Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1046 - 1046: Taking Action

"Sigh, so you have decided you won't listen to anyone?" Xun asked, frowning. 

"Hahaha, I've been listening all this time, trying to do what I thought was smart. Let me do what I think is stupid today. Let's see if my heart is right or my brain," Long Chen replied lazily.

His eyes turned pitch black as he started using the law of Darkness. He used the shadow transformation to become invisible entirely. 

After using the Shadow Transformation, he flew off the stand, flying towards the arena. 

However, instead of flying where the battle was taking place, he flew towards the other side. Long Chen flew towards the stand where the Entourage of the second Esteria Empire was sitting. 

The Shadow Transformation was an ability of the Supreme Law of Darkness which was one of the most superior laws. Moreover, it was something that made him completely invisible. Now that he was an initial Heaven Realm Cultivator, it was even more effective. After using it, not a single person was able to find him. 

It didn't take Long Chen long to reach near the Emperor of Esteria, who he was targeting. 

He landed ten meters behind Emperor Meng and slowly stepped closer to him.

A dark look was shrouding his face, mixed with the pitch-black eyes; he looked like a true demon. 

He flickered his hand to the right. A pitch-black sword appeared in his hand out of thin air. The Sword seemed rusted, but it also seemed new at the same time, which was making it look beautiful. 

As the Sword of Time appeared in Long Chen's hand, the Dark Aura around Long Chen was amplified, multiple folds. 


With this extreme amount of Darkness, even Shadow Transformation found it hard to hide Long Chen's extreme aura, which was noticed by Emperor Meng, who frowned as he hastily stood up while turning back. 

Without thinking twice, Emperor Meng brought out his sword. He couldn't see anyone, but the frightening aura was a clear indicator that someone threatening was nearby, intending to target him. 

The aura also gave away the location of Long Chen to Emperor Meng, who couldn't see this guy until now. 

"Die!" The Emperor roared as he slashed his sword in the direction where he felt the aura coming from. Unfortunately for him, the aura suddenly disappeared as soon as the attack reached that place. Instead, the aura was now behind Emperor Meng. 

Long Chen had used the Teleportation ability of his to Teleport right behind Emperor Meng, who was more immersed in attacking. With that, he was able to close in on the Emperor. 

Shocked, Emperor Meng tried to turn back, but it was too late. The sharp edge of a black rusted sword was placed near his through. 

"Emperor Meng, I heard you were looking for me. Don't worry; I came to you myself. Oh, one more thing. I would advise you not to turn back because my hand is faster than your brain. Before you even think about trying something clever with that tiny little brain of yours, you'll find your head lying on the ground, away from your body," Long Chen said to Emperor Meng while holding him hostage. 

"Hah! Saint Killer Heir!"

As Long Chen used his Law of Space, the shadow transformation stopped, making him visible. 

Meng Qian was shocked to see Long Chen. He couldn't help but step back, intimidated. 

Meng Huling also found her stunned. The man who had fooled him, pretending to be a Prince, was their greatest foe that they were looking for. He still remembered how overwhelmed he was when he was told the truth about Long Chen. He was also embarrassed for bringing their enemy to his home. He had been trying hard to forget it and move over. 

But Long Chen was back? Not only was he back, but he had also taken his father hostage? Just how much courage did this man have?

The Second and Third Prince found them overwhelmed. The only one who reacted was the Crown Prince, who was older and more mature. 

The Crown Prince pulled out his sword, aiming it at Long Chen. "Release my father this instant, or I will kill you!"

"Why should I free your father? Cheh. Are you dumb? Why would I even place a sword on his neck if my intention was to free him? The Crown Prince isn't pretty smart, right?" Long Chen asked jokingly. 

"You bastard! Do you have a death wish?" The Crown Prince roared in red face. 

"I don't know about my death wish, but you sure do have a death wish for your father. You are insulting the guy that can kill your father in an instant. As I said, you're not very smart. Whatever, no matter how dumb you are, you can't be dumber than second Prince. 

As Long Chen was standing behind the Emperor, he wasn't seen. But hearing the words of his son, he realized that the man who was holding him hostage was none other than the Saint Killer Heir, who he wanted to kill at any cost. 

That guy! Not only did he not run away and hide, but he even came here to attack him?

'No! He's not here to kill me. If he wanted to kill me, I would already be dead. What does he want? He certainly needs something from me!' Emperor Meng thought, frowning. 

Hearing the commotion, the other Emperors and the crown also noticed Emperor Meng. 

It was shocking to see a man holding an Emperor hostage. 

The one who was most shocked was certainly Qian Yu. She knew Long Chen. She couldn't understand why he was being so stupid as to attack Emperor Meng. 

The battle between Emperor Du and Ji Shan was also stopped as both of them looked at Long Chen and Emperor Meng. Something of significance was taking place here. 

"Who are you? How dare you interfere in the Trials of Worlds like that?" General Wuki asked Long Chen in a sharp tone as if he was talking to an ant. 

"Oh, shut up. Mind your own business and don't interfere in mine, or you'll be the next!" Long Chen retorted, without any worries. 

He didn't care for anything now. He had already offended a Saint Realm Expert in the form of Mingyu's father, and now he was offending another Saint Realm Emperor. 

Since he already did so much, did it matter if he offended some minor characters? 

"You lowly being! You dare to talk to me like that? Come here if you think you can kill me!" General Wuki said, immersed in shame and embarrassment as he was talked down.