Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 850 - 850: Ancient Awakens

"It isn't him who caused all this. It's the kid there," Fu Min told his team as he felt the massive amounts of energy coming from Xu Liang.

He saw another energy wave come out of him, which destroyed even more of the property around.  Almost the entire wall had disappeared around Xu Liang.

"How is a kid so powerful? Should we kill him?" Gu Yan asked, frowning. He could see the destruction the boy was causing everywhere. He was a threat.

"There's no need to involve ourselves. Let's just wait and watch. From what I can see, the kid and the Saint Killer Heir are fighting. We can use this opportunity to see their abilities. Let one of them die before we move," Fu Mun answered.

"But the citizens..." Gu Yan muttered.

"So what if the entire Kingdom is wiped out? Who cares now. We already have our target. His Majesty wouldn't blame us for watching as a few Insects die," Lim Yi said as she laughed.


Seeing that everyone agreed to it, Gu Yan also said yes.

The five of them stepped back and created more distance between them and the site of the battle.

"Interesting. That man isn't affected by the energy wave that is so destructive," Fu Min commented as he saw the energy wave pass through Long Chen, without harming him.

He didn't know that it was all because of the black sword that was in his hand since the sword didn't seem particularly special. 

"I still don't understand why he isn't using the Saint Killer Sword if he used it before? Were those guys lying? Maybe he actually isn't the guy we're after, and he doesn't have the Saint Killer Sword?" Bo Xo asked Fu Min, disclosing his suspicions.

"That can be true. I was also thinking about the same thing," Lim Yi agreed. She also thought that the people were wrong.

"I did notice something else as well. That guy, he is running on air. That's like he's a Sky Realm Cultivator. He would be able to fly if he was a Heaven Realm Cultivator. Didn't those people say that he was able to fly?" Bo Xo asked. 

" He's not a Heaven Realm Cultivator. I can't see his Cultivation, but he would have been flying and not running if he was one. Those bastards clearly lied to us," Lim Yi complained. 

"Maybe the sketch we had before was the right person. They bluffed to have their enemy be killed by us? They wanted to use us as a sword while using us to get rewards later on?" she continued.

"Just wait and watch. If he is the one we are looking for, it's all good. If he isn't, we would certainly have a word with the guys that lied to us," Fu Min answered, casually.

Long Chen reached closer to Xu Liang, so much so that there were only a few meters of distance between them. 

Long Chen was thinking that he had Xu Liang. It was time to end it all but did he really wish to kill Xu Liang? Even though he had previously thought to do so, he couldn't help but remember that Xu Liang was still just a child who was lost, not aware of what he was doing. 

He was a misguided kid. Was it right for Long Chen to kill him? These thoughts rampaged in his heart, making him temporarily stop all thought processes.

He only kept one thing in his mind. Xu Liang was dangerous. He couldn't be kept with them, and without that, he was a weapon that could cause destruction. He needed to die.

No matter how uncertain he was, he decided. He was still unaware if he would actually go through with it or stop in the end moment like last time as he thrust his sword towards the check of Xu Liang, but instead being still like last time, Xu Liang raised his right hand towards the top of the Sword.

The door that was locking his memories moved for a brief second as a creak appeared in the middle, letting the light shine through.

"I am eternal. This toy is useless to me," An ancient-sounding voice left Xu Liang's mouth. 

His aura was entirely changed as if he wasn't the same person. It felt as if an ancient God had appeared there, inside Xu Liang's body.

The tip of the Sword of Time touched the palm of Xu Liang, but it failed to do any damage. The Sword of Time, as well as Long Chen, was tossed back like they were toys. The two of them crashed into the walls of another building.

"W-why am I feeling scared? Why do I feel shivering?"

"I don't know, but I feel the same. It's as if some fear that makes me want to bow to the boy. Who is he?"

"I-i don't think I can stand for much longer under this pressure. His aura, it's even worse than His Majesty."

The five envoys that came from the Empire could feel their entire body shivering as if it was their primal tendency to be scared of the boy who was standing before them.

They were all struggling to keep standing. Even Fu Min was no different. 

Xu Liang started floating in the air and moved closer to Long Chen, who was lying on the ground.

There were chains that were surrounding his soul, but they kept breaking slowly since the memories of the boy had somewhat leaked through the seal. His memories were the key to breaking the seal. Even though he wasn't aware of what was happening, the chains that surrounded his soul couldn't resist the burden of his memories.

As more and more chains broke, the powers of the boy kept increasing.

Xu Liang landed near Long Chen, who was struggling to stand up.

Long Chen felt as if all the bones in his body were broken. Just what was that attack? It was enough to damage him up to this extent.

Long Chen stood up, barely being able to keep his balance.

' Just who is this monster? He is so powerful. Even the Sword of Time couldn't save me from his attack. I need to escape. I can't die here, even if I have another body living,' Long Chen thought as he decided to run.

His eyes started shining in starry black color as he tried to Teleport away, but it didn't work. It was as if his powers had stopped working. He tried shadow transformation, but that didn't work either. None of his Laws were working. 

"Who are you?" Long Chen asked the boy.