Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1286 - 1286: Royal Beast City

"The first statement is that I am being chased by the people from my own Clan. And the second statement is that I'm strong enough to destroy the Immortal World in a single attack. Pick one," Zhu Chang told Long Chen, smiling. 

He was sure that Long Chen couldn't guess the truth. He had intentionally selected such hard choices since he knew that it would make him unable to guess. 

There was no way that Long Chen could know about him being chased. Moreover, he was someone from the Immortal World. 

He had a limited view of the world. He certainly didn't know how strong a Heavenly Beast could be. He was undoubtedly going to fear the unknown and believe that he could destroy the Immortal World in a single attack. 

He hadn't reached that level yet.. It was his father who could achieve this feat in a single attack, but for him, it was going to take at least two attacks to do it. 

"You're being chased? I'm surprised as to who would dare to chase you. Why are you being Chased?" Long Chen asked, surprised. "Anyway, that's the true statement. That would mean you can't destroy the Immortal World in one attack."

"How did you guess it so easily!" Zhu Chang exclaimed in surprise. He couldn't understand how Long Chen was so good. 

"You appeared in this world, where no humans exist. Now it can be a coincidence that you ended up here, but I have a feeling that someone forced you to leave the last world," Long Chen explained. 

" That's where I guessed what might have happened. In any case, it was a pure guess. Even I didn't know that I was going to be right." He further added. 

"Yeah, I pick his answer too! One point for me as well," Blood Dragon Emperor also chimed in.

"I'm sorry, but you're too late. You should've given your answer with the statement. He already accepted my answer. It would be wrong to give you points now. Next time, guess at the right time," Long Chen reminded the Snake Monarch, keeping the rules. 

"You! Fine. I would be fast next time," Blood Dragon Emperor agreed. 

"Who is next?" Zhu Chang asked. 

"I'll go next," Long Chen replied. Even though the three of them were talking, they didn't stop flying either, since the journey was more important. 

At the same time, Long Chen kept his eyes on the surroundings, so he didn't miss any enemy. 

"You can go first," Long Chen told the Blood Dragon Emperor. 


As the Small game of the three continued, they kept advancing ahead, deeper into the Snow Empire. None of them knew where the Snow Empire's Royal Clan lived. 

While Long Chen and Blood Dragon Emperor didn't want to come face to face with the Royal Beast Family, Zhu Chang wanted that to happen so he could have some excitement in his life. 

Unfortunately, it was Zhu Chang who seemed close to having his wish come true since the direction they were flying in happened to be the direction of the Royal City where the Snow Beast Clan stayed, which wasn't only the most powerful clan of this Empire, but also one of the strongest Royal Clans. 

The Royal Clan of Snow Empire was a powerful clan that was known for their fierce battle prowess and their ruthlessness. 

At the moment, a competition was also going on in the Snow City, where the heirs of the Snow Beast Clan faced each other. It was a competition to decide which heir was going to become the new leader of the Clan. 

The Beast King of the Snow Beast Clan had also come to observe this competition, curious as to who was going to win since even he didn't know it. There were many young beasts who were really strong. 


"So that's five points for Long Chen. Two points for the Snake and Three points for me!" Zhu Chang muttered, remembering the score. 

"Long Chen, your turn. Start."

"Alright. My first statement is that I have more than five wives. And my second statement is that I have no wife," Long Chen said, talking about something that Blood Dragon Emperor didn't know about. 

"Hmm? You aren't as handsome as me. And you do look like someone who wouldn't have a lover. You're also too young to be married. I'll say you have no wife," Zhu Chang said. 

"I'll also go with the same answer. You have no wife. If you had, she would've been with you when I met you," Blood Dragon also went with the same answer. 

"You're both wrong. I have more than five wives already," Long Chen let out, smiling wryly. "As for age, I'm over twenty. Of course, I can have wives."

"Twenty? They are called kids for our reason. Even I'm five hundred years old, and I'm not even considered a proper adult yet. But then again, you guys are mortals, so you do have shorter life spans. So I can understand," Zhu Chang agreed. 

"Alright, my turn! So my statements are... Hmm? Why did you two stop so suddenly?" he asked, stunned as he noticed that Long Chen had suddenly stopped. 

He glanced in the direction Long Chen was looking at, only to find what seemed like a city. 

"Hmm? A city? Awesome! Let's put our game on hold. We'll start from here we left later," Zhu Chang exclaimed, surprised. "If we're lucky, this city might turn out to be the Royal City that you talked about. Finally, some action!"

"Come!" Zhu Chang exclaimed, flying towards the city. 

"Ah, should we follow him?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked Long Chen, frowning. 

"What else can we do? If we don't go with him, he'll come back to drag us. Why is our luck so bad? We just had to come to this city," Long Chen exclaimed, sighing. "Well, we do have him. So let's just hope that he'll take care of all the enemies."

He ultimately followed after Zhu Chang. 

Blood Dragon Emperor also followed after him, wondering if it was actually the Royal City. 

The three of them soon reached the city entrance, which was being guarded by two snow wolves. 

Seeing a stranger coming towards them, the two wolves started howling madly. Their howls echoed in the entire Royal City, alerting everyone inside. 

The Snow Beast King also heard the howl like others. He looked up, wondering who dared to infiltrate their sacred place. 

"Man, these guys howl too loud. They'll make me go deaf if they continue like this," Zhu Chang exclaimed, shaking his head.