Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 568 - 568: Another Law Orb?

Long Chen couldn't help but shake his head. Before today, he hadn't thought about the fact that their minor acts could affect the future in such a way. 

'That stone must be the thing I need. It's good that I know now. It should be easy getting that stone now that they trust me. I might be able to get it without even forcing them,' He though.

"I want to see that stone that your Ancestor used to travel between the realms," Long Chen told the Demon Master.

"That..." The Demon Master hesitated as he heard about the stone.

"Wait? Were you the one that was attacking our clan? Why did you do that? God Shen helped us flourish, why were you trying to wipe us? Are you really God Shen's family or someone who's against him?" The Demon Master asked Long Chen as he frowned.

"You know that I can kill all of you without any effort. The skills Tian Shen taught you are nothing for me. I can even teach you stronger ones. I'm the Elder brother of Tian Shen even though I look young. I was visiting through the realms when I stopped by this place and heard about the atrocities you were committing on the other species in this world."

"I also heard that you were keeping them captured, and I came here to wipe you all from this place, but then I found out that my little brother has helped you. That's what you claim, though. I know that my little brother never did any travel to the dimension between spaces, so I can only believe your story if you show me that stone as proof. As for the portrait of my little brother, someone else who traveled between realms could have given you that portrait. It doesn't prove that your Ancestor saw my brother. Only that stone will work as a proof."

"That's why I'm telling you! Show me the stone, or I'll believe that you were lying about my brother helping you, and I will wipe you all out from the face of this universe," Long Chen declared as he released his murderous aura.

The Demon Master felt the powerful aura and knew that Long Chen wasn't joking. He was trying to awaken his bloodline using the skill that Tian Shen gave his Ancestor, but even that was interrupted. He knew that he wasn't a match for Long Chen just from the Aura alone.

"I-i will show you the proof," The Demon Master told Long Chen.

He turned back and walked closer to the portrait on the wall. He moved the portrait to the side and exposed a keyhole on the wall.

He brought out the key from his pocket and inserted it in the keyhole. A circular opening appeared on the wall right above the keyhole. An orb-like thing was lying in that hole.

'Is that a law orb?' Long Chen thought as he saw the white orb that seemed similar to the law orbs that he had seen before. It was pure white in color.

'Xun, Is this really the orb?' Long Chen asked Xun.

"I don't know. It looks similar to the law orbs, I agree with that, but it might not be a law orb. I don't feel any special kind of energy from it. We will only know for sure when you touch it, though," She told Long Chen.

The Demon Master took that orb-like thing and walked back to Long Chen.

"This is the stone that our Ancestor used to travel," he told Long Chen.

"Let me hold it. I can't test if it's real or not without holding it," Long Chen said as he reached out his hand.

The Demon Master hesitated for a brief moment before he gave the orb to Long Chen.

As soon as Long Chen touched the orb, it disappeared as if it was sucked in his body.

Long Chen could feel a heavenly sensation inside his body as if a whole new world was opening around him 

The concepts related to space that were unclear in his head were getting clear. He sent his consciousness inside his Martial Space and saw that his Sapling of Space Law had grown up by five inches. It was bigger now.

"So, that's what I needed. If was not the law orb though,"

" It was the orb related to the Space Law Comprehension. It might be made from a speck of space law too. Even though it was not the Space Law, at least it gave you increased comprehension and made your space abilities stronger," Xun told Long Chen.

Long Chen nodded his head. He tried to teleport to see if his Space Law was free now or not, and he was able to teleport, but still, he felt some resistance. The Space Law was still working to keep him here, but that was probably because he didn't want to leave yet and not because he couldn't leave.

"The Stone! You stole the Ancestral stone!" The Demon Master seemed as if he had gone crazy after he saw the stone disappear. "You're not the real god! You're an imposter that came here to take out Ancestral stone! I will kill you!" The Demon Master let out as he ran towards Long Chen.

Long Chen swung his sword. His sword sliced through the neck of the Demon Master as if a knife sliced through butter. The Demon Master's Head fell down to the ground, and soon his body followed.

The other Demon Elders were stunned and didn't know what just happened as a flying sword came out of nowhere and sliced their necks clean off.

"Tian Shen freed you, and I killed you. I guess that's where our roads were different. To be honest, I wouldn't have left you alive either way, so don't feel bad," He muttered as he shook his head.

Long Chen left the place.

He flew back to the Dark Fairies and his beasts.

"Orion, you go and search the whole place. Wipe the ones that are left. Don't show any mercy," Long Chen told Orion.

"You go with him too. I just gained a comprehension. I want to study that briefly," He told the Snake Monarch.

The Snake Monarch and Orion left and went in the depths of the Demon Clan for a search and kill mission.

"You protect me, alright," Long Chen told the Dark Horned Armored Rhino as he moved back to the side.

"Oh, right. I completely forgot about Ming Lan," Long Chen stopped as he suddenly remembered about Ming Lan.

He brought out Ming Lan from the Fake World.

"Are we inside the Demon Clan? That took longer than I expected," Ming Lan said as she appeared before him.

"We're inside, and I have freed the girls from your clans. The Demons are dead too. You can go talk to them. I need to cultivate urgently," Long Chen explained to Ming Lan in brief before he walked back to a corner and sat down on the ground in a meditative position as he started to think about the space knowledge that he had gained and the concepts that had just become clear.

Ming Lan looked back with a look of disbelief and saw hundreds of Dark Fairies behind her.

"H-he actually did it? The demons too..." She muttered with a stunned look on her face as she saw hundreds of Demon Bodies scattered around the place.

She walked up to the girls and started comforting them since they were still all confused.

Orion and the Snake Monarch searched the whole clan from one end to the other. They saw many Demons in their houses. They killed them all. Since the Snake Monarch refused to kill the young demons that were like kids, Orion finished the job quickly.

After killing all the Demons, Orion and the Snake Monarch came back.