Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1023 - 1023: Kill Her

But he could not call Immortals to kill Long Chen. He couldn't interfere with Destiny in that manner. 

In his eyes, he was the only one who could kill Long Chen effectively. But as the Destiny didn't allow him to harm a mortal, he couldn't do that either. 

No matter how Long Chen was or what his affiliation with destiny was. The truth was that he was still a mortal. 

He couldn't hurt a mortal. The only way he could hurt a mortal was if the Mortal was entirely swallowed by Darkness. 

Since Long Chen had the Law of Darkness, it was easy for him to be swallowed by Darkness. That's why he planned all this. 

His partner had tried to use the same plan previously when he tried to put Long Chen's family in danger by telling the Major Sects about Long Chen killing their disciple. 

That was what led Long Chen to use the Dark Sacrifice. Unfortunately, that much darkness wasn't enough. And Long Chen wasn't attacked by them personally. 

The only reason Long Chen hadn't directly faced these people in battle was because he has control over his emotions and on his Darkness. 

He didn't let it swallow him entirely. Even when he had wiped the entire city of Shui, Darkness hadn't swallowed him. His Heart Devil took the brunt of that darkness, saving Long Chen indirectly. 

Unfortunately, Long Chen's Heart Devil was incomplete after he divided it with his clone in the Spirit World. It was why he was more vulnerable to Darkness when his emotions were unstable even if he hadn't used the Dark Sacrifice. 

As for when he use Dark Sacrifice, even Long Chen didn't know how bad it could be. 


Back at Long Chen's home world, there existed another Esteria Empire. 

It was the only Empire on this continent that ruled over everything. And Long Chen was wanted here because of being Saint Killer Heir. 

At the moment, the guards of the Esteria Royal Palace were standing before a Young Boy. 

The young boy was Wu Lia. He was the partner of the half-masked man and the one who suffered at the hands of Long Chen last time. He was also the one who used to possess the twentieth token of the Divine Heaven Sect. 

When Long Chen's body was under the control of someone else during the fight with Xu Liang, he had suffered. 

Whoever was possessing Long Chen at that time had punished this guy by taking his powers of time and space while also sending him to a deserted place. 

He still had his impeccable Cultivation, but he couldn't use the Laws anymore. 

He had to ferry a ride here to get to the Royal Palace so he could use their Teleportation formation to get to his partner since he couldn't directly Teleport to different worlds anymore. 

"Stop! You can't come in!"

"Sigh, I can't attack these mortals technically. This will be annoying. That's right. I can't hurt them, but I can show them my power," Wu Lia muttered as he thought of a way. 

He actually didn't need to hurt them. All he needed to do was scare them into submission. 

"Call your Emperor out. I am Wu Lia, the Saint from the Immortal World. If he doesn't come out, I'll destroy this mortal world," Wu Lia declared as he raised his hand towards the sky. 

As soon as his hand was raised, a massive ball of flame appeared above his head, which kept getting bigger and bigger. 

Soon, the ball of flame was looking nothing less than the sun. It had also gotten so big that it had covered the entire Esteria Empire. 

The massive sun of flame had increased the head within the entire Empire. Everyone ran inside their houses to hide themselves from the heat, but they still couldn't protect themselves from being drenched in sweat. 

The Emperor came out of the Palace on his own, wondering why heat had increased suddenly. 

As he came flying out of the Palace, he saw a young boy at the origin of it and a massive son above his head. 

"This strength? It's way above mine. Who is this kid? Someone from the Immortal World?" the Emperor thought as he landed on the ground in front of the kid. 

"Who might you be, great saint?' he asked. 

"I am from the Immortal World, here on this filthy planet to check something. If you don't do as I say and annoy me, I do have the right to destroy you all!" the boy said arrogantly. 

Since he actually couldn't fight, he could only try to intimidate the man with his strength. 

"Of course. Whatever you want shall be done," the Emperor agreed as he joined his hand in respect. 


"Call them to help!" Long Chen yelled, scaring Lu Wang so much that he dropped to the ground. 

The Darkness which surrounded Long Chen kept increasing, making him seem like the Demon God that ruled over Darkness. 

No one knew, but there was another change taking place simultaneously. 

The Sapling of Darkness inside Long Chen's Martial Space was growing in size. 

There was one more thing that was happening inside his Inner World that he had created. Darkness from his Law Sapling from his Martial Space was sleeping inside his Inner Worlds, affecting it in unintentional ways. 

"Call them!"

Hearing no response from Lu Wang, Long Chen again insisted, but this time it was followed by Lu Wang's left leg falling to the ground. 

Lu Wang again didn't scream in pain as he couldn't feel pain. But he did keep pushing himself back with the help of his only leg that was left. 

Unfortunately, that didn't last for long either as his other leg was also cut. 

His helpless body laid on the ground, without arms or legs. He couldn't even move anymore. All he could do was try to raise his head to watch Long Chen, who kept coming closer, in no haste. 

"You really wanted to kill someone close to me, didn't you? Kill her. No, let me do better. Since she isn't close to me now, I'll give you a better option."

Long Chen waved his hand, calling out Zhiqing. 

"Hmm? Is Mingyu saf-"

Zhiqing asked as soon as she came out, but before she could finish, she saw Long Chen and the Darkness surrounding him.

"Go ahead. Try to kill my woman. Do it. Try! I dare you to try. She is also my wife. Try it," Long Chen said as he pointed towards Zhiqing while keeping his right leg on the chest of the man who felt like his death was near.