Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1313 - 1313: The Prison

"Suffering family?" Long Chen asked, confused. 

"That's what we call the family of Prisoners that have formed in this place. We all came from different places and different worlds, but we all suffer the same here. We're all part of this suffering family!" The old voice answered. 

"Go to sleep now. Learn more in the morning."

"A family of suffering, huh," Long Chen muttered as he walked back. He stopped near the wall and sat down with his back resting against the wall as he analyzed his situation. 

"So I'm in the Heaven. This is certainly becoming a bigger mess than I thought it would be. No wonder they were able to stop all the Laws here.. This is a prison, after all."

"But that also makes things difficult for me. Without using my Laws, I can't escape this place. But even if I left the prison, where would I go? I'll still be in Heaven? I can't find a way to go back. Even the Teleportation Formation of worlds doesn't work here!"

"This is such a massive headache," Long Chen muttered, sighing. 

"Moreover, the Blood Dragon Emperor also has free reign in the Snake Monarch's body. I bluffed him that I could kill him if he went out of my range. But I can't. He can do anything with the Snake Monarch's body now!"

"He would soon regain his body. I just hope he won't hurt the Snake Monarch after that because of me."

"Well, Zhu Chang is also there. He would save the Blood Dragon Emperor. He would also know about this box too. He should be able to inform the Blood Dragon Emperor that I'm alive."

"Hopefully, my friendship with Zhu Chang would make the Blood Dragon hesitant to hurt the Snake Monarch after getting his body. Maybe those two can also become friends. As long as the Snake Monarch doesn't die, it should be fine."

"As for Zhu Chang, I'm sure he would not even try to find me here. He should be glad that he doesn't have to fulfill my ten wishes now. I should be all alone here, on my own."

"If only I had a way to get my message to Zhu Chang, I should have asked him to free me from here as my first wish."

"He's a Heavenly Clan heir. He should have easily brought me out of here. Someone like him could easily get an audience with the Heavenly Emperor and ask for my release while telling him how I ended up here."

"I'm sure the Heavenly Emperor wouldn't have thought about the technicalities. He would have released me right away. I had such an easy exit from here."

"Albeit, that's impossible. I have no way to contact him even if I wasn't in the cell. I'm trapped here."

"I can only depend on myself and get out of here.  And I have only one thing that can help me leave this prison," he muttered, glancing at the ring in his hand. 

The beautiful ring was created by Tian Shen as a lure for the bloodline heirs, but this was also a high grade treasure. 

Tian Shen was an existence that was a threat to his life, but he was also someone who helped Long Chen climb so fast. 

Moreover, he was someone who had reached the peak of the world already. He was probably as strong as the Heavenly Emperor, if not stronger. That was why the ring he created was able to defy all logic. 

Even though Long Chen wasn't able to use his Laws, his Inner World, or his other storage rings, he was able to use the Ancient Ring. 

He had already tried testing it. He couldn't access the ring he received from the Saint King. It was also blocked by some mysterious force of this prison, but the Ancient Ring was different. 

The ancient ring was something he could still access. Moreover, it was the only thing he could access. 

The ancient ring was his biggest cheat in this prison. And fortunately, he had kept all his precious treasures in his ancient ring. 

Moreover, the Beast Region was also in the Ancient Ring, which was something he was able to access.

The Sword of Time was also inside the ancient ring as well. That was what he believed to be his final hope of leaving this place. 

If there was one treasure that could cut all the defenses of even the Heaven, it was the God Grade Swore of Time which was one of only five God-Grade Weapons in existence. 

As for the other God Grade weapons, two of them were in the Heaven. One was with the Heavenly Emperor while the other was with the Heavenly General. 

As for the third God Grade Weapon, it was with the Demon Emperor. And the fourth God Grade weapon was still missing. 

And lastly, the fifth God Grade Weapon was also a lost weapon that was ultimately discovered by Long Chen. 

As the owner of the fifth God Grade Weapon, Long Chen had the capacity to Slice the prison bars and attempt his escape, but he was hesitant. 

The lure of a God Grade Weapon was too much. Even if he was in Heaven, people were going to be after him. Moreover, he didn't have the strength to face the Heavenly Warriors at the moment. 

He didn't even have the strength to face the Emperors of the Immortal World either! What could he even do with a sword? 

It was said that a Weapon was as strong as the person holding it. Because of its mighty origin, the Sword of Time was powerful, but Long Chen wasn't that powerful. 

He knew he would easily be killed even if he was holding the Sword of Time. 


That was why he decided to use the Sword of Time as his last resort. Firstly, he was going to try to find an alternative. 

He needed to wait for the morning and learn more about this place before thinking of a way out. 

"I really shouldn't have listened to the Blood Dragon Emperor! If only I hadn't touched that box, I wouldn't be in this mess."

"But I still don't understand. Why is it that the box didn't work on Blood Dragon Emperor? He also touched it!"

"In fact, it was only because he was safe despite touching it which made me think that it was safe! Why didn't it work on him?"

"I'll have to ask others about this too. But from what I can guess, it might be because he's a Beast? That seems to be the only major difference? Or was it because he was weak?"