Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1093 - 1093: Waking Up

Long Chen's consciousness returned to his body as he realized that he couldn't move. His body was paralyzed from top to bottom. He also couldn't use his Qi as his body was already void of all energy. 

He was still high in the air, but with his body paralyzed, he couldn't fly. His body started falling down.

Long Chen still had his eyes open, but other than looking at himself falling, he couldn't do anything. 

The distance between him and the ground kept decreasing rapidly as his body fell. 

Within seconds, his body finally reached the broken as he fell, legs first. 

The bones of his legs shattered because of the fall, along with a few other bones of his body but fortunately, he survived the fall. 

Moreover, he didn't even feel any pain since he couldn't even feel any part of his body. Despite feeling no pain, Long Chen realized that he was heavily injured as he saw his vision turning darker. His already paralyzed body had gone even weaker as his body lost even more blood. 

Soon, he entirely lost consciousness as his eyes closed. As everything turned dark, the last thought of Long Chen was simple. He wondered if he was ever going to wake up again or not.


The Royal City of Esteria was silent. No one was talking as everyone hid inside their house.

The city had suffered massive destruction at the hand of what seemed like two gods who were fighting.

Everywhere they passed through, destruction followed until half the city was destroyed.

Even though the sounds of the battle had stopped, the civilians still didn't dare to step out of their houses to check. The entire city seemed like a dead City. 

The Royal Palace was already destroyed. The nobles were dead, along with all the Royals. The enemies of the Empire of Esteria weren't even going to need any effort to take over the city if they wanted. 

Minutes turned to hours which further turned to days. As the silence in the Royal City continued for two straight days, the civilians finally started to gather some courage as they stepped out, praying that the two gods of destruction had left. 

As the civilians came out, they realized that the city was empty. There really was no battle anymore. The enemy had most probably left. 

Everyone was confused about what to do next. The city was almost destroyed, and they had no person to guide them. The civilians didn't have anyone who could tell them what to do since all figures of authority were dead.

Amongst the civilians that remained, a few decided to take matters into their own hands. 


Long Chen's eyes had closed. He had already lost all senses of his body, but finally, he was starting to feel something.

Excruciating pain! His entire body was filled with pain, as if most of his body was broken. But even in the pain, he was happy because this meant that he was still alive. 

He tried opening his eyes, but even that seemed hard. It took a lot of effort before he was finally able to open his eyes which had blurry vision. 

He didn't know where he was since his entire vision was blurry, but he could smell the wood in his surroundings. It could also feel that he wasn't in an open space. It felt like a hut. 

He tried spreading out his Divine Sense to know where he was. Even though his Qi was still acting up, he was able to use his Divine Sense. 

His Divine Sense spread out in the surroundings, making him able to see where he actually was. 

It was just as he had expected. He was inside a small wooden hut. The hut didn't seem to be very big. There was only one bed in the hut, and it was the one on which Long Chen was lying. 

The hut was entirely empty. Other than him, not a single person could be seen inside the hut. 

Even the surroundings of the hut seemed completely void of people. The hut was in the middle of a forest with trees all around. There also seemed to be a pond nearby. 

"Where am I?" Long Chen muttered, confused. 

It seemed like he was in someone's house but whose? No one was here. Did someone help him and save his life?

He blinked a few times as his vision slowly started getting less and less blurry until it was finally back to normal. 

He slowly raised his head and looked at his body which was entirely wrapped in bandages. It did make sense, though. His entire body was broken. Wherever helped him Probably wrapped him up to help him heal faster. 

He was mostly certain that someone had helped him. 

"I don't need these bandages anymore. I can heal myself," he muttered as he tried raising his hand. 

He wanted to eat the life healing pill to help himself heal right away, but he realized that he couldn't move his hand. 

Even though he could move his head and feel his body pain, his body was still paralyzed and unable to be moved. 

" This damn Dark Sacrifice!" He cursed as he found himself unable to move. Even though he knew that this skill had helped him, he was still upset at the aftermath. 

"Wait a minute! The aftermath! I did face the paralysis, but there was another one. The loss of one emotion? Which one did I lose?" he asked himself, trying to understand.

He knew that he still had his anger, or he wouldn't be cursing this skill. And most fortunately, he also has the emotion of love. He could still feel love towards his family. 

"What other emotion am I missing?  What did I lose?" He wondered, not realizing what it was he had lost. 

"Since I can't think of it, it mustn't be something important," he said as he gave up thinking about it. He found himself to be mostly normal other than the paralysis, which was certainly going to be over soon enough. 

"You're finally up. How are you feeling?" 

As Long Chen closed his eyes and gave himself up to rest, he heard a voice. 

"Xun,  do you really have to ask how I'm feeling? My entire body is broken, and I can't move it. How do you think I might be feeling?" Long Chen asked sarcastically.

"Anyway, tell me one thing. How long was I unconscious for? And who helped me?" He inquired. 

"How long were you out for? Three or four days, I think. As for who helped you, be happy. It was a hot lady," Xun told Long Chen, laughing.