Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 247 - 247: Companion?

'A 'Life-Giving Pill'? I remember it. Grandfather talked about it once. He said that he received a Life-Giving Pill. It was because of a mysterious cultivator whose life he saved. The pill was the thing that saved Long Tian's life after the assassination attempt on his life. Unfortunately, even that pill couldn't heal his brain.' Long Chen thought as he remembered about the pill.

"Anyways, How were you poisoned without realizing? Did you go to a tea party as well?" Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face as he thought about the time he was drugged by Long Su.

"Oh right! Now that you talk about it, I think I know when I was poisoned! Right before leaving the Empire, I attended a celebration party that my Elder brother threw for me. That was the last place I drank and ate before I left the Empire." Ji Shan let out with a suspecting look on his face.

"So you doubt your brother. Since you're the Second Prince, that can only mean that your Elder Brother is the Crown Prince, right? Why would the Crown Prince target you? You should be the one targeting him."Long Chen let out with an interesting smile on his face.

"No. He is not the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince was the Third Prince Ji Hu, but he died of some strange sickness last year. The new Crown Prince hasn't been selected until now." Ji Shan shook his head as he replied to Long Chen.

"Unfortunately my Royal Father's health has started deteriorating and the whole situation is getting chaotic. My brother and I are both entitled to the throne so it won't be shocking if he tried to get me killed. " Ji Shan sighed as he looked down. He was feeling somewhat angry as well.

" I knew that I and my brother might get in conflict sooner or later. That's why I wanted to leave the Empire and come to the Beast Taming School to become a disciple and improve my beast taming skills."Ji Shan said as he sighed.

"I wanted to spend my time in peace. I wanted to stay away from all the politics, but I didn't realize that the world would be so eager to kill me. I was not only poisoned but tried to be assassinated as well. " Ji Shan seemed like he was talking to himself with a disappointed expression.

"Anyways, enough about me. Where are you guys going? Although I don't know where we are, I'm quite sure that we're still quite far from the Shui Kingdom. " Ji Shan shook his head and changed the topic. He was starting to feel depressed after talking about his brother.

"Us? We're going to the Weixin Kingdom. " Long Chen replied with a smile.

" Oh? Amazing! I'm going there as well. There's a branch of Beast Taming School there. Although there was a branch in the North Moon Empire which was closer, I chose this one for obvious reasons. " A smile appeared on Ji Shan's face as he heard there the others were going to the same destination.

"How about we go together?" He suggested as he gazed at Long Chen.

" This? But aren't their people after you? I don't think that it will be a good idea for us to travel together as we might become the targets as well. "Zhiqing said before Long Chen could reply.

" How long have I been unconscious for?" Ji Shan asked without replying to Zhiqing.

" You were unconscious all night long. It's early morning right now" Long Chen answered Ji Shan.

" Then we don't need to worry. Since the guys that were chasing after me aren't here yet, that can only mean that they don't know where I am. I don't think they can find me anymore. " Ji Shan said as he smiled.

" What if they are waiting for you at the Weixin Kingdom? " Long Chen asked with an interested smile on his face.

"Hah... the chances of them waiting for me there are even lower. " Ji Shan replied with a smile.

" Why? Long Chen Inquired.

"No one knows that I was going to the Beast Taming School. Since I didn't stop at the Weixin Kingdom when I was chased by the assassins, they didn't know that it was my destination. After they lost my trail, they won't be able to find me." Ji Shan said with a smile as he gazed at Long Chen.

"I agree with you, but there's another problem. We only have one carriage and that too can only house 3 people and a driver. It's impossible to take you with us. " Long Chen let out after thinking for a while. 

"Oh? You don't have to worry about that. I can travel with you, without sitting inside your carriage. My tamed beast is more than capable of carrying me. It's quite a strong gut" Ji Shan said as he smiled and gazed at Long Chen.

" How? Your flying beast has left. I'm sure it would have been killed by those assassins by now." Long Chen let out in a serious tone as he looked at Ji Shan with a frown.

"That high soaring eagle wasn't my tamed beast. It was just a regular flying beast that I used to travel. It was because my tamed beast can't fly." Ji Shan responded as he stood up.

" Let's go outside, I'll show you." Ji Shan said with an excited look on his face as he walked towards the exit and left the tent.

"He looks quite energetic when it comes to his tamed beast." Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face as he stood up and stepped towards the exit as well.

"Isn't he getting excited for all the wrong reasons? There's much more concerning matters that he needs to think about." Mingyu muttered as he stood up as well.

"He sure is excited to show his beast. It must be quite a rare beast." Zhiqing chuckled as she followed Long Chen.