doesn't work on this shameless guy. It's prohibited to kill anyone here, and he fully takes advantage of that. People can only beat this trash but not kill him without getting punished by the authorities. This shameless bastard!"

"Hahaha, so what if we can't kill him. Just watch him get beaten to a pulp by Young Master Ru. It'll be pretty entertaining."

The people that watched the whole commotion didn't even think about intervening. Instead, they only thought about getting their entertainment from this situation.

" Of Course I know you! You are the son of a bastard!" The young boy let out furiously as he walked towards Long Chen in big strides and kicked towards his chest.

Long Chen tilted his body to the side as he used his footwork and easily dodged the attack. He didn't only dodge the kick of the boy but even kicked the back of the boy in return, making the young boy hall on his face.

Even though Long Chen couldn't use his Martial Skill because of his lack of Qi, he still had his knowledge. His body had already memorized all his skills, and he even had his fighting experience. Even without his Qi, he was still a Martial Arts expert.

Long Chen watched the boy on the ground as he frowned.

"Little Kid, respect your Elders. Your attitude is really bad. You should work on it. Go back home and tell your parents to teach you well," Long Chen replied as he looked at the young boy.

"You bastard! You dared to attack me! I'll kill you! I swear I'll kill you!" The boy said as he stood up.

Long Chen watched the body size of the boy increasing. His muscles increased as well, making the young boy who was smaller than Long Chen, twice the size.