Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1215 - 1215: Sun Sect Master

"If I had known he was so strong, I wouldn't have tried to use sharp words while telling him to back off. I think I upset him too much," The old man said, sighing. "I've grown old."

"Do you think there was any merit to his words?" The Dark Moon Sect Elder asked, frowning.  ​​

"Depends on which words you're talking about," the old man answered. 

"The words about him being able to beat our Sect Master if I called him here. Is he really capable of that?" The man asked, frowning. 

"What do you think? You were the person who actually faced his strength. Shouldn't you be the one to know it?" The old man asked, shaking his head.

"The moment he touched me, I knew that his strength was too high. What I didn't know was if his high strength was really capable of taking on our Sect Master or if he was bluffing," The Dark Moon Sect Elder said. 

"Because if he was lying and I took it seriously, we'd become a laughing stock. Everyone would know soon enough that a youngster beat the disciples of the Dark Moon Sect along with the Elders. And if we don't take revenge, no one will respect our clan," he further added.

"But on the same side, if he really was telling the truth and we called the Sect Master here for revenge, it'll be even worse if he was defeated," The Dark Moon Sect Elder added, signing. 

"That's true as well.  But I don't have any insight about what you should do. Even I don't know how strong he actually was. All I know is that he was stronger than you and that he was stronger than me. After that point, I don't know anything. But I think he wasn't lying," the old man answered. 

The Dark Moon Sect Elder sighed deeply, not knowing what to do. 

"If only I knew his identity, I might have been able to guess a few things. Albeit I don't know that either," he said. 

"I have a few guesses about his identity, and I could be wrong as well. Since I'm only guessing," he added. 

" Anything is better than nothing. Tell me your guesses. You are more experienced than us. Your guess should be correct!" The Dark Moon Sect Elder said as he requested for the answer. 

"I think he is the newly appointed Sect Master of the Sun Sect," the old man answered. 

"Sun Sect? The strongest middle-grade Sect? How could this be?" The Dark Moon Sect Elder asked, stunned. 

"Didn't you hear that the Sun Sect has a new Sect Master?" The old man answered. 

"Yeah. I heard that. But how could this kid be him?" The Dark Moon Sect Elder asked, still stunned. 

"Tell me the characteristics of the New Sun Sect Master!" The old man said firmly. 

"His characteristics? If I'm not wrong, he has dark hair, and he is said to look like a youngster despite being much older," The Dark Moon Sect Elder answered, but it was at that point when his mind clicked 

"You're right! This guy does sound like the Sun Sect Master!" he said, surprised. 

"That's what I believe too. I also heard that the Sun Sect Master is very arrogant and doesn't like being told what to do. And if I'm not wrong, he is even stronger than the last Sect Master. The Sun Sect had always been stronger than the other mid-grade sects," the old man answered. 

"If he was from there, it was going to be obvious that he wouldn't be scared of the Sect Master of Dark Moon Sect! Isn't that right? If it was him, the behavior is justified. I'm surprised he didn't kill you yet. But I think you shouldn't take the risk of offending him," he further said. 

"Let alone his personal strength, even the Sun Sect behind him would be alone to wipe your Dark Moon Sect off the face of this planet!" He continued. 

"This doesn't make sense! Why would this person come here? For hundreds of years, the Sun Sect hadn't sent any youngsters to the Ghost Town exploration since they felt like it was beneath them. And now he personally came?' The Dark Moon Sect Elder asked, confused.

"Who knows. It's the first Exploration since the new Sect Master took over. Maybe he wants the Sun Sect to try exploration again." the old man suggested. 

"Then why aren't the youngsters of his sect here? He seems to be alone?" The Dark Moon Sect Elder asked. 

"Maybe they will come when it's the right time? He might have traveled faster to see things," the old man answered. "But then again, it's only my guess, and I can't be sure about it. I can't even be sure about his identity."

"Is there a way for me to confirm it?" The Dark Moon Sect Elder asked for advice. 

"There must be ways, but I'm not the one to have the answer to those questions. If you want to test, you'll need to do it yourself. But I'll advise you to stay away from it," the old man responded as he sighed. 

"This will be all I can help you with. The next decision is yours. Anyway, there are still seven rooms left. I think those should be enough for you if you adjust a little," he continued as he gestured towards the receptionist. 

The receptionist came forward with the seven keys, which she handled over to the Dark Moon Sect Elder. 

"Go and rest in your room. Think about what to do later. The kids need rest too,' the old man reminded the Dark Moon Sect Elder as he stood up. He looked towards the floor that was broken by Long Chen. 

He left the place, seemingly sad. 

"This is going to cost a lot to repair. I can't even ask that guy to pay," he muttered as he disappeared from everyone's views.

The Dark Moon Sect Elder observed the youngsters of his Sect.

"Everyone, come to the rooms. Rest a little," he told the youngsters as he went towards the stairs. 

All the youngsters also followed behind him, not uttering a word. The one who was most silent was the person that had accused Long Chen of being a spy. It was as if his tongue was caught by a cat. 

He understood that it was all his fault. If only he had stayed silent, nothing like this would have happened, but he didn't do that. And he could see the results of that. 

The entire Dark Moon Sect reached their rooms which were on the second floor of the hotel. 

As there were eight of them and only seven rooms, it was decided that two people were going to share rooms.