Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 280 - 280: One Against Many

The real Long Chen was standing right beside the man he killed.

The biggest limitation of Long Chen's Illusion was that he had to keep his focus on the person he wanted to cast his Illusion on. If he couldn't see the man, his Illusion wouldn't work, that's why he stopped mid-way so that the others would land in front of him.

He didn't want a situation where he was fighting one and the others were fighting another which would make it difficult for him to cast his Illusion on everyone.

Fortunately, the 5 red-robed cultivators stood didn't beside each other.

Long Chen chose the one who was standing in the corner to kill so that he could keep his eyes on everyone.

As the 5th cultivator died, his sound did alert the others, but before they could react, Long Chen had managed to slice the head of another one.

In an instant, 5 red-robed cultivators had become 3, though they were more alert now.

"Something's wrong. He's doing something. You stay here, I'll kill the boy." The first red-robed cultivator said as he started running towards the illusory Long Chen.

Although it's not what he wanted, he had already expected something like this.

His Illusion broke as his eyes returned to his original color.

The first red-robed man stopped as he saw the illusory Long Chen disappear.

The others were finally out of the illusion as well and saw the real Long Chen.

Long Chen had his King's sword in his hand as he slashed towards the closest one.

"Jon, Lookout!" One of the red-robed men called out as he saw Long Chen attacking.

The man called Jon reacted fast as he used his blade and clashed with Long Chen's sword.

As the King's sword was clashing with the red-robed man's sword, another sword suddenly appeared in Long Chen's hand.

It was the Mountain Destroyer. The sword that Long Chen had since the beginning. Although its grade was quite low, he always kept it with him since it wasn't destroyed even after all these fights.

Jon was more focused on the King's sword and Long Chen's strength that was equal to him, he didn't notice that another sword appeared in Long Chen's hands.

Before he noticed it, it was too late. The Mountain Destroyer had penetrated the man's chest.

Even though the man's heart was punctured, he still managed to complete his last attack.

His sword did manage to touch Long Chen's body and cut his clothes, but the wound wasn't too deep as Long Chen had managed to move at the last moment.

Jon fell down to the ground.

The second Earth Realm cultivator who had warned Jon was shocked at his death, but his shock was even greater as Long Chen disappeared from the front.

Long Chen appeared behind the man through teleport as he thrust his sword at the man.


A metallic sound came as Long Chen's sword clashed with another sword.

"You should watch your back, Lang" 

Another Red robed man had managed to get there in time as he managed to save his friend. 

Long Chen didn't stop right there as he rotated his body almost 360 degrees as he slashed at the man who prevented him from killing his target but the man managed to dodge.

Now there were two red-robed men versus Long Chen. Long Chen could feel that his Qi was depleting quite fast.

He moved ahead as he dual-wielded the King's sword and the Mountain Destroyer to find two men at the same time.

He was also reaching the limit of teleport. There were only two uses left as he used it too many times during the day. He tried to save those two for the right moment.

While fighting, Long Chen placed his mountain destroyer back in the storage ring and only used one sword to fight them both.

While fighting, he raised his free hand towards the sky as he prepared to use his special skill.

The sky was already dark, but there was moonlight shining on them, but that too stopped as the sky was covered in dark clouds.

The Red robed men felt like something was weird. They couldn't understand why the sky suddenly thundered.

But they couldn't put much thought into it as their focus was on Long Chen who, despite fighting a two against one battle, was keeping up with them.

As they were fighting, Long Chen abruptly retreated back, the two men were shocked, but before they could react, a powerful thunderbolt fell onto them.

They felt the current course through their body, damaging some of their organs.

Long chen didn't waste the opportunity as he got in a sword stance.

"Steven forms of Saint Sword: Fifth form- Chaos! " Long Chen said as he utilized all his Qi and swung his sword at the two men in front of him.

A destructive beam of light escaped the Sword and advanced towards the red-robed men.

Every place the destructive light passed through was left with nothing but wreckage.

The men could feel the dread from the attack and wanted to move, but the thunderbolt had made their legs difficult to move skillfully. Also, the attack was just too fast.

In no time, the light passed through both their bodies. It still didn't stop as it continued ahead even after cutting through the bodies of the red-robed men.

The red-robed men fell down to the ground, or at least what remained of their bodies.

Most of their bodies were destroyed, though their heads were still intact. Long Chen could see that even after they died, their eyes were still open in shock.

Long Chen sighed in relief at it being over.

He was about to call Orion and leave when he heard the sound of clapping.

Long Chen was stunned as he heard the clapping.

He slowly turned back and looked towards the person who was clapping and a frown appeared on his face.